Interesting Comments By First Responder

check out this very intersting Google video

Around 6:30 ish into the piece the firefighter is asked whether he believes information sharing btween the feds and the first responders is any better since 9/11....his answer was really interesting....he said when an incident does occur the first responders need to know exactly what's going on b/c they are going to be putting their lives at risk and that if the feds know or have reason to know that explosives/chemicals, etc. aremay be involved to tell them so they can protect themselves....his carefully worded implication is that if the feds knew there were explosives in the building they should have let us know so we could have protected ourselves..he basically said, hey if i'm going to send my men into a situatuion i need to know if there are going to be explosives involved so i can better prepare my men to respond to that type of emergency...


Maybe next time.... If you are lucky

That video is a very verbose way of saying that no one should be

sent into sabatoged buildings to meet their deaths from inside-job explosives!!! Just say it for Christ's sake! To much carefully worded double-talk in dancing around the real issue!!!


There's more sad news to report. Another 9/11 first responder, Giovanni Iacono who was a volunteer firefighter, age 34, husband and father has died from exposure to deadly toxins at Ground Zero. He has lung cancer which spread to his brain. The responder community is very distraught and continues to work . I know many want somebody in power to be held accountable for negligent homicide. I just spoke with a staff member in Carolyn Maloney's office in Washington and learned that she will be re-submitting legislation to get money for both health services as well as workers compensation. What must happen is that the federal gov't, as well as NY state and NY city gov't has to be willing to share the burden. In order for this to happen, we need legislators from all over the country to support this bill. So for list members from other states, I urge you to lobby your elected officials to support H.R.6124, the Remember 9/11 Health Act. Please take 15 minutes this month and again next month to do so.

If anyone in the NYC area knows any responders who need Christmas gifts for their kids, please have them contact John Feal ASAP at