Myths about Jim Fetzer

This is an e-mail sent out by Jim Fetzer to all members of scholars for 9/11 truth:


Some falsehoods that are being marketed as facts:

1. That I kicked Morgan and Judy out of Scholars.

False. They resigned over differences about the
significance of Steve's work, which I defended.

2. That I am dictating the membership of boards.

False. I offered several proposals for discussion.
And, after giving this matter further thought, I
am open to receive nominations from members.

3. That I am trying to control the society.

False. I offered Steve the journal and the forum
as part of what I hoped would be an amicable split
and I want to create a board of directors to whom
responsibility for the society can be assigned.

4. That I have endorsed "space beams" and "no planes".

False. I have only endorsed investigating them. I
think that issues like these, no matter how controversial,
have to be resolved scientifically with logic and evidence.

5. That I kicked Steve out of Scholars.

False. When he resigned, I told him to take 48 hours
and think it over in case he wanted to reconsider.

6. That I want to minimize his research.

False. I have invited him on my radio program,
encouraged him to speak in Washington, and invited
him to chair a panel at the conference in Madison.

7. That I think we should focus on exotic explanations.

False. I believe activists should emphasize disproofs
of the official account, while acknowledging that we
are also trying to figure out how it was done, a far
messier, complicated, and contentious enterprise.

It would be nice if "scholars" could get things right.

James Fetzer
Scholars for 9/11 Truth

I would like to draw particular attention to his 4th statement. Why has this movement all of a sudden attacked Fetzer because he simply "endorsed investigating" these alternative theories? Somehow this entire movement seemed to dismiss Fetzer almost overnight. Why did this happen? Please realize that this is a deliberate attempt to split this movement. Please support both Fetzer and Jones and stop allowing yourselves to be manipulated by elements within this "Truth Movement". Many of you truthers are very quick to label Fetzer as a crazy nut case. But come on people. you know jim. he's been there almost since the beginning. you know he's not crazy. you're being manipulated into thinking that Jim's gone off the deep end, when all he is doing is saying that his mind is open to alternative explanations. Propaganda techniques have been used to discredit Fetzer by manipulating and simplifying what he has said. The real question with respect to Fetzer and his openness to investigate these theories, is: how and why was this issue used to split the movement and who was responsible for this?

Uncle Fetzer is heavy...

tie yourself to him and he'll pull you down. He tried to sink the movement by pretending to consider seriously the obviously bogus work of Judy Jetson and Morgan Reynolds Wrap.

I don't see the purpose of trying to convince people he's legit, when he is so obviously trying to destroy the movement in utero.

How stupid do these people think we are? This is not a movement of idiots--it's a movement of people who know better than to believe BS like the OCT or Fetzer's alternative conspiracy theories. Here's a tip to the shills--if you're counting on defeating the truth movement with tactics aimed at morons, you may as well pack you prison clothes now.

Your allies are the idiots who will never let go of the official BS. Truthers, on the other hand, are here because we see through crap like yours. I know you don't really have much room to maneuver here, and a bad plan is better than no plan, but don't insult us. TRY HARDER!! Or better yet, turn yourselves in and beg for clemency.

And to the Fetzers of the world who may still be lurking in the movement waiting for a chance to derail it, think very carefully before taking a path from which there is no return.


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero - Harvard Task Force


What's with the threats?

You have lost what little crediblity you had left with me.

and as an anonymous poster

you have no credibility with anyone to start with. what exactly is your point?


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero - Harvard Task Force


If you don't care about your credibility, fine

As a non-anonymous poster who is trying to convince people of a certain point of view, you should be concerned about your credibility. Threats do not help your case, at all.

Excuse me?

"But come on people. you know jim. he's been there almost since the beginning."

Been where? A part of the 9/11 Truth Movement? I think not.

"I think that we have to look at these alternative groups and these alternative people who are continuing to make films and bring their research to the public."

Sally Regenhard - 9/11 Family Member

Obviously this poster has

Obviously this poster has only been around about a year.

Fetzer hasn't been in since 'the beginning', he came in about a year ago and just spouted what he heard from others. Whether good information or junk.

I'm not going to diss the guy, but it is time to move on. Let Fetzer do his thing and be judged for his actions, no need for staying focused on this drama. what is this what is this man? Are you for real? Fetzer is an asshole.

The 9/11 Criminals win when.....

