Rumsfeld discusses 9/11 this weekend

Military news sources are candidly reporting Rumsfeld's 9/11 coincidences. Boy, I'd love to watch the "Pentagon Channel". Rummy was certainly a busy man the day before the attacks. The 911 Timeline tracks him here:,2001-Rumsfeld_trillions

Sometimes his complicity seems so obvious, his commitment to the Neocon ideology so steadfast, that I wonder if he was set up to look like a conspirator by a rogue group of Israelis in the Pentagon. Just a thought. Anyways, here is the piece:

Blackanthem Military News, WASHINGTON, D.C. – The terror attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, and concerns that another similar attack might follow, gave Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld "a tremendous sense of urgency" in pushing his transformation effort, he told Pentagon workers today.

Rumsfeld said today at his 42nd and last town hall meeting as defense secretary that the Sept. 11 attacks underscored the importance of the transformation program he announced Sept. 10, 2001.

"Anyone who lives through Sept. 11 and then sees in their mind's eye the prospects of a Sept. 11 times two or three or four, six months out, has to ask themselves, 'What ought we be doing today to prevent that coming (attack) six months from now?" Rumsfeld said to the audience of hundreds of servicemembers, civilian employees and contractors at the Pentagon and a worldwide TV audience watching on the Pentagon Channel.

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