These businesses, galleries, cinemas in Berlin started to support "Loose Change"
they have joined the campaign to distribute free "Loose Change" DVDs at their locations in Berlin.

They agreed to be listed on a newly launched website

which is advertised on posters in Berlin.

Some shops just distribute, but do no want to be listed on the site
with the list growing confidence will grow as well

the initiatve was planned after Humboldt University in Berlin banned a screening of Loose Change in November.

just the start - 2 weeks of work and asking around

a nonprofit donation account has been set up to cover production costs after
our stock of 5000 donated DVDs runs out

hopefully this snowballs!

How about Paris, London, Amsterdam ..........?

we have distributed so far about 10000 of various DVDs through our shop in downtown Berlin and some friends places and at events .

Thanks, Heiner.

Hey, this sounds good, the

Hey, this sounds good, the link doesn't work though...

That's great! I want to see this here in U.S.A. too!


Show "abandon" by Tiguhs (not verified)


Don't stop Loose Change. It has probably awoken more people worldwide than any other single thing. People will seek out more truth once LC2E has got its foot in the door.

We must be the change we wish to see in the world. M Gandhi

Yeah, Loose Change should

Yeah, Loose Change should not be stopped, it has had a huge impact, and those three guys are dedicated as hell. 

Plus, the final cut will be out soon, with all this momentum, it will be huge!!!

Show "Not a chance" by Anonymous (not verified)

You obviously are very concerned

Hate to break it to you, but the 9/11 truth movement is much larger than "Loose Change". I was aware that 9/11 was an inside job before this movie even existed.

One thing is for sure, you seem very concerned about this movement. You should be, your ilk will be not viewed in a positive light as the truth about western sponsored false flag terrorism reaches critical mass.

You are wasting your time.

"You should be, your ilk

"You should be, your ilk will be not viewed in a positive light as the truth about western sponsored false flag terrorism reaches critical mass."

They should prepare to eat a diet of "crow" for at least a decade...accompanied by a rousing chorus of "We told you so".

(Pity QWERTY doesn't have musical notation)

Show "The Real World is laughing at you" by Anonymous (not verified)

Really? Then why do we frighten you so much?

I mean, if this is just a lunatic movement, why do you bother posting here day in day out? Really nothing better to do with your time? Besides, aren't you the one who thinks buildings just collapse for no good reason? Isn't that a bit crazy? You also think that planes when they crash into buildings like the Pentagon just burrow themselves into a little hole and leave no wreckage? Do you realize that when people look at the evidence for themselves they almost invariably realize that they've been lied to? Do you really think that childish tactics of making fun of poo-poo heads or whatever is going to prevent people from seeing the obvious lies? We're not laughing at you, we pity you because you're on a side that is doomed to lose, and that will be made to pay for what it's done. It would really suck to be you right now!


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero - Harvard Task Force


Show "You never can pay attention, can you?" by Anonymous (not verified)

Gosh, I'd really like to improve myself...

could you please link to that lesson of yours, anonymous shill? I've done forgotten what you're talking about. THANK YOU for wasting your time educating a stupid little liar like me! One can only wonder what motivates your magnanimity!


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero - Harvard Task Force


Coverage of 9/11 Truth in The Nation

I Would Contribute

I've spent about a grand now burning DVDs.

"a nonprofit donation account has been set up to cover production costs after
our stock of 5000 donated DVDs runs out"

We must be the change we wish to see in the world. M Gandhi


system admins, please, I want to know why you hid my statement:

"the 9/11 Truth Movement must abandon Loose Change in order to retain any sense of legitimacy."

i'm not dissing anybody, or talking trash. I just think that Loose Change is a bad film b/c it relies on tactics of persuasion similar to that of Fox News. It is wrought w/ inaccuracies, quote mining, baseless speculation, outright lies in some cases.

i've been a dedicated 9/11 Truther for a few years now, and it disheartens me to see my fellow brethren censor me for stating my thoughts on Loose Change.

Disinformation (what Loose Change propagates) helps those that seek to perpetuate the official 9/11 myth.