....we endlessly debate the "how" of 9/11....all this debate of "how" serves as a Delay Tactic....the longer they can keep us on "what hit the Pentagon", etc., the more time passes and fewer people really care about what happened that day...

Just like with JFK....the truth will come out, but only after almost everyone involved has made their money off the policy changes that resulted, or is dead. And, then it will be distant past for most Americans. "Yeah, there was a conspiracy, but how does that affect me in 20_ _?"

We need to get past debateing the details of how this massive crime was committed. Since "we are on the outside looking in", we will never know everything about all the details involved....That is why questions like "well, if a missle hit the Pentagon, where are all the passengers?", need to be largely ignored...

Overall, there is so much evidence of government complicity and cover-up, that these details don't matter....we need to be focusing on what we can do now that we know 9/11 was an Inside Job...what individual and group activism actions we can take?.... I've recently noticed a change in tone and focus at our local 9/11 events...going from "how & who" did 9/11 to "why" and "what do we do now?" There is a real hunger out there to channel this new awareness into justice and change.

We will continue to add to our ranks and should keep up our efforts on that. But we also have to go to the next level and start thinking more intensely about how we can both effect real societal reform and achieve criminal prosecution resulting from the Crimes of 9/11, while it is fresh in everyone's minds.

This is a sound position, reasonably argued

I support further inquiry, but what you are saying makes a lot of sense. Most importantly, you are not attacking people who support further inquiry, but are proposing a more effective course of action. Thank you.

The guy who does false flag

The guy who does false flag news did a great show rejecting Fetzer and all the other assclowns, check it out;

Show ""assclowns"" by Killtown

DBLS is a dumb bleep.

He obviously doesn't care about anything except his own ignorant beliefs.

In fact, I'm going to come out and actually say that it's possible that he's a genuine disinfo agent. When topics such as TV-Fakery and Star Wars Beam Weapons come out, he does nothing but discourage others from even considering it. He does this by making people feel silly about even thinking of investigating it. Genuine disinfo tactic.

As I have stated before, I

As I have stated before, I support Dr. Fetzer. I gave my reasons and thankfully this article to which I am reponding states those reasons again very clearly.

I agree with another poster here who wants to just move on to real action with our full knowledge that the official story is false. I likewise am not focused on what did actually happen because I do not believe we will ever know that.

Science demands that ALL ideas be investigated. Dr. Fetzer said the "explanandum" means a defining of all of the evidence that needs to be scienfically explained. There is a whole whole lot of evidence that is not explained by thermite and thermate. The problem is even though the new idea of some kind of directed energy weapons being used for PART of the destruction is an idea that, I do not think, can ever be a true scietific hypothesis because an hypothesis requires testing, and in this case it is unlikely that a directed energy weapon could be obtained and employed in such a test, much less could it be determined exactly at what frequency and just how to use the weapon for the test. As for the alternative idea of mini-nukes, there are studies showing a starkly increased cancer rate in the Manhattan area. That is strong evidence of nuclear exposure.

Let Dr. Jones go his way. Let the Scholars go their way. Both entities apparently intent to be moving toward trying to determine what did actually happen on 9-11. Neither entify apparently wants to move vigorously toward criminal and civil litigation and prosecution right now, and that is what I am mainly interested in.

The Scholars for 911 Truth showed us and proved to us beyond a shadow of a doubt that the official story is false. What a wonderful gift. I will always be supportive of them and thankful to them for doing that.

If you have listened and read what Dr. Fetzer has said, and I have, you realize that he has always tried to be fair and balanced, not like some posters on this board and some others in the public arena.

Blessings from Dachsie in Austin.

How is it that this reasonable comment

gets negative ratings, while abusive, intellectually vacuous comments like that of Dem Bruce Lee Styles are rated positively?

Agreed: let's have civility

Agreed: let's have civility

I think you may have a point here. Name calling is not going to get us anywhere. It's fine to disagree as long as we do it in a civil manner.

I liked your work on Improbable Collapse: The Demolition of our Republic. I'm also a composer.

“We're an empire now, and when we act we create our own reality."

enough already

Enough of it already, Fetzer is history as far the Truth Movement is concerned

Now let's get back to business

"In times of universal deceit, telling the truth will be a revolutionary act." - George Orwell

Amen to that. I've already

Amen to that. I've already deleted my bookmark to 'scholars' and will no longer tune in to his show on RBN. The guy's critical thinking skills and judgment are sorely lacking. See you Jim - we now know who you are.

