NY Critics Name "United 93" Best Picture

Somehow, you knew this was coming:

Mon Dec 11, 2006 8:01 PM GMT
By Christine Kearney

NEW YORK (Reuters) - "United 93", a tense drama focussing on one of the hijacked planes used in the September 11 attacks, won the best picture prize on Monday in the New York Film Critics Circle Awards.

A modern age fairy tale. So

A modern age fairy tale. So scary, yet so comforting.

so very very comforting

to the sheep.

They nominated a film about a fake crash???

Miller was among the very first to arrive after 10:06 on the magnificently sunny morning of September 11. He was stunned at how small the smoking crater looked, he says, "like someone took a scrap truck, dug a 10-foot ditch and dumped all this trash into it."




Focus on the botched crash scene at Shanksville.

I haven't seen the movie, but besides being based on barefaced

lies, I heard it sucked in many other ways.

I'm still waiting for an explanation on how those lackies murdered the pilots, & aborted from the jet's automated controls & flight path, & flew the plane visually a couple hundred miles back through OH & PA??? (Same question applies to the other flights, especially AA77 that allegedly slammed into the Pentagon!)

Wtf are these peoples major

Wtf are these peoples major malfunction?

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I'm on Revere radio right now talking about Shanksville

On the Worsley Show (9pm EST):



Focus on the botched crash scene at Shanksville.