John Conner Visits UCLA & is Questioned by Police

John Conner's college campus tour takes him to UCLA where he is questioned by the police for using a megaphone. He then gives them DVDs and shakes their hands and thanks them for not tazing him making a reference to the UCLA library tazing incident. 

This guy is utterly amazing.

This guy is utterly amazing. He definitely isn't the best spokesman and his approach is a little bit crazy. But it is fun to watch. I don't like how he ties the Illuminati into the whole deal. First, I think the Bavarian Illuminati was a good thing. I think if everyone understood and practiced the morals and prinicples behind it, the world would be a better place. Second, tying 9/11 into Satanic rituals sort of panders to the most extreme version of the conspiracy theorists ideas. It doesn't prove anything and it just weakens his argument.

He needs to replace


then it will sound much more intelligent

I second this.

I second this.

the illuminati bit just

the illuminati bit just sounds PLAIN STUPID. I cannot believe we have not realised this yet. Replace with international criminal syndicate. The illuminati is just toon far fetched for some people. I NEVER mention the illuminati, i may think about it in my free time, but all i a m doing is theorising, facts are harder to assertain when talking about 'them'

he is just a bit over the top. The handing out of cd's is a good look though.

He just needs to work on his techniques. calling people zombies is just dumb aswell.

The real cause of the collapse of the World Trade Center towers

The real cause of the collapse of the World Trade Center towers.

Eyewitness accounts:

Nicholas Borrillo -- Firefighter (F.D.N.Y.) on 23rd floor of North Tower: Then we heard a rumble. We heard it and we felt the whole building shake. It was like being on a train, being in an earthquake. A train is more like it, because with the train you hear the rumbling, and it kind of like moved you around in the hall.

Paul Curran -- Fire Patrolman (F.D.N.Y.) North Tower: I went back and stood right in front of Eight World Trade Center right by the customs house, and the north tower was set right next to it. Not that much time went by, and all of a sudden the ground just started shaking. It felt like a train was running under my feet.

Good to see the word getting out..

Good job overall .. I wish he would stop calling the people he is trying to convince "Zombies" though.. I don't think insulting people like that helps his otherwise good efforts.

i disagree, like i said

i disagree, like i said before, if someone calls me a zombie im gonna wanna know why and be more likely to look up what hes talking about because of it(and really, he is right, most of these people are zombies and could care less). but thats just me i guess. John Conner is too religious and too anti-gay and too into the illuminati(not that it doesnt exist in some capacity, it just doesnt help to frame things like this.) but hes pretty much a great asset in my opinion. his line "do you think at all?" was utterly hilarious and right on point.

eh I dont know about that...

I didn't like the "do you think at all?" line.. he had no way of knowing who that girl was or anything about her.. Just because she didn't want to talk to him doesn't mean anything, maybe she just didn't like being on camera.

He doesn't need to rely on any cheap strategies with what he's doing.. just being out there being funny, friendly, and aggressive is the real ticket, any hostility by him only subtracts from his net effect.

Still pimping "illuminati" I

Still pimping "illuminati" I see. He might as well pimp space beams. Where's the evidence? Why interject speculation with fact when there are so many facts to go on? Why attribute the shadowy "illuminati" to perfectly visible organs of the military industrial complex? - to states, corporations and banking parasites?

Give 'em enough rope...

Still, he's doing the right thing. Perhaps he'll mature with age.

He needs to replace


then it will sound much more intelligent

Good Point

I never even thought of that. She could have been camera shy.

Personally I think this guy likes the attention

I was with him up until he

I was with him up until he started calling students names. That'll teach them what truthers are all about!

If I was an overworked, underfed student AND had a job, I'd be VERY unimpressed. These taunts are more appropriate directed at people in power who know better and could do something--*cough*Pelosi, MSM, um, I'll's going to be a lot of coughing.

