Site Changes Temporarily Postponed

Bah. Ran into a brick wall on the site changes. Rather than keep the site down all night I've put it back up for now. If/when I get over this hurdle the site will go back down again for the changes - which may or may not be tonight.

Sorry for the downtime.

I am still working out some of the unforeseen details I ran into today. My guess is I will give this a try in another two or three days. In the mean time, there are about 50 users who are not using the default '911bloggerV2' theme. Please take a second and click on 'my account', then 'edit', and see which theme you are using. If you are on a theme other than '911bloggerV2' then please change it. If you have any issues please contact me with details on the issue(s) - some of these outdated themes may be removed soon.

Merry Christmas, Britain! btw, Xmas terror attack "higly likely"

An attempted terrorist attack in Britain over the Christmas period is "highly likely", the Home Secretary said today. John Reid said that around 30 conspiracies were under preparation, and the current threat level was "very high indeed"...

Wow, "they must hate your freedoms" more than what's left of mine here in the USA!

How dare they inject fear

How dare they inject fear into this holiday season. If they'd do their f*#ing jobs then they wouldn't have to issue such stupid warnings. It just disgusts me. If you all haven't seen The Power of Nightmares, the BBC documentary on this new age of terror politics, you really should. You can see it for free at

I'm just so dam tired of all this terror shit. Really, genuinely tired. Always keeping us on edge and in fear. How many people have died from terror on an annual basis since and including 2001? About 500. Ladies and gentlemen, heart disease, cancer, and obesity are MUCH greater threats to this nation.

John Reid is total

John Reid is total c*cksmoking sell-out prick. The politics of fear is despicable, cynical and disgusting. Just the other month or so I thought the Bird Flu fear mongering was over, after there'd been a ton of shit from the media with big bright double ended arrow graphics across France to Britain showing "just how far away bird flu is from our shores" (as if it were the f*cking Nazis or something), and how "even cats might spread the disease" (considering cats are the number one domestic pet in the UK that was blatantly trying to freak people out), and how people should run a mile if they "see a dead bird, or even a live one". It was as if they were trying to instigate some kind of Alfred Hitchcock's "The Birds" type hysteria and panic where people dare not venture outside for fear of "THE BIRDS", making people dive for cover as soon as they heard birdsong.

Anyway I thought all that had passed, but on comes a once pretty good documentary program called "Horizon", who've now sold out and often make bullshit about "al Qeada". I didn’t watch the program but I caught the advert, and it ended it with, and this is basically an exact quote;

"With only enough vaccine for 8% of the worlds population, we say if, nature says.... when!".

Total fear mongers even if true. I suppose the Christmassy Robin Redbreast will probably be bringing gifts of Flu this season, or maybe if John Reid gets his way we’ll be told that “al Qeada” have strapped explosives to them and trained them to fly into people’s houses on Christmas Day just when people are opening their presents and detonate themselves. Despicable, Machiavellian fear mongering assholes.

Oh my God, it's a bird!

I realize it shouldn't make me laugh, but that's just too funny. A dead bird -- or EVEN A LIVE ONE. They're everywhere! What are we gonna do?! There's birds everywhere! And cats! There's a cat in my house!

Oh shit there's a bird!


The birds hate our freedom!!

This goes without saying, right? And the cats, too.

ESPECIALLY the cats!

ESPECIALLY the cats! There's one here--looking at me with big round eyes--Wait! It's saying something, Meee...It's "Me Ow!"

A terrorist code! Call the feds! I'll hold it off with a can opener!

Show "New Eric Hufschmid video--Masquerade Party, part 3" by Anonymous (not verified)

Hey, I didn't make the videos or even watch 'em yet. I just

posted the link. Very touchy people around here!

Hufschmid is right about widespread blackmail being used

throughout the government.

I think you all are being

I think you all are being foolish by so summarily rejecting Hufschmid's theory. Mossad/Zionist fingerprints are all over the 9/11 attacks. Who bought the WTC towers a few months before 9/11? Nope, not Donald Trump. Larry Silverstein, an affirmed Zionist.

I think it highly likely that if Mossad was not solely responsible, then the operation was at least "outsourced" to them.

It's probably being rejected

It's probably being rejected because it is spam and has nothing to do with this blog entry.

It's not spam, and topics are often cross-posted when there is

no "open thread" available.

This blog is essentially an

This blog is essentially an announcement, so bringing up an interesting issue isn't compromising the thread. Otherwise it would be one or two comments.

Please make my Christmas and

Please make my Christmas and say part of the changes involve banning and/or restricting anonymous posts.

Name your price: micro-brews? Cuban cigars? Wild Turkey? Compramising photos of W-Bush with a lap dancer?

I guess the playing of the

I guess the playing of the Alex Jones audio is something new. Please tell me how to turn it off. I need to concentrate when I read and I find it intrusive.

I just want to point out that science is not democratic. The Scholars that have guided the 9-11 Truth Movement have forced us to be more reasoned and logical in our posts, and that is a good thing. There is something right and good and honest about reasonable expression of ideas, even if I do not agree with the ideas. That is why I am a bit disappointed to see unpopular articles being suppressed. That is a perfect demonstration of what is bad about democracy - "two wolves and a sheep voting on what's for dinner"

People are entitled to their opinions and if they try to support their ideas with good reasoning, why can't we allow every post to be treated equally?