Myth #7: That people give a

Myth #7: That people give a damn about Fetzer or what he does anymore.


I understand why you would wish to write anonymously. If you are going to make a cheap comment like that, at least write your name. Or daren't you do so?

It is TRAGIC that we are allowing ourselves to be divided here. How pathetic and weak we are! Fine tear into fellow truthers with whose views you yourself disagree, you just fail to see that you weaken yourself!

Perhaps it really is true that people get the governments they *deserve*.

For my own part, the only thing that matters is that we do not accept the official version of events, and demand consequently a new independent inquiry.

As for the "space beams", yes I think that is a little bit far fetched, but it deserves investigation like everything else. And regardless of whether the burnt cars were towed away from the WTC Site, the way some of them burnt is odd to say the least.

I think it's crazy for

I think it's crazy for everyone to attack Fetzer just because he's open to investigating an alternative theory. Does this means that anyone who wants to investigate something new will be outed from the movement? I'm sick and tired of these attacks on fellow truthers. I hate this fucken censorship on 9/11 blogger. when someone gets negative ratings or has their comment censored, i make sure to read it.

do you guys really think it's beyond the realm of possibility that something other than C4 and thermite was used? isn't it possible that something else was used also?

You cocksuckers think you know all the answers. I'm saying, that i don't have all the answers, i don't know exactly what happened on that day. And if someone wants to investiate something, all the power too them. People should be free to research whatever they want without being attacked and censored. I thought scholars had academic freedom? I guess not eh?

Rejecting Theories when the Evidence Contradicts

No one is debating whether or not it's right or wrong to consider alternate theories. Everyone who is here is doing that right now when they object to the official theories.

We are debating whether or not it is correct to advance theories which are easily debunked by overwhelming evidence and common sense.

Scientific Method: When evidence contradicts a theory it must be rejected.

End of story. Some are forgetting the rejection part. They want to cling to their theories like they are their children. It's not science, and it's not even common sense.

If there are 10 points of evidence to support a conclusion and none to contradict; this is a strong theory.

When one piece of evidence might support a theory and 10 points contradict; it is a bad theory and must be rejected.

Contradictory evidence demands rejection of a theory.

I have a strong suspicion this logic is being ignored by people who want to discredit us by presenting weak and outlandish theories. They want to cause “guilt by association”.

We need to learn how to distinguish credible facts from those that are not.

This is how the battle for the truth is won. They don’t want us to win this war--they want us to lose, and they will do anything to achieve this victory. We saw this on 9/11 when they considered 3000 people expendable.

“We're an empire now, and when we act we create our own reality."

Barrett is naive or

is working for the 9/11 criminals.

Fetzer is a scumbag for what he did.

Anyone publicly promoting SPACEBEAMS taking down the twin towers (especially one of our SELF-APPOINTED 9/11 truth "leaders") is a naive imbecile or is quite possibly part of a government op designed to divide and discredit the 9/11 truth movement.

It might also be possible that Steven Jones is a part of this op. He is not taken seriously in the scientific community for his involvement with ColdFusion. The whole Fetzer/Jones partnership may have been staged from jump to unfold the way it has.

Here's a documentary that explains Steven Jones' CF work:

Forward to 10:30ish:

I'm not saying that the entire Scholars group was/is involved in a disinfo campaign. I'm just saying we should be cautious on who we trust and/or promote to speak for the 9/11 truth movement as a whole.

"He is not taken seriously

"He is not taken seriously in the scientific community for his involvement with ColdFusion."

I hope your not confusing Prof. Jones work in muon catalyzed fusion with those hacks at the University of Utah, Pons and Fleishmann? : Whatever happened to cold fusion?

"A couple of palladium electrodes in heavy water and any high-school kid could do it, it was said. Pons, in the chemistry department at the University of Utah, and his mentor Martin Fleischmann, of Southampton University in the UK, claimed at the press conference in 1989 that they had fused deuterium nuclei using routine electrochemical techniques on their lab bench. This was a huge claim to make - nuclear fusion had been thought possible only at temperatures in excess of a million degrees, when nuclei could overcome Coulomb repulsion. The only cold fusion that had been detected until then was the kind mediated by muons, seen in accelerator experiments in the 1950s, and then only at minuscule rates."

Jones' work has nothing to do with the approach of Pons and Fleishmann.  Methinks the gremlins are getting past the BS filters...