I'm worried he's getting more coverage because of his wacky interests--and by extention being another excuse to say "Look at those Wacky truthers". John Conner's name is popping up too often for my taste as a reference to 911Truth. I DO NOT believe it is because he's being effective, though I am willing to be swayed. It looks like he's being pushed to the front in the latest attempt to color the truth movement as the realm of whackos. Checkout this link at The 911debunker's Guide and the comments page:

Notice how he keeps coming back to John Conner in the journal when there are SOOO many more reliable people who are also well known in the truth movement? (And yes that is me, at the end of the comments; I have reason to suspect 911debunker or one of his mates is one of our trolls--still inconclusive; previous comments will tell more of the story)

Seriously, the man has moxie, and yay for that, but my spider-sense is tingling. In his favor the college official SHOULD have warned him first before calling the coppers--only if John had ignored a request to stop using the megaphone should the police have asked for his ID. I've had one too many experiences calling both the police and noise control to know it is NOT a "crime", it is a nusiance, which means they can make him stop(take away megaphone), fine him, or tresspass him. If he violates the tresspass, THEN it is a crime.

I give him points for handling the coppers well; man knows how to laugh at himself.

Well, that's me.

About arguing Northwoods..

I noticed on the comments page link you just posted that the guy tried to debunk Northwoods.. so pathetic..

Please take a look at this link which talks about all sorts of issues related to government sponsored terrorism, it contains mainstream news references and video clips..

That link definitelty gets

That link definitelty gets all the false flagies in one place, well, the ones the US has done anyway.

Reminds me, I haven't seen "Terrorstorm" yet--I know, I know--what kind of Truther am I?

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.


Yea that was me.. You can watch two key segments of Terrorstorm right on that page as full-screen quicktimes... the clips called "Alex Jones - False Flag Terror," and "Alex Jones in London."

Here is the link to that page again..

If you get a chance, please check out the entire article.. Ive just added a table of contents yesterday.. the main link is here..

Two biggies still missing from the page..

I am in the process of adding a '93 WTC attack section and Oklahoma City section to the page.. hopefully it will be up by tonight..

Here add this...

Rare TV NEWS report about WTC bombing FBI Foreknowledge

Hot damn! Was that you

Hot damn! Was that you posting "anonymous" at the end? Excellent post, as I said there.

I posted anonymous to begin with too; you have to actually join LiveJournal before they let you have a name. Fortunately it's free--just what this troll hunter can afford.

I'll be checking back to see what they say, but this is my prediction: cilob----, I can't remember their handle, will be irrationally rude; 911debunker will be civil but cherry pick what you've posted and put words in your mouth, you know, the usual shill tactics. Remember, they ARE NOT engaging you honestly--I'm only there because I think my troll is there. But the more I read, the more it looks like a disinfo op. Debate with caution.

You can also access the rest of the comments by Googling The 911debunker Guide or go to:

Happy debating.

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

dialogue not monologue

I agree that insulting people is unnecessary and counterproductive. I've found it is better to work in groups and engage people in a dialogue rather than ranting at them. Also, it's helpful to set up a table with books, flyers, etc.

Calling into radio shows..

An interesting thing about him.. He gave some good advice about calling into radio shows near the end of Alex Jones' August 10 "coming terror attacks" broadcast.. What he said stuck in my mind and I was recently surprised to see on his website that it was him who said it.

I agree with him about the

I agree with him about the Illuminati and the possibility that the global elite are practitioners of satanic "ways", and I think that SLOWLY...little by little, this will have to be looked at eventually. Needless to say, now isn't the time and we need to take baby steps with the "ultra" controversial, but other than that, I agree with John Conner. Well, except for his "anti-gay" position being that I'm a gay man myself. When it comes to homosexuality, or "non-heterosexuality", he needs to shut the fuck up. Why? For one, because it has absolutely nothing at all to do with the topic of 9/11 and the NWO, and secondly, because he could be alienating about a third of his potential allies. Let's face it, 1 out of 10 people (or so) are gay and gay people are just as able to resist the New World Order as straight people. So if he wants to keep some of his allies, he might do well to shut his mouth about gay people. Like I said, it's not even relevent to any of this.