They didn't do that--WE did

They didn't do that--WE did that. Logged in users rate comments up or down; because of our recent trolling problems once a comment goes below -3, it vanishes from sight.


Just arrived, have you? Then you wouldn't understand, though you soon will. BTW, what you just wrote now is much more obviously thought out and looks ALOT less like one of our disrupters.

I don't agree with you, but I won't rate it down--merry Christmas.

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

not really new

I've been visiting and posting on this site for about half a year now. Just didn't know that was the method of censorship.

that is a very low threshold. thanks for explaining the censorship process, although I believe it is very flawed.

Why all the support for Loose Change? I don't get it, these fellas are not helping. Loose Change is in now experiencing "diminishing marginal returns". Its purpose has been served, it woke up a lot of people (albeit though propaganda), lets move on to more "fact based" films like "Everybodys gotta learn sometime".

"I've been visiting and

"I've been visiting and posting on this site for about half a year now."

Oh. Guess you missed dz's announcment a month or so ago; the comment compression is relatively new, actually. But we all get busy.

"Its purpose has been served, it woke up a lot of people (albeit though propaganda), lets move on to more "fact based" films like "Everybodys gotta learn sometime"."

I'd say "911Press for Truth" is an even better choice. But how do you think "Loose Change" is not 'fact based'?

"Bugger this; I want a better world."

Loose Change is replete with facts! It needs to be watched by

EVERYONE who has never viewed it! (You certainly need a "re-fresher" viewing, to help you think before you write.)

with you

you're completely right, tiguhs. i know clever people who laugh at the truth movement because the first (and consequently, only) thing they've exposed themselves to is "loose change". its just absurd that people keep arguing for the merits of a video that they and everybody else (including its makers for god's sake!) know to be full of silly speculation and specious claims. totally absurd and deeply disheartening. those people who do argue for its continued relevance are obviously the sort of people targeted by the sheeple psychology of the marketing industry, according to which empty, baseless hype is more motivating than truth and use value. i feel no sense of solidarity with those who count themselves a part of the truth movement on the basis of their dazed and confused viewing of "loose change". they're an embarassment. but more than that, they're a real danger to the movement. even if they have their use when it comes to boosting the numbers on opinion polls, who wants to be part of a sheeple revolution?


couldn't have said it better myself.

"those people who do argue

"those people who do argue for its continued relevance are obviously the sort of people targeted by the sheeple psychology of the marketing industry, according to which empty, baseless hype is more motivating than truth and use value. "

Are you SURE you want to agree with this, especially after I've been so civil with you? And if you do, why are you here?

Just because I'm a nice old lady I'll give you one more chance to "get along": how do you think "Loose Change" is not fact based?


yuck what a sinister, saccharine, manipulative little post! is that how "nice" people shut down a deepening of debate with their "niceness"?

"no, sir, i don't like it."




You're post is merely a not-so-subtle disinfo bash of LC!

LC2E is the best video to show people who are doubting the truth or new to it! (I especially like the way it reveals that AA77 did NOT strike the Pentagon, a 16-foot hole on the 1st floor. It contains great info on Operation Northwoods too.)

Take your disinfo bashing of LC2E somewhere else, shill. You will not fool anyone here!

16-foot hole? See, this is

16-foot hole?

See, this is why you guys are considered jokes. That hole was approx. 75 feet wide before the collapse.

The 16-foot hole theory was even debunked by the LC guys themselves.

Nice try...but LC is a joke filled with pudding and lies.

Thats the best laugh Ive had

Thats the best laugh Ive had in a while...I suppose you have a picture of this 75 ft hole, so why dont you share it with us.

Actually 9/11 mysteries is THE best docu out on 9/11

Hands down.


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero - Harvard Task Force


speaking of which, do you

speaking of which, do you know when Part 2:Hijackers and Planes" comes out?

fraid not, but looking forward to it!


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero - Harvard Task Force


Your post was collapsed because it is blatant disinfo, that's

why it was voted down & collapsed. If anyone wants to read your junk, they can click on the link in what's left your dishonest nonsense & read the entire b.s.