Did you watch the documentary?

The whole Steve Jones/Jim Fetzer/Judy Wood/Morgan Reynolds implosion seems staged to me. Think about it. You have Steve Jones and his Mormonism /CF involvement, Jim Fetzer and his shotty JFK work, Judy Wood and her SPACEBEAMS, Morgan Reynolds and his cartoon planes "research". This whole thing was by design IMO.

By the way, my BS detector is just fine. You might want to check the batteries in yours, though.

I think you're wrong to include Steven Jones.

I respect your opinion and that's certainly a scenario I've gone over in my mind.

I think all the drama may be a reaction to the fact that Jones is a serious scientist -- and almost the entirety of the scientific establishment has agreed to play dumb on this.

I couldn't care less if he's a Mormon. And no, I haven't watched the documentary yet.

I could also care less if he's a Mormon

But it's a built-in reason for others to not trust or take him seriously as a scientist.

Believe what you want, but I believe he's in on it. I might change my mind down the road, but for now, I don't trust him, or Fetzer, or Wood, or Reynolds.

I do understand how you

I do understand how you feel, I went through a similar process when I suspected Fetzer was not who he claimed while I was still active on the st911 forums.

All I can say is, judge them by what the actually BRING to the table...  

I'm don't just play a geek

I'm don't just play a geek on 911blogger, I had a subscription to Scientific American while in High School.  I remember the whole drama when it happened.  Jones as a scientist is pretty consistent, he stood up and called Pons and Fleishmann out basicaly, and to date no one, has been able to duplicate the findings of Pons and Fleishmann, not even Pons and Fleishman.

The documentry had a negative view on Jones for certain, use of the words "informant" and "flagrant" painted him in a negative light.  It made it seem like Jones cheated them out of rich rewards that they were entitled to.  Well guess what?  Pons and Fleishmann couldn't make it work and their attempt to cash in didn't work.

But to assume that Jones derailed important scientific research is patently false...  Read the link I posted. 

Scientific American is a perp cover-up rag

Here's Scientific American telling you inside-jobbers are crazy

This is the same bullshit kind of non-science they were practicing on cold fusion when they backed the establishment and its fraud lackey Jones in covering up fusion research.... making sure it never got off the black books of los alamos...

"Gold Oil and Drugs (G.O.D)"

Anything that quotes popular mechanics as evidence is of no credibility.

You can't ignore the most important evidence and then claim you've answered the legitimate questions we have.

The victim family members made a list of 400 questions for the 9/11 commission. 70% were not answered.

At the bare minimum we need a full answering of all of their questions and hundreds more.

“We're an empire now, and when we act we create our own reality."

Steven Jones disinfo? No way.

Steven Jones is legitimate, and from what I can tell a very decent human being.

In my opinion his WTC paper could well be the document of the century.

He had nothing to do with the discredited fusion research.

“We're an empire now, and when we act we create our own reality."

Watch the documentary I posted

Jones is one of the reasons why CF failed.

Wacked out -ny911truth BizarroGate

ny911truth BizarroGate: Pressure on Urantia-Jamieson increased with NYPD Intel Unit showing up and Protest by ex-Realian

By ewing2001

\"...I should hope that those who are active within 9-11 Truth, deal with this matter in the only appropriate manner, and that would be, by grabbing you and your little buddies by the throat, and knocking the living day-lights out of you all. You are a disgusting little piece of shit...
Joseph Carranza

BizarroGate ny911truth vs. NYPD-IU:
Ex-Realian + Anti-Larouchie-Protest against Urantia-Les + Co

Exclusive by Nico Haupt
December 11, 2006


Things are getting more bizarre at the weekly Sunday meetings at St. Mark\'s Church. reported last week already about 6-8 different infiltration concepts from competing groups inside, and outside the audience (as described at 911close.up)

We are reporting now as things developed tonight with no particular bias.

At around 7 PM EST, a protest outside St. Mark\'s Church against Les Jamieson and Frank Morales started.

The protest was organized by an ex-Realian named Roman Shusterman, which used to be a regular audience member, until he sympathised with street activist Tom Weiss against Culster Jamieson and Co. ( reported).

The Realians are actually a cult by itself which was also founder of the Clonaid company. This pro-cloning sect also believes humans were created by extra-terrestrial beings who had mastered genetic engineering. Shusterman, who said he has nothing to do with that sect anymore, handed out leaflets and also organized a placard, which had multiple slogans on it.