Totally Agree

The Illuminati comment was because of that guy saying "yes Bush did it!", which is when Conner responded, "yes, Bush did it under the control of the Illuminati."
It's not a bad answer. We know Bush didn't plan this, but rather did not stand in the way of it. This was cooked up long ago and cemented with the PNAC. The CFR/elite banking establishment likely had a lot to do with it too, which is tied to the Illuminati.

As far as his gay-bashing, you're exactly right- this is insane and belongs no where near 9/11 Truth. As 9/11 truther's we should stick with 9/11 truth and related issues, not whether someone is gay or straight or whatever. It makes no difference and Conner makes an ass of himself with his homophobia.

i totally agree wtih that

i totally agree wtih that and thats also why his illuminati answer didnt bother me so much. "Bush did it" is clearly too simplistic and im glad he called the guy on it.

It should be a major point

It should be a major point to stress that Bush, or Republicans alone aren't responsible for 9/11. I'd suggest using "globalists", the CFR, or the Trilateral Commission since 9/11 directly helped their stated goals. There's no proof that the Illuminati is even connected to any of these groups. In my understanding, the Bavarian Illuminati was fiercely libertarian-minded, while the aforementioned groups are essentially Marxists/social planners on a global scale.

BBC conspiracy questions

and of course the way the frame them is disrespectful to anyone who questions any official government story:

Conspiracy test
A new BBC TV series explores some of the biggest and most troubling conspiracy theories of modern times.(its a "psychological analysis" to prove how "crazy" we are. the BBC has been working overtime lately i see.....)

heres my "diagnosis":

Your responses suggest you have a high level of belief in conspiracy theories. You might have reason not to trust others, even people close to you. You may also feel that you are an outsider in terms of society and the political and business decisions that large organisations make.

HAHAHAHAHA, so funny and predictable. although i do have trust issues and feel like an outsider..........

this guy is not helping

Classic COINTELPRO - this guy needs to be shut down. Not a creative thing he does, just makes 911 truth look insane. Someone needs to start the 911 disinfo website...

How long have you been here,

How long have you been here, sunshine, and what the hell are you talking about?

To clairify: are you talking about John Conner or Chris?

Where you put your comment makes it hard to tell. If it's Conner, I'll back off. I don't think he's a shill, though I agree he's not helpful--and I'm sorry for jumping on you. But if you're talking about Chris, shill somewhere else, mate.

He's talking about Conner.

He's talking about Conner.

In that case, my deepest

In that case, my deepest appologies.

Maybe I was a little on edge from my recent troll hunting adventures...

"Bugger this; I want a better world."

Ha! Ha! Don't worry ,Chris,

Ha! Ha! Don't worry ,Chris, I got the same "diagnosis". (Do lunatics doubt the moonlandings and is that why they are starring at the moon?) :)

By the way: We should make our own diagnosis: example :"Your responses suggest that your are total zombie who have to must trust in the main stream media to create your opinions for you and think big companies are only here to satisfy your insatiable appetite for Big Macs, pop music and computer games.You have no sense of geography and think Iraq is the capital of Zombia"

Well, here's mine: "Your

Well, here's mine:

"Your responses indicate that you have a medium level of belief in conspiracy theories. You may well be quite trusting of your close friends, partners, those you work with and others but sometimes cannot be sure of all of them all of the time. You may also feel that your voice in terms of wider political decisions is rarely heard or acted upon, perhaps because government and big business is more concerned with their own interests than with those of the average person."

Now how exactly is this different from real life, or even from your results? Seems like they're just moving words around, except I got more words. Does that mean I win? And what the hell does this statement at the begining of the article mean:

"Do you trust everything you are told or do you think there is usually truth in conspiracies?"

So, if you don't believe in ANY conspiracy, you trust EVERYTHING you're told?

The Beeb as turned into a right pile of wankers.

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

Controlled Demolition and "Pentagon Whatzit"

the discussion has been narrowed in its scope. Typical.

But hey, we feed that machine by theorizing all day about Pentagon and CD, so we deserve what we get.