The truth is NEVER disinfo

You all know full well the posts are hidden to protect you from hearing the real truth about 9/11.


clueless.....personified.....well almost anyway.

im suspicious of anyone who

im suspicious of anyone who goes out of their way to bash Loose Change, a film that isnt perfect but has clearly opened the eyes of millions worldwide. its an obvious net-plus and to say otherwise is to ignore the reality of the situation, regardless of the films flaws.


We are grateful that we have Loose Change as representative of the complete idiocy of the 9/11 Truth Movement and we are glad to have you on record to defend the irrational nonsense.

Good move, good buddy.

Show "Loose Change" by pockybot (not verified)

Don't be shilly, Loose Change backs up it claims with evidence

& proof! It is well sourced, and raises very important anomalies in the "government story" that the govy cannot answer!

Show "Not by the Real World definition of evidence" by Anonymous (not verified)

Those are fake "straw-man" arguments that are set-up to be

knocked down. Let people watch "Loose Change" & decide what true & what's not for themselves.

(Why the hell should anyone believe proven-liar Bush's version on anything.)


Hey Col. Jenny, see what i mean about this guy? your a clown pocky. its either "fuck loose change and anyone who focuses on physical evidence in any way" or its "liberals are to blame for the cover-up, along with everything else". same shit different day pocky, come with something new. we get it, you think "the left" sucks and that the ISI-Pakistan stuff is the holy grail and that physical evidence means nothing to you.

Actually I didn't "see" it;

Actually I didn't "see" it; it was compressed by the time I came by.

But, yeah, it's the usual semi coherant, quasi random, pockybot-age.

the truth about loose change's agenda

Deborah S. Simon received special thanks in the video's credits for providing footage and other help in producing Loose Change. Simon told AFP that she even handed out copies of the video in front of the White House. Who is Deborah Simon, and why is she helping produce and promote Loose Change?

Deborah Simon (nee Cox) is married into the billionaire Simon family of Indianapolis. The family owns the Simon Property Group, Inc., which boasts as being the largest U.S. real estate company. The Simon family owns, develops, and manages more than 280 shopping malls in the United States and 50 similar properties in Europe and Japan.

The Simon family, strong supporters of Zionist causes, the Clintons, and the Democratic Party, also own the Indiana Pacers basketball team. The campus of the Jewish Federation of Greater Indianapolis is named after Max and Mae Simon, the parents of Melvin, Fred, and Herb.

Melvin Simon, the Brooklyn-born founder of the company, also owned a Hollywood production company and produced more than 20 films. Simon is remembered for such films as Porky's, Love at First Bite, and Zorro, the Gay Blade.

More notably, Simon has had business partnerships with both Larry Silverstein and the Australian-Israeli billionaire Frank Lowy, the leaseholders of the destroyed World Trade Center. In the late 1980s, Silverstein and Simon developed a mall in Manhattan together, and after 9-11, Simon teamed up with Lowy's Westfield America in an attempt to take over the prestigious retail properties belonging to Taubman Centers, Inc. of Detroit.

Silverstein and Simon both sit on the advisory board of the Steven L. Newman Real Estate Institute of Baruch College in downtown Manhattan.

In addition to supporting the Clintons, the Simon family has provided generous financial support to a number of Indiana senators, governors, and congressmen. Lee H. Hamilton, for example, the retired congressman who came out of retirement to serve as vice chairman of the 9-11 Commission, received a great deal of money from the Simons during his political career.

During his 34-year career in Congress, Hamilton served as chairman of several key committees, such as the Committee on International Relations, the Joint Economic Committee, the Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, and the Select Committee to Investigate Covert Arms Transactions with Iran. Although he has retired from Congress, Hamilton remains a member of the Department of Homeland Security Advisory Council and the President's Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board.

As director of the Woodrow Wilson Center in Washington, Hamilton still receives generous financial support from the Simon family.

Birch Bayh, the former senator from Indiana, has been on the board of directors of the Simon Property Group since 1993 when his son, Evan, was governor of the state. The younger Bayh is now a U.S. Senator.

Diane Meyer Simon was director and administrator of the elder Bayh's senate office with whom she worked from 1968 to 1981. When Bayh was defeated in 1980, Diane Meyer married the billionaire Herbert Simon in 1981.