The guy who displayed the placard insisted that he didn\'t write the message, but was \"just helping out\" and is actually a member of the JDL. (JDL stands for Jewish Defense League)

The text says: \"St. Marks Church taken over by Neo Nazis (Drug Trafficking Frank Morales, Urantia Cultist Les Jamieson, Eminem wannabee Luke Rudkowski) and their sympathizers (Tom Foti etc...) Time for a boycott! Death to Nazism! Long live Globalism...\"

Leaflet and Text is also available at and was obviously also supported by Tom Weiss, who was removed several times by Les Jamieson and others, when he insisted that the 9/11 Truth Movement is \"infiltrated with LaRouchians\". asked Shusterman, why he thinks, that Pater Frank Morales allegedly supports \"drug Trafficking\", when Shusterman also started to do a tape interview with one of the confused audience members of the church, who already started to surround the group.

In this Interview Shusterman stated, he has actually \"evidence\", that Morales allegedly supports a Heroine Drug Ring in Afghanistan (!) and pulled some papers to make his point.
911bloglines had not much chance to follow that argument, because the audience from St. Mark\'s already started to debate with the protest crowd, which was also supporter from another member of the already diverted no police state -group.

The audience made some photos of the protest crowd.
Tom Foti and Luke Rudkowski, who came out of the church, reacted relaxed and basically got amused by the message, also asked some questions.

It wasn\'t also really clear, what kind of \"globalism\" Shusterman supports, but he insisted that he is also against the \"New World Order supported by David Ray Griffin\"... \"and other NeoNazis\".

Meanwhile inside the church actually a video presentation of David Ray Griffin started, which was recorded last year. informed the crowd about the latest info on Griffin, who runs the 9/11 Truth Movement and a pantheism cult in China, both inspired by Alfred North Whitehead.

The ex-realian- pro globalist group is not the only diversion outside the church.

Geo aka cetseson, an independent researcher informs the audience regularly about the shady background of Professor Steven E Jones and David Ray Griffin and why the Inside Jobbers from 9/11 are actually linked to a transnational cartel (\"outside job\") with more ties to british royalists and other international bankers, than to the CFR (as Tom Foti often pointed out).

On his Sunday night\'s leaflet, cetseson expressed that Griffin is not only a cultist, but actually attended in 1974 a Rockefeller Foundation Conference in Bellagio (Lago di Como) and reappeared in 1992 and apparently also applied in 2002.
see also
Griffin reported: \"...Incidentally, I personally, as an individual scholar, went back to Bellagio in 1992, where my wife and I stayed for about 5 weeks. It was there, in fact, that I first developed the conviction that if the world’s global problems are to be solved, we need to move from the present global structure--technically known as global anarchy--to global democracy...\"

Frank Morales wasn\'t outside at this Protest, but is actually supportive of the criticism against Jamieson, but since he\'s just a \"moderator\" of the weekly events, he\'s pointing the finger on that on the so called \"committee\", led by Foti and Rudkowski.
Cetseson and Morales later spoke with each other, as usually also with a friendly vibe.

Morales asked him to write down the information on Griffin in a more \"condensed\" way so that it could be \'presented next week\'.

Cetseson actually also points out why Loose Change, \"24\"/FOX, BBC and dutch VPRO are all presenting a hangout version of 9/11 and many other interesting things, which will not have a chance to be mentioned in this short report.

Meanwhile, somehow also bizarre, the presentation of our \"best of\" of the week was approved by Frank Morales and the \'committee\', but they didn\'t allow Nico Haupt to speak,
instead PeggyCarter was picked to present the highlights at an open mic.

This Sunday Night was the first official presentation of a reading of

According to the audience, Carter, who actually was skype guest in our radio podcast on Sunday (together with Killtown and JustDiggin), did a good job and presented some bloglines, which stirred some controversy lately.

Among them also some headers on David Ray Griffin (, another one about the cover-up of Attorney Alexander Floum and his powergames on censorship at and the 9/11 Scholars, which also stirred a fight between Fetzer + Jones.

Other bloglines included the recent Pentagon-Doubletree video, a Wall Street Journal article, which described the butter-effect on the 9/11 (Fakery-) Videos, furthermore Webster Tarpley\'s statement against Robert Gates, plus an analysis of the recent hangout articles of the Nation, Counterpunch + Co.