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I think Conner is doing a great public service in getting 9/11

truth out! I don't agree with his "conservative" views on most other issues, but I don't need to. 9/11 truth is so important, it takes precedence over these other issues for now, IMO!

What really upsets me is the college students who hear the crucial statements Conner is making, yet they scurry by like ants looking for crumbs! They can’t stop for a moment to listen or ask a question? This is UCLA of all places? Seems like landing a job with IBM, Exxon, Raytheon, or some other racketeering operation is all they care about--to hell with the rest of the world.

Lastly, why do the cops need to examine Conner’s personal information, and put it on record, because he was speaking with a megaphone? A Megaphone is some sort of dangerous weapon now???

this is the way to go

get some balls and have some fun, JC rules.

we should all do this and hand out dvd's

a noise disturbance was called in and it's their job to do it.

plus i think there's an ordinance against using a megaphone in public.

cut the cop a break, he was just doing his job. He could've been a lot harder on Mr. Conner.

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But what if Conner had forgotten his wallet at home? Must we

all carry government-issued papers that "are in order" now?

"Kids" today vs. the Vietnam era

I was an adolescent growing up during the Vietnam war. The college campuses were ripe with activist students speaking out against the war. There were daily demonstrations, peace marches, etc. The entire anti-war movement seemed to be spearheaded by young adults. Hippies. Flower children, call them what you will. It doesn’t matter what label you put on them. More importantly, these were concerned patriots who were both informed and willing to take a stand, in spite of their tie-died attire and pot-smoking ways. They were also willing to die continuing their protests even after the murders at Kent State.

Today, the students are ill-informed. Why? Perhaps the MSM is to blame. Perhaps MTV. Perhaps Apple and the iPod. I don't know.

I do know that until our kids start getting involved, we have no future. 9/11 truth needs more young voices. I agree that many of them behave like Zombies. But instead of berating them, we need an approach to engage them.

I don't necessarily agree with the way the Loose Change guys present their case, but we should hold them up as examples for how others within their generation should be getting informed and active.

Conner's bull-horn approach is a little tacky, too, and may not necessarily reflect well on the 9/11 truth movement in general. I think the same of Alex Jones when he gets on the bullhorn. With that said, however, at least they are trying. Whatever your methods, short of harmful actions, spreading the word to reopen the 9/11 investigation to college students is critical.

So, how do we attract more students to the cause?

More public figures need to speak out. More entertainers, singers, movie stars. When are we going to see a “mainstream and respected” anchorman speak out? Come on Anderson, you must have doubts about the government’s story? Come on Keith – be a man, quit MSNBC and speak out publicly. Show us what you are really made of.

We need some more brave people. At least Conner is trying.

I agree, but I would also

I agree, but I would also guess that the culture is much more egocentric today.I heard on CNN that only 1% of Americans have direct family members who are doing military service in Iraq.I don't know if that number is correct, but I think most people are not feeling a personal involvement in the wars and today everything seems only to matter if it's personal.
The way Alex Jones and John Conner are bullhorning people might not be the best way,but I think it's great that they are giving it an effort . People on the street might be more inclined to talk if it was just recorded with microphone and no camera.This kind of approch seems very American to me.I know it turns people off in Europe. That is probably also true here.I think some people who don't know them are also not sure whether they are being serious or it is some kind of prank.
I think the critics need to make their own videos to show how they would do it and see if that gets a better response

JC has balls the size of the moons of Jupiter....

....smiles are all too rare in the movement and the man never fails to give me one.....

Yeah, you've got to take the bad with the good, but the good is so freaking awesome....what I wouldn't gvie for a John Conner on every US campus.....

speaking of Jupiter...

you can see her Sunday morning around sunrise, along with Mercury and Mars. First time in 81 years they're performing together ;-)

Off topic also, if you want a free movie ticket go to and pick a movie, order a ticket, and use promo code 'ticketme' (without quotes) and it's $0 total!!! you can create as many accounts as you want and get more tickets.

Happy Holidays, team.

