"I Want That Camera!"

Members of the 9/11 Truth Movement need to see this video.

In the age of MySpace, Blogs and most especially YouTube, the power to disseminate audio/visual information in near real time has never been greater. That makes you a threat! A tremendous threat!

With the upcoming 9/11 Truth "Tea" Parties as well as future "Truth" rallys, keep in mind the power you possess via video. Watch your back Truthers. Remember, "they" don't want the masses exposed to the Truth. They will do ANYTHING to hide it.

The revolution will NOT be televised... it will be UPLOADED!!!


Yes, and as many truthers as possible should bring their own

video equipment along. (Good camcorders are nearly pocket-sized now, and their prices have come way down too.)

That is a very clear video of NYC police brutality in your link!

Other's in the crowd did a great job of recording the unecessary police violence, destruction of personal property, and trying to censor the media by force! I hope those cops are punished to the full extent of law!

(I'm from NYC myself, and I'm sorry to say that it has been my experience that most police are ignorant goons who do not understand the law themselves!)

NeoCon NYC mayor Bloomberg has tried to turn NYC into a

police state! Bloomberg was nearly successful during the Republican Convention, as reported by Alex Jones & others.

send a complaint

Went to the NYPD web site and lodge a complaint... Maybe when they understand that whole world really can watch them they will try to stay within the law instead of playing gestapo. At least for as long as the internet lasts......