Carter also mentioned the forthcoming Boston 9/11 Truth \'teaparty\' and other events and analysed in an appropriate way the latest pseudo 9/11 hollywood \'truthers\' Dustin Hoffman, David Lynch and Streisand husband James Brolin.

The audience reacted very thankful about this new \'911blogline-news\' service and actually didn\'t know much about the recent controversies on Jones, Floum, Fetzer + Co.

Les Jamieson, still with Urantia, seemed also to be entertained from this presentation of , though it couldn\'t really be established, which headers he liked or disliked.

If this roundup of Sunday night\'s ny911 \"truth\" event wasn\'t bizarre enough for you, then what about this? :

Tom Weiss, the heckler and protester from Sunday night actually called during last week the Terrorist Intelligence Division of the NYPD (!), which showed up at Frank Morales.

However, as Morales confirmed to, he could explain to the Intel Unit, that Weiss was actually just a heckler and that his group wouldn\'t support terrorists.
The NYPD-ID apparently sympathized with Morales and wasn\'t interested in a further investigation on that matter.

Furthermore, things are also getting ugly between Jamieson and the \"Committee\".

As Luke Rudkowski (once close to Loose Change Team) reported to, it turned out, that Jamieson abused an email list of 1,000 ny911truth \'members\' to promote a forthcoming event from Ward \"Little Eichmans\" Churchill, the controversial leftgatekeeper figure from last year.

Since Sunday night\'s event turned into some obscure circus, we couldn\'t even follow carefully all details, so please bare with us, if we left out additional context.

Fact is, the audience is apparently still as colorful as NYC, therefore somehow still more \"progressive\" than other 9/11 \'truth activist\' group in the U.S.

Wherelse you can openly talk with a convinced Freemason member or a huge latino-fan of David \"Lizard\" Icke?

Tom Weiss writes about Freemason and 9/11 Scholar Member (!) Judy Cunningham:
\"...she told me that she had been living in her car of about 5 years, despite earning a salary of about $70,000 annually as a nurse, because any landlord anywhere renting a place to her would be contacted by the CIA resulting in her eviction...
...She also dated a KKK member, from that I assume she
also went along with racist white supremacist activities...\"

If you still don\'t become jealous by now, then what about this?:

There are also people in the audience, who claim that they\'re Undercover-Cops, while others whisper outside about a \"perfect anarchy strategy\".

Since doesn\'t really support the one or other coup d\'etat concept, we\'re just amazed how bizarre the NY 9/11 \'truthling\' Department backfired on the audience right now, which almost let Griffin look like an angel compared to the multiple diversions, triggered by Jamieson.

Fact is, a huge part of the ny911truth audience almost don\'t trust Griffin, Jones and Bowman anymore anyway, but just wanna get entertained with the \"movie of the week\" and somehow are using the weekly events also a a \"therapy\", while hoping, that one day this \'mess and nightmare will be over\'...

It also apparently still looks, that the audience prefers a puppet leader \"pseudo activist\" than extreme hangouters like John Albanese \"or this troll Weiss\", as many pointed out openly in- and outside the church.

Whereelse in this world are you getting presented so many different versions of the \"truth\"?

Only in New York, kids, only in New York ;

to be continued next week...

PS: also informed \"Charlie\", a harmless 9/11-inside job banner holder (every week at Ground Zero, which is now getting poisoned by the Deutsche Bank demolishment), how he ended up in a Photo-Fakery Job by Jonathan Gold, who titled his photo as CB_Brooklyn, who has nothing to with Charlie, who had no clue, that his photo became \'famous\' this week at


Shusterman now also sent me the reference, where some ny911 audience members apparently tried to threaten him:

\"...Below is Joe Carranza\'s threat encouring 9/11 truth
members to act out on it as well. Carranza is the one
who brought Jamieson into what then was the no police
state coalition and then helped Jamieson start his faction of 9/11truth:

Date: Mon, 4 Dec 2006 17:18:15 EST

* Posted on: Mon, Dec 11 2006

Show "Wacked out -ny911truth BizarroGate" by MrGuiness (not verified)

stallion : how did Jones

stallion : how did Jones make a scientific impossibility fail?

Why do you say it was an impossibility?

Listen to this audio and think about what I'm saying:

Dude, Pons and Fleishmann

Dude, Pons and Fleishmann made a big mistake by abandoning the peer-review method of science...  They made mistakes and this should have been vented with in the scientific community instead of vaulted into public.