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"ZOMBIES" -Works for me!

UCLA- Sometimes it's the most intelligent University in the West. Great place to attend if you know where you're going in life. It can also bring out greatest qualities in timid types, and the less experienced foreigners, ready to integrate themselves into the US system. The Grad's Thesies often deserve recognition for best of class. Administration has 50/50 'objectiveness,' sometimes working well in good Instructor's favor, as in: ... Suitable for Barrett, et. all.

So when we referr to the 'zombie-faction,' let's face it Americans are, largely, -"sleepwalking. " It's hard for me to picture Westwood as much other than a stage-set for "Day of the Triffids, Part III."

On the bullhorn, I would be right behind him shouting: "BUY NOTHING! Bring these War-mongers to their knees!"

Rock on, Baby!

Blaming Bush administration is weak...

This guy is no help. Neither is Loose Change.

Hate on that.

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Totally disagree with you on that LC & Conner bashing!


Me too!, Pass the bottle!

Everyone could use a good ghostwriter. I'm horrible at public speaking, and it worstens greatly when you shove a camera in my face. So, what does Connor need? Group support! You can't expect everything.

Meanwhile, speaking of 'trolls,' (which btw also disturbs me,) the goal is staying focused on effectiveness for the movement. Kevin Barrett, et. all don't limit their thinking to the old "we ought to do something" - rant.

Yesterday, the 'Big Pharma Bill' was the biggest, "US -as wastebasket" issue to come along yet. Once they eliminate all food and drug supplies that don't meet payola approval, you won't have a clue what sort of enzymatic cocktail they may have developed to assure --complete - social 'zombiefication.'

Freeway Blog: WAKE UP: "Flouride Kills!"


But even if "Islamic extremists" were the ones who physiclaly carried out 9/11, they were used by the Satanic global elite in my view.

9/11 was nothing more than a massive fear and trauma based occult death ritual, like the splitting of the atom.
I do find that the Watts/Tsarion/Icke aspect of this heavily ties in with para politics/deep politics.

I think its kind of lame how John connor OVER fixates on the Illuminati(he just goes on and on about Bohemian Grove and Skull and Bones...thats sandbox shit compared to the real truth of the matter, like in Belgium, England, etc)

Our world is ran by a bunch of Lucerferian global elites who pillage the world and create wars for corporate and imperialist interests.

This isnt a slant against pagans/those of a left path belief system, its about men of power who are beholden to Babylonian like death worship beliefs that shape their policy, and have an adverse effect on man.

To deny the numorlogical/occult aspect of a lot of "conspiracy political coverups" and whats going on, is like saying 9/11 was all CIA spooks and no actual Arabs. Nothing happens in a vacuum.

he just goes on and on about Bohemian Grove and Skull and Bones

As well he should! Very few people in the general public know about these bizarre, dangerous cults that the ruling elite who participate in them!!!

John connor is anti gay?

I believe the Illumintati/new world order elites WANT people to be homophobic.

THEY use homosexuality as a way to bind powerful men in compromise, the same men having sex with eachother but DONT SUPPORT normal gay people, gay rights, gay marriage or AIDS funding.

They created and exploited AIDS(Bayer anyone?) to get rid of gays and Africans.

to be anti gay is to be pro new world order in my book
(sorry Alex Jones, John Connor, etc)

Accepting homosexuals as normal people is not "accepting deviant activity, furthering the decline of the nuclear family, etc)....its recognizing that a large amount of the population were born liking the same sex, and find deep companionship and love and spiritual bonding witht he same sex. Like liking, say mint instead of

While I hate a lot of the left and their malthusist commie beliefs, the one thing I do agree with is their tolerence toward gays, pro enviroment and anti war stance.

Pockybot, I agree with and

Pockybot, I agree with and appreciate your words. You laid it out in a way that I wish every alternative journalist would seek to. We live in truly scary times. As for pointing out that Alex Jones and Conner are actually going "against-stream" in terms of their stance on homosexuality, that was a gem. Thanks for that.