How does any of that, even if true, mean that LC has an "agenda"


Loose Change ignores all evidence pointing to Israel

I think it's interesting that this Simon person is promoting it, thanks to the poster above for sharing. It doesn't mean the LC guys are agents (necessarily) but it does show how people with money can decide on the winners and losers as the truth is revealed, thus determining what parts of the truth are revealed and which are concealed. It doesn't matter much, though, since anyone seriously looking into the issue is going to come across the dancing Israelis and make up their own mind.


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero - Harvard Task Force


thats my biggest beef with

thats my biggest beef with Loose Change actually, the lack of coverage on Israeli involvement, and all indications are that Final Cut will be just as weak in that respect. i think Loose Change is a great tool, far from perfect, but the production alone sets it apart from other typically slow documentaries. we have to think of what kind of audience we are trying to reach, and Loose Change does a good job of making apathetic americans take interest where other docs might not.

Yeah, we seem to be lacking an intellectually honest...

....9/11 film that investigates Israeli involvment in 9/11 (or at least I'm not aware of it)....I've seen one one on the Internet (who's title escapes me) that made the error in the other direction (almost exclusive focus on Israel), but that is equally misguided.

At least "Terrorstorm" exposes the USS Liberty and Israel's acts of war in that Israel hasn't gotten off completely with regard to false-flag terrorism.... Wait, now that I think about it, Alex Jone's "Martial Law" looked into Israel involvement (the Odigo alerts beforehand, etc.) somewhat, as I recall....

We need to remember all

We need to remember all movie length documentaries can't be all things to all people, and nor should they be. You'd need a mini series(or maybe a series?) to cover EVERY aspect of the 911 cover-up.

"Loose Change" is good at what it does--the physical evidence. It is a strength and a limit--and if this is where Dylan & Co.'s strenghs/limits are, not exceeding their grasp is a good thing.

It would be nice, however, if they referenced work they support on aspects of the cover-up they DON"T cover.

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

Did Israel make NORAD stand-down, fill the WTC with explosives,

or blow-up the Pentagon?

It's very possible that Israel and/or Mossad played a big role in 9/11, but let's clean our house (the White House) first, and then go after the foreign involvement.

no, Israel did not do any of those things

Nor does Israel wake up in the morning and brush its teeth. Israel is not a person. Israel is a nation state founded on a corrupt philosophy--Zionism. That philosophy has motivatede many people to do many things. That philosophy need not be applied just to the nation state of Israel, it can be fitted to any country whose leaders want to give its people a kind of religious nationalism with which to manipulate them.

In the case of the US, the Bush administration brought to power a number of neocons. Neconservatism, according to Israeli dissident in self-exile Gilad Atzmon, is simply globalized Zionism. Exporting this philosophy to the US via the Straussian neocons made sense to some people as it serves to manufacture an illusion of "shared values" that empty meme we're offered up by Israel's PR guns (just look up the David Project--puke!)

By convincing Americans that their shared values with Israel include the fear of Muslims and subsequent denial of their rights, Israel could execute the Clean Break advocated by Richard Perle and Doug Feith, among others, whereby Israel could assert independence from the US and thus have freer rein to do as it pleased without having to worry about influencing American opinion.

It is clear that the Neocons had every intention of selling out America for Israel's benefit. That they found willing co-conspirators in Israel and in America is not a surprise. While Israeli hardliners shared the Neocons' rabid and unquestioning Israel uber alles mentality, Bush Co has always been about money and power. But BushCo, including Cheney and Rumsfeld, are not the Masters of the Universe some would make them out to be. They are the willing servants of those masters, who rule behind the scenes by virtue of their wealth.

Think of it this way--what could Bush or Cheney do if Rupert Murdoch were to decide that Fox News would break the 9/11 story? They'd be toast and they know it. Or if certain people decided to kill the dollar by advising China to sell sell sell their holdings? BushCo made a deal with the devil that was brokered by the Neocons, and it makes no sense to treat 9/11 as a legitimate act of war conducted by any one nation against any one other. It was the spark for a world conflict to last decades, a reordering of politics and economics, with those in the know having the advantage of knowing what was going on from the very beginning.