"Eventually, a group at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) found serious flaws in the gamma-ray spectra that Pons and Fleischmann offered as proof. This was to be the death knell, and the final nails in the coffin of cold fusion were hammered in by a US Department of Energy panel that concluded in October 1989 that there was nothing to cold fusion."

Univ. of Utah called the press conference, they went for the Brass Ring and fell flat on their face.

Their work could not be duplicated, I don't know what else to say... 


The same MIT that said the Twin Towers pancaked from fire?

And wasn't it Jones who helped "vault CF into the public". Did you watch the documentary that I posted or listen to the audio link?

Cold Fusion

Steven Jones' more recent work on cold fusion was approved in a peer reviewed journal and found to be correct by independent verification. I believe it was published in Nature.

“We're an empire now, and when we act we create our own reality."

Jones wrote a scientific

Jones wrote a scientific paper - Not a Press Conference...

And we are not talking about the Biggest Crime in the last 60 years...  This is the stuff that was in the science section of the newspaper 

source: New York Times  May

source: New York Times 

May 3, 1989 

"Some of the new experiments also sought to reproduce the less contentious findings on cold fusion reported independently by Dr. Steven E. Jones and his colleagues at Brigham Young University in Utah. Dr. Jones, who used a device similar to the one in the Pons-Fleischmann experiment, did not claim that any useful energy was produced. But he did report that slightly more neutrons were detected while the cell was operating than could be expected from normal sources. The result suggests at least the possibility of fusion, he said, although it is not likely to be useful as an energy source.

Physicists who have investigated Dr. Jones's report have been fairly restrained in their criticism, acknowledging that Dr. Jones is a careful scientist. But from the outset they have expressed profound skepticism of claims by Dr. Fleischmann and Dr. Pons."

Jones was a plant

Did you bother to listen to the audio link or watch the documentary I posted?

I listened to that show

I heard Fintan Dunne call Steven Jones a CIA mole about 20 times. He said nothing that would cause me to think that's actually the case. It was like listening to an audio version of CB and Anonymous' spam - all accusation and innuendo, no evidence. 

To each their own

I think Dunne built a strong case for Jones being a plant. Btw, Dunne isn't a 'no brainer' ;)

I've entertained the scenario

And it would certainly be a sensible way to run the op - but from what I've seen and heard so far it doesn't ring true to me. In fact, it still very much strikes me as a concerted smear effort. Until Jones gives me a serious reason to do otherwise (for instance, starts backstabbing or instigating feuds or releasing joke papers) I'll continue to support him.

That mp3 is snitch jacketing

That mp3 is snitch jacketing Jones... its disinfo, there are even little jokes in there,listen again to where he is saying it was a mistake to use Jones in 1989 and again now - Thats an inside comment about Fetzer.

The comment about (hot) fusion research as being a diversion from cold fusion is laughable. Cold fusion as Pons and Fleishmann presented falls into the realm of tabletop fusion. The latest developments that I know of are with acoustics in a acetone solution. It generates neutrons but again the energy output is no where near the input... No one stifled research...

Do you think the world would just sit there and say, well these guys said its not possible so lets not try to duplicate their experiments... Hell Fleishmann went on to work for a Toyota subsiderary and they finally pulled the plug on him in 1995.

Its not an alternative energy source (more energy out than you put in) at this point.

So yeah I listened to this, but its disinfo specifically created to create doubt about Jones.

His research is THAT MUCH of a threat...

<edit> and the comment about work in Cold Fusion as being career suicide? There is a Prof. Mallett trying to build a time machine with ring lasers right now! Science is not so fickle.

another disinfo that can be caught right off... The announcer says Jones has sway with the left wing and liberals, Jones is a Conservative "Reagan" Republican...

more disinfo: the announcer talks about the DoE application that Jones saw from Pons and Fleishmann, Jones approved the application. Funny how the announcer makes it seems like it was something sinister...

more disinfo: the comment concerning Jones announcement at the meeting in Baltimore, he announced the results of his findings not about the energy out put, but about some esoteric constant that was theoritically derived by some researcher that was assumed to be accurate. Jones' finding went against that accepted constant and thus explained the reduced amount of output. This constant would be involved in the Pons and Fleishmann experiment as well, and thus at that time Jones contradicted the results on those grounds. Not on the energy output claim the MI6/CIA/etc guy wants you to believe...

you've been deceived stallion, don't let them do it to you AGAIN.