Someone else stated that
"Someone needs to start the 911 disinfo website..."

Why hasn't this already been done? There's that leftgatekeeper site, which is very handy, but it's hardly a hugely known site for research. We need to begin directly confronting our most difficult (and immediate) alternative or dissident media, such as DemocracyNow, Noam Chomsky, et al. *WE* are being neglectful on this topic for the most part. Luckily we have a small number of folks now such as Barry Zwicker, but he cannot do it alone. If we want 9/11 truth to succeed, we have to look first to our first and immediate obstacle: the gatekeepers. We need to stop trying to work around them because it doesn't seem to be working. So plan b would be to confront them more directly.

"While I hate a lot of the

"While I hate a lot of the left and their malthusist commie beliefs, the one thing I do agree with is their tolerence toward gays, pro enviroment and anti war stance."


Golly willikers, pockybot, how BIG of you.

[cancel sarcasm mode]

Don't break your arm patting yourself on the back...

"Bugger this; I want a better world."

Wow, Col. ! that sure seemed

Wow, Col. ! that sure seemed to come out of left field! Care to elaborate?

"While I hate a lot of the

"While I hate a lot of the left and their malthusist commie beliefs..."

What else do I need to elaborate on? Sounds dead patronizing. I need to explain this?

"While I hate..." "commie beliefs..."

Most people who want to get along say something like--"I don't always agree with everything the left says..." not "I hate".

This is not the first time pocky has left a strange, garbled or patronizing posts. I hope to bleeding mother god he doesn't speak like this face to face.

Oh, and please get a name--I usually don't respond to anonymous posts--you got a freebee because you're not trolling.

And be careful if you think

And be careful if you think pocky's sounding reasonable---that's part of his/her MO--right before they hit you(or as Chris calls them, "hit and runs") with something confused or wacky.

And that's why I've gotten hard on pockybot.

I hope he/she's turned over a new leaf, but I'm going to need some convincing.

hes so funny, he cant go one

hes so funny, he cant go one post without taking shots at what he percieves to be "liberals" or "the left". maybe his parents are hardcore republicans or something and its just ingrained in him to hate "the left".

commie beliefs? dude, your

commie beliefs? dude, your hilarious. really.



Well, that might be true

Well, that might be true today,but originally alot of the left,at least in Europe and indeed The Soviet Union were anti-gay.In the Soviet Union it was considered a mental illness and people were forced into mental institutions,besides that any gay "activity" was illegal in the Soviet Union.

He should crash the Hardball

He should crash the Hardball College Tour.

someone should.

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Subjective limit of 'spin'

*To be sure, Americans are 'superior' to every other breed on the planet, especially those who would risk their lives to defend our freedom!*

..And, we don't stand a chance of survival as long as we don't begin to challenge the 'spin' that keeps the bullwark of this narrative focused on the side-line issues DESIGNED to break apart those groups, who in fact, can show us a better way.

"Nothing happens in a vacuum." -Possibly the dumbest thing, and simultaneously the smartest thing ever stated here. But, before you go making such unscientific didactic statements, give some thought to what Bearden has been saying about the 'scalar' potential here:

Now that you have a full understanding of the actual state of world military affairs, and the full understanding about -why- the US Government will never willingly allow the investigation into 9/11, what about the idea of directing our energies toward actual 'humanistic' solutions?

...That is, while we're debating the very essence of our own silly preconditioning.

OK, back to my own 'creative' side: *Wake-up! 9/11 Truth -Means WAR!*

Y'all remember that part in "Hitchiker's Guide to the Universe," where the giant space ship sheds its shadow across the Ohio Valley, and a giant loudspeaker starts playing heavy metal music to condition the masses?

-That's what I'm talking about!

>>>MINUS -6 points for advocating scalar 'social disruptions'.<<<

...That's the basis by which I was endorsing Mr. Connor's approach. Now, by all means, whoever you are handing out all these 'brownie points,' at virtually everything I say, let me ALSO assert the --opinion-- that we certainly can NOT condone his running about embarrasing the movement if he's --openly-- anti-gay! (Unless his daddy spanked him every time he got a woodie as a kid.)