Why is popular free speech the only free speech here?

Blessings from Dachsie in Austin.

"People are entitled to

"People are entitled to their opinions and if they try to support their ideas with good reasoning, why can't we allow every post to be treated equally?"

You are either very naive, very confused, or haven't been around here for the last two + months.

People with different opinions who have good, or at least sincere, arguments are not the problem. The problem is people who come, posting anonymously, for the SOLE PURPOSE of trolling, that is leaving insulting or disruptive comments.

I think you need a refresher on free speech, sunbeam, so here it is:

Free speech means you cannot be legally punished just for what you say. You can not be jailed, lose your job, be restricted in traveling, that sort of thing. A Jeffersonian standard of neither purse picked or leg broken, is what we are aiming for.

Free speech DOES NOT mean you have a right to disrupt people on a private forum AND NOT BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE.

Now I agree that the current comment rating system can be used to shut up people who REALLY don't like what you say even if you've never caused problems, but 1)the comment CAN be read, you just have to click on it, and 2)this has been a bloody Godsend in the troll war. And don't feed me rubbish about "just ignoring them", because that wasn't bloody working.

On reflection, if anonymous posts are no longer accepted, I would consider trying to suspend the comment supression, just for a test run, mind.

"There is something right and good and honest about reasonable expression of ideas, even if I do not agree with the ideas."

I agree with this entirely-- and if we move to just verified users, then that may be possible again.

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

Show "When are the 911blogger admins" by Killtown

I actually understand your

I actually understand your frustration, but perhaps some of these people have actually improved?

I think "Real Truther" has; though we have issues, I consider it a personal matter, not a site issue. Reguardless, I have seen improvement and consider the matter truced for now. As for the others, only CHF seems to be a problem(and possibly a troll, but they aren't verified--if it's the person I'm thinking of).

I'd advise emailing the moderators; they are actually responsive. In Nov. I was banned for no reason. Yeah, I was pissed, but as I knew I hadn't done anything wrong, I kept my cool(mostly), used another computer and emailed dz asking why. Turns out my IP was part of a series that included trouble makers. Within a day my access was restored once I sent my IP to dz.

See, 911Blogger can be responsive. Compare this to the Loose Change forum: While I love the lads who did it, whoever manages their forum is a flake. After registering and making one post, I was banned from making posts(the post was about pyroclastic flows re:WTC). I emailed the people in charge. Twice. Never got a response. I have never been back(I was using a different handle). I will still support "Loose Change" but I also tell people whoever is managing their forums is a wanker.

email our moderators--just a thought.

Yes, a troll

CHF is definitely a troll. I've been trying to "decipher" the initials.

Thanks for the

Thanks for the confirmation--I wasn't sure if we had a registered user by that handle.

I attack ideas, not

I attack ideas, not people.  I have made some rare exceptions, you were not one of them.

I updated the rules page a

I updated the rules page a few nights ago with a brief comment on the status of moderation in response to your (and other's) recent posting/flooding of requests for us to enforce our rules. you can find the rules page here.

I know I haven't taken the time to update the FAQ, rules, and help sections since I initially set them up, but I do intend to update them once I have more pressing issues taken care of.

So, to put it simply, comment moderation is in the hands of the users of this site. If you don't like how a comment is rated, then use your own voting abilities to vote your opinion and where appropriate encourage others to help improve the overall tone of the site.

As for some on the site who have taken up unnecessary use of profanity, hounding others, inserting divisive arguments into any thread they wish, being overly aggressive, voting down opinions instead of bad behavior, etc. - i make use of the voting abilities the same as you, and that's it.

As for moderating users who are continually misusing the site, or going against the stated rules, there is little point in banning such users being that they can in turn simply post anonymously. As such this site is staying an open forum of sorts with the community providing the only moderation of comments at the moment - asside from any pr0n spamming i might randomly catch. If/when we stop allowing anonymous postings we will have more control in moderating users - assuming we can find an acceptable method.

The reason we no longer play a large role in such comment moderation is quite simple. Today I worked a 12 hour work day. During that time I was not able to moderate anything which might go against our posted rules. During that time hundreds of responses to the offending comment may have been posted. By this point it is impossible to moderate, and if we were to moderate we would then be attacked/criticized for being 'nazis', and if we werent around to moderate others for similar behavior immediately then we would be attacked for not being fair in our moderation. I have tried every route of moderation and there is no such thing as moderation to which everyone will agree with, likewise there is a valid arguement that there should be no centralized role in who determines what is and is not 'acceptable'.

I would encourage everyone to take a step back and try to make the comments around here more hospitable, I know that would make me happy.

So, until such time as someone wants to fund 3 different moderators to work 8 hour shifts - thus covering 24 hours a day - there is no real moderation that we can do that is both timely and 'fair' to all.

Hope that helps, and like I said, I will be updating our information pages and posting more on this subject soon - assuming I don't have to work 12+ hour shifts more frequently ;)

And yes, if you want a response I would appreciate an email rather than posting comments directed at the team members of this site - believe it or not I only read a small number of the comments here.