Stallion4: I'm proud of you :-) :-) :-)

You're finally seeing the light regarding Steven Jones. I'm glad.


But why discount Star Wars Beam Weapons so fast? Not only is there a lot of evidence to support it, but all those links I posted show that such technology actually exists! Don't you agree? 

oh god...

oh god...

You're not seeing the forest for the trees, CB

this was all planned from jump.

the Truth Movement is being controlled... the 9/11 Perps. They planted Steven "Free Energy Stealer" Jones. They allow others such as Robert "Star Wars Program" Bowman and Mike "Peak Oil Hoax" Ruppert to rise to popularity. While everything under the sun is being done to denounce Directed Energy Weapons and TV-Fakery at the WTC. If we allow the perps to continue keeping their technologies secret, THEY win.

this guy will take your

this guy will take your "doubt" and twist it, and your belief system with it...

You just don't get

The whole f-ing thing was staged from the beginning. The whole Star wars beam/No plane/ cartoon plane/Jones/Fetzer/Wood/Reynolds infighting was STAGED!

Fetzer yes, definitely...

Fetzer yes, definitely... But Jones was a problem, and Fetzer latched on to him like a hollywood agent...

These guys test the waters with theories and see if they will penetrate, they datamine failed theories and see if they can manufacture evidence to support them, that's what they do... They make up cover stories and lies.

But when it comes to sciences well its a different story, you can't change the laws of nature to suit your political agenda... They have to play the game a few steps at a time. Some aspects most certainly were planned but no way all of them could be... We are not all in on it...

after falling for Jones I decided to actually look into evidence

instead of just believing it. I examined TV-Fakery and it's backed by sound physical laws. That is why I believe it. No other reason.

Everything has been, and is being done to ignore TV-Fakery. This is why I know that it is the one most important issue to expose. People must understand that they cannot trust what they see on. The same goes for Directed Energy Weapons. Jones was planted to distract us from that with his thermate.

So, are you saying we should reject thermite?

Thermite cannoth explain any of the evidence. So, I assume that's what you're talking about. But, your post would be more effective if you discussed the FACTS that don't add up with thermite being the cause. Withouth that, you're not talking about science. whaot you're talking about is... pathologica.

relevent info

info supporting that space beams are a POSSIBILITY. Not that it's definate proof by any mean, but it certainly isn't beyond the realm of possibility.

Some truthers have speculated that a space energy weapon was used to destroy the towers. Though many see this as a crazy idea, after watching the talk by Fetzer and the following three videos, the idea may not seem so far fetched.

Jeff King

· Arsenal of Hypocrisy: The Space Program and the Military Industrial Complex (00:59:05)

· The Missing Secrets of Nikola Tesla (00:46:25)

· Heavy Watergate: The War Against Cold Fusion (00:46:06)

As you may have noticed in the third video, Heavy Watergate, Steven E. Jones appears at around the 11 minute mark. That film suggests that Jones was placed in the fusion debate to discredit research of free energy to protect the interests of the current energy industry. Steven Jones has spoken out against Fetzer and his willingness to investigate energy weapons. Some have therefore said that Jones was placed in the 9/11 Truth Movement to discredit the use of an energy weapon on the towers. His thermite theory is now the dominate theory and the energy weapons theory is demonized, similar to that of cold fusion. Is it possible that Steven Jones was placed in the 9/11 Truth movement to hide the fact that free energy exists, allowing the entire world population free access to unlimited electric, making oil obsolete?

Please stop muddying the waters w/ SPACEBEAMS

We've already proven that explosives were planted INSIDE the buildings (long before Jones or Fetzer or Wood or Reynolds came along).

but if we only talk about the regular explosives,

and the FDNY quotes in the New York "In On It" Times, then THEY win

dude i recommend taking a

dude i recommend taking a break from this for at least an HOUR... This crap can get to the best of us...

letter sent to MLK telling him to commit suicide after receiving the Nobel Peace Prize...

These guys have no soul...

1964 Tax Dollars hard at work... FBI COINTELPRO

oh and to you professionals out there, you guys suck by comparison. I'm just some random guy who doesn't like being lied to by my government and I can see straight through your lies... You have no future in your current line of work... seriously...

try advertising or something... 


for the reminder

my family has a long history

my family has a long history with these souless pawns...  They are so caught up in their little realities they don't even see they are in a gilded cage...

You're pretty good at playing dumb

and that's about it.