Don’t expect a thing from the sell-out BBC!

I just got through watching the “Conspiracy Files” on BBC 2 about the death of Princes Diana, and frankly it was headache inducing. I don’t know enough about her death and the issues surrounding it, so I don’t really know what the hell happened to her accident or otherwise. Although I would say after becoming aware of just how wrong things are with 9/11, an assassination like that wouldn’t be beyond possibility.

This program starts off with fast flashing abrasive imagery with lots of green and black colouring, and with close-ups of single eyes etc. It’s very nauseating I found, and I’m sure most people watching didn’t appreciate it either. This program seemed to have a very strong bias throughout; the narrator was a female voice who readout a narrative that was full of words like “conspiracists” and “conspiracy theorists” “conspiracy theories”. It labelled and smeared everyone who was sceptical by insinuating that their “claims” aren’t “credible”, for the whole duration of the program. And steered the tone firmly in the direction of favouring the official version of events. It used so many strawman arguments that I was even able to guess what was coming up. For example after a series of points debunking certain aspects brought up by “conspiracists”, the next point was “Diana’s ambulance past a number of closer hospitals, why was this conspiracists ask?”, the answer: “the hospital she was being sent to had vital specialist facilities”.

They seemed to pick “theories” that could be answered with very commonsense answers, which appeal to people’s logic and in turn give the impression that the whole thing is just nonsense. At one point the narrator even says something like “its all based on blind faith”. It ends with placing a guilt trip on those questioning her death by bringing up the Princes (William and Harry), and saying how those closest to Diana don’t want to have her legacy tarnished with allegations like this. And that may be a fair point, but the whole program was geared towards suppressing and playing down scepticism. And if you think about what the rest of the “series” is going to be like after that, it’s almost guarantied that they’re going to follow an exact same blueprint. This didn’t seem like an honest evaluation of the issue, it seemed much more like something trying its absolute hardest to convince the public and reinforce the official narrative.

Ha. They are getting to be


They are getting to be right tossers, aren't they?