The plan was born of Neocons with Zionist sympathies and they managed to recruit both American and Israeli co-conspirators. As such it may be that only unity between the people of Palestine/Israel (innocent people should not be made to pay for the crimes of their so-called leaders) and America can fully root out the cancer besetting both our peoples. Now that's a hell of a catch-22 if we are made to mistrust each other! The question of who is more brainwashed--Israelis or Americans, is a provocative one, and might shed light on strategies to bridge the gap and at the same time maybe achieve some justice for Zionism's many victims-in Israel, America, Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, and beyond.

The question strikes at the root of all global conflicts--will we all win by seeking to cooperate on solutions to the world's problems, or will we all lose by continuing to allow criminals to dictate the course of world events, regardless under which banner they choose to do so at any given time?


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero - Harvard Task Force


Great post! Many fine comments but just let me say for now...

that the following would be tremendous blackmail material:

Think of it this way--what could Bush or Cheney do if Rupert Murdoch were to decide that Fox News would break the 9/11 story? They'd be toast and they know it.


well, that just doesnt make sense to me.
even if it is true that loose change 'is covering up' israeli involvement, i really can't see how it would help to spread any sceptical 911 material at all, to distract from that. I mean, obviously loose change makes people curious, look into it , talk about it, etc... basically, reject the official conspiracy. If this ever helps to get responsible people punished, it obviously would be so through an investigation. How could such be in the interest of anyone involved in it ?
IMHO Everyone involved is *silent*. Hopes for no 911 coverage and talk *at all*. Status quo. (Well, with the exception of maybe pushing space beams and no planes, but that doesnt cause alot of 'talk' , only laughter) . The official conspiracy suits them alot better than loose change getting big,....

Our Time!

If Isreal was involved which they very well may have been.... I would avoid putting it in my film..... for one reason.... what I call "the BIG excuse for ignorance"... or "The Switch"..... If you ever bring up anything related to Israel in any type of negative light..... "The Switch" gets flipped.... the "BIG excuse" comes out..... people no longer have to listen... They can break out the "ANTI-SEMITE" mis-conceptional shut down.

The truth of the matter is we really do not know who was really behind it all..... we have a good idea...... we have Minetas testimony..... but at this point we have to rely on speculation to some point. We can point to some people who had the means or the possible desires.... people with documented rooted philosophies.

There are questions which have no answers yet... and there are people who can answer those questions..... but unless given the opportunity to ask these people those questions.... we will remain dilligent..... and "Loose Change II" will remain one of our soap boxes which we will continue to preach from.

It is a stepping stone that we use to help people traverse the raging rapids of propoganda, disinformation, and MSM corroboration.... One step at a time.

I'm really not certain your logic of these guys who made this film being dis-info agents.... they have been some of the most steadfast propogators of truth. This movement in my opinion is years advanced due to their efforts....

do they have all the answers? NO!.... nobody does....

Will we ever know all the answers? Probably not

Are we going to break down this element of control known as "False Flag Terrorism"..... You better believe it!

And when we do we will take back a bit more of our lives again.... and eliminate one of their tools of control.... while instilling in the people that they need remain dilligent, to educate themselves, to maintain oversight, over their governments.

I love when the haters come

I love when the haters come to play.

what've YOU guys done for the movement besides being keyboard mercenaries?

um, who here is a "hater"?

You should be specific--I'm wondering if our critique about the failure to mention the Israeli connection counts as "hating" in your book. Thanks!


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero - Harvard Task Force


I hope not

because it strikes me as a valid, constructive criticism.

Loose Change isn't perfect, and doesn't need to be perfect, in order to be highly effective. I'm getting antsy for "Final Cut," and I'm not even in the target demographic.

i would like to know that as

i would like to know that as well as it was only constructive criticism like casseia said. dylan might not know it, but ive probably spent more time on this site defending Loose Change and the good it has done than just about anyone else. i certaintly dont think hes an "agent" or anything for not going harder at the Israel connection to 9/11(which is still coming into full view). maybe he just doesnt find it very important, and on that point we can agree to disagree i guess. no "hating" going on here.