>>> MINUS -5 points for having mentioned ANY position on that which couldn't possibly have anything to do with (Gannon? etc.) 9/11! <<<

* NOW that 'Gordon' has received his full __AUTOMATIC__ (-11) deductions for the day, I'll go back to sleep and imagine a world where all of our Congress people, especially Palosi agree, it's time for the TRUTH! - Now what do y'all say? -Hit me!

Modern Day Cowboy...

Thanks for the Tesla.

It's a showdown.

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I have to admit, the commie

I have to admit, the commie remark was uncalled for, not to mention obsolete in todays' world. I was distracted by everything else he/she said which was right on the mark. As for getting my own name, I'd rather not be tracked down for my belief that 9/11 was an inside operation.

Stumbled out of sequence, eh

Stumbled out of sequence, eh mate?

It's okay, happened to me before--and its another benefit of being registered--you can go back and edit, that is, fix, your posts when you flub.

Also, using a name does not mean you have to be verified; it's just a courtesy, for both you AND us. You may have noticed the herds of anonymous trolls galloping around; even an unverified name gives you more cred.

As for not wanting to be tracked down, I do understand, but shouldn't using a free email provider like Hotmail reduce or eliminate that possiblity? They don't require any other address, though that means if you forget you password you're screwed.

Just some ideas to consider.

Thanks Dude!

:) OK, I made my point, and I'll acknowledge your vote of (conditional) approval!

First they ridicule you, then you look for better ways to be entertained!

Let Me Explain Something

You can't tell me there's a part of you that doesn't like some of the hypocracy of the left folks.
I'd wayyy rather hang out with liberals than right wing close minded Republicans.

But, the Democrats have time and time again on Capitol Hill voted for the very same Bush/neocon measures that the left who votes for them complain against. Iraq, Patriot Act, Millitary Commissions...the Dems had to vote that in.

I've been to plenty of anti war/anti globalization protext rallies...and yes, the left seem to be the only ones trying to highlight economic, IMF/Free Trade/World Bank harm, etc...but they cannot see the bigger picture, the depper para politics that make up the very contextual history that relates to the crap going on today. In fact,
they see anyone who does in fact see the bigger picture as a "conspiracy theorist".

A lot of people go on and on in the left about over population, which feeds into pro Malthusian ideas.
I don't think "Che" is someone to be a hero, I am not down for any communist ideas, btu most of all I am certainly not for Hillary Clinton or any of these other fake progressives.

When the Republicans call us "tinfoil conspiratoids", it doesn't phase us. But when the left calls us "tinfoil hat wearing nuts"...that doesn't seem a little hypocritical to you?

I can't go along with a lot of the right wing either. I love gay people like I like all people, I am tired of the "Zionist/Jew" fixation, lumping all illegal immigrants as subhuman(I agree that the corporations want Mexicans to flood America so they can use them as slaves, but I dont agree with the constant dehumanization or calling them a plague)

I find it very ironic John Connoor has an anti gay stance, when it's the very global elite he rallies against
that wants to wipe out real gay people(as opposed to power elites having sex with eachother in wooded forrests) and cause a deep divide with homophobia.

Also, out of all the possible 2008 candidates Ive seen and researched, my vote at this time would go for Barack Obama(even tho Wesley Clark has hinted at needed a new 9/11 investigation, he has a lot of skeletons in his closet from the clinton days) If I was somehow completely anti left, pro right wing Iwould never utter such a thing.

I like rabble rousers, mavericks. Ron Paul, Cynthia Mckinney, heck even some of the comments made by Dennis Kucinich and Senator Leahy. I dont care if they are D, R or I.

Get rid of the sun glasses John!

Get rid of the sun glasses John!


What I can't understand is why ALL of the college kids just walk by. When I was in school I liked protesters. I would stop (even for a minute or so) and listen, and perhaps comment. Although I did not have an I-pod stuck into my skull (they didn't exist then.)