I thought Dylan was just

I thought Dylan was just refering to the herd of trolls in general...or maybe it just looks that way now.


dylan, it remains to be seen whether your video in the long run does more good than harm overall to the truth movement. you're obviously a sincere and hard-working guy. i don't think anybody here hates you (ignoring, as always, the trolls, who are trolls because they're irrelevant). the reason some people get irritated by the prominence of your production in the movement is primarily that you and your co-producers are patently much better at marketing than you are at scholarship. if you weren't more focussed on marketing than on scholarship, and if the truth movement was focussed as it should be on TRUTH, your video wouldn't be at or near the top of the list of most watched 9/11 truth docos. i think being part of a real revolutionary movement would involve the faith that the truth is still able to propagate itself in the world - that we don't need smarmy marketing execs to dumb it down and mix it with provocative half-truths and silly lies in order to SELL it to consumers with limited budgets.

i hope your final cut will include some sort of self-referential rider to the effect that "yeah we made the MTV "condensed" hip-hop version of 9-11 truth, because that's what we know how to do, and we wanted to do something. we realize that watching our video as a preparation for substantive debate on 9/11 would be like setting out to build a particle accelerator after watching a discovery channel documentary on quantum mechanics. but we'd like to point out that there is real, serious scholarship out there. and here are some of the places you can find it..."

just try not to get an over-inflated view of the importance of your contribution. i think the fact that you read and post here is testament to your humility. more of that!

still surprised

still surprised by the overwhelming support Loose Change recieves even though it uses the same propaganda techniques used by the powers that be.

Jeses, part I of Loose Change claimed a missile shot out of one of the planes that hit the towers,

did they change their minds b/c it is less convincing?

these kids are proteges of Don Von Kliest, producer of the worst 9/11 documentary to date, In Plane Site.

even vetern 9/11 Researchers recognize the fallacious crap that is Loose Change:

I sincerely hope that Loose Change NEVER makes it to the big screen.

And I agree w/ the above posts critical of every 9/11 documentary's lack of focus on the Israel connection.

I also believe that 9/11 Mysteries Part I pigeon-holes the debate to the collapse of the twin towers. I very much anticipate the release of Part II. But I am skeptical of the financial backer of the film---Eric Hufscmit.

Flame On.

putting things in perspective

In Plane Site hooked me despite its flaws. Whether or not it was meant to have flaws is beside the point--it served its purpose and Loose Change, however flawed it may be (and despite my critique I still think it's one of the best) has also advanced the movement tremendously. There are no awards though for truth documentaries--they will stand or fall based on how well they treat the facts and how much they help advance the movement and the cause of truth.

Of course there are busy little beaver-shills trying to dam the river of truth at various points in order to prevent it from flooding the global consciousness, but these efforts are bound to fail, so let's not get too caught up in the "whose documentary is better" game.

Above all the egos and personalities here is a spirit that is being directed not by any one group or individual but by the voices of the victims calling out from the grave for justice--and they cannot be fooled. Those voices, and that spirit, will outlive all of us and will have to contend with the constant efforts to kill it. Of course you can't kill a spirit like this one, and any and all attempts will simply harden and expand its support.

So let's chill out, truthers, and take comfort in the knowledge that the truth is on our side. What is the truth? The whole truth? We will find out if we don't give up and if we can rise above these frankly very lame attempts at controlling us. We can't be stopped. The question is not one of failure versus success but what kind of success we achieve. Will we minimize the hatred and bloodshed, and effect a quick healing process? To do so we cannot compromise on the truth. or will we allow this opportunity to go to waste, and having proven our case to the people allow the perps to fade back into anonymity only to plan their next move?


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero - Harvard Task Force


we'll try to realize

we'll try to realize something similar in Amsterdam (The Netherlands). As soon as we have, we'll let you know ;)

"In times of universal deceit, telling the truth will be a revolutionary act." - George Orwell

Please do!


re: loose change

I have shown Loose Change to many friends and family. At the time of my first viewing it was entralling to have additional information and the feeling that others were having similar thoughts as myself. I applaud your effort.

However, the story isn't really about what people think happened that day. I suppose that can be used to spark somebody's interest.
The story is about what has happened afterwards.
#1 America was attacked by extremists, doesn't matter what religion they were, they were simply extremists. This one event has been signified by all those in power to mark historic change within our country.
**Accepted. (But a little weird that 19 people can change the world so easily)

#2 The Constitution was immediately put under pressure for national security purposes for an unstated period of time.

#3 The most powerful nation on earth declared war on 'terrorism', against people that 'hate our freedom'. As stated by the President and many leaders, the war would last 50-100 years, possibly longer. In the mean time, blatant restrictions on the press were put into effect.
**When do we get the Constitution back again?

#4 The Anthrax attacks were quickly followed by the passing of the Patriot Act, which officially put the Constitution on hold.
**This stinks, but at least we will be able to catch these guys. Only a finite group of people in the world have access to weapons grade Anthrax.

#5 The world's most powerful military was given a 'strike first' military doctrine in order to invade a sovereign nation which did not attack us first. Essentially, no reason for this war has been stated in public as of yet. (At least that is, reasons involving 'reason') We have killed over 100,000 innocent civilians, and that is being nice.
**Uh oh.

#6 Steps have been taken for a North American Union between Mexico, Canada, and The United States.

#7 The executive branch has used 'signing statements' to reverse laws with respect to their application in an unprecedented fashion. Over 100 times. There is no need for a veto when you can just change the law yourself apparently.
**Corporate Fascism?
(You see, that's what the world's next great superpower 100 years from now will refer to us as, if we don't shape up)

#8 The executive branch has a well-documented history of lying, or better yet, 'protecting the greater good' is what they would call it.
**Uh oh. Maybe we should review the reasons they gave us for #3?

#9 The executive branch came to power during the early part of our country's computerized voting system. Not surprisingly, the election that brought these people to power was much-debated, while surrounded by allegations of fraud, deception, disenfranchised voters, and 'missing chads'.
**Uh oh, again. Maybe we should review the reasons they gave for #2.

#10 If labeled an enemy combatant by the President of the United States, you can be tortured, held without trial, and they are not required to show any of the evidence against you. Anyone can be an enemy combatant. This war will last 50-100 years, maybe longer.
**What?! Isn't this what we used to fight against? Isn't this the exact power that the Constitution keeps out of reach?

#11 After refusing any type of investigation, and only after pleads from grieving family members, the 9/11 commission convenes and conducts an investigation that answers only 20% of the questions asked by the family steering commission. Questions regarding the military exercises conducted that day which impeded reaction time were ignored, while other information was deemed 'classified'.
**Ridiculous and insulting.

#11 Not one person has been brought to justice for the Anthrax attacks.
**Strange. Imagine you are a terrorist with access to Anthrax. You want to kill Americans because you hate their freedom. You have attacked congress successfully. You have attacked the media successfully.
Nobody can catch you. Wouldn't you do it again?

#12 Not one person has been brought to justice for 9/11.
**Wait a second. You think maybe it's time to review the entire story behind #1?
I suppose I lean towards the 'let it happen on purpose' crowd, but I wouldn't put anything past these people -- what other choice have they given me?
It doesn't matter who the President of the United States is, what matters is that a 'war on terror' cannot end in victory. You cannot defeat an abstract term.
It will last for 50-100 years, maybe longer. There will be no Constitution for that period of time. 'For the good of the people' will consistently keep state secrets away from the masses.

Therefore, 9/11 has triggered our nation down the path towards Totalitarianism. Because in order to wage war against an abstract term, or people that are never seen, you must regulate nearly every aspect of public and private behavior... you must become highly centralized. That is Totalitarianism.

If 9/11, 19 extremists as stated by the 9/11 commission, successfully triggered Totalitarianism within our country...
Don't we need to start asking some difficult questions? Wouldn't there be more people involved within such a cataclysmic event that is changing the face of the most powerful nation the world has ever seen?

Who has attacked our freedom since 9/11?
Those are the questions that need to be raised, not the melting point of steel. That stuff needs to wait until the end of this brewhaha.