A little hope


Never doubt that a small group of committed people can change the world.

Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.


This could be a 911 truth maxime as well. We CAN change the world. We already have.

this is bunk

cmon, this video is so cheesy, you need something heavier to bring in truth , like metallica.

Here ya go


Metallica?....please......washed up,has beens, who sued Napster to make sure music couldnt be free?
Cuz really, they werent rich enough already....
Sorry, but they havent written a good song since the early ninetys. Matter of fact , werent they the "opening band" for Linkin Park last tour?........KORN baby, all da way!!
Or how about the biggest political band ever...U2.
But I do agree with you on one thing...another sappy
nickelback song. Girls are gonna love it :)



I'm sorry but they have been bought a long time ago.... bought and paid for.

talk about selling your soul to the devil

Very nice, thanks

Very nice, thanks Sitting-Bull!



have you seen the new Chase commercials.... watch as the logo's 4 sections rotate 45 degrees.... check out the negative space between the four pieces....

it forms a pretty distinct "Swastica"

maybe I's seeing things that aren't there

i'm sorry...

i'm sorry, but i refuse to even watch that video. Nickelback is, by far, the worst "rock" band i've ever heard....they can suck a fuck or something.

You're not Allowed

This is the song I think of when I think of 9/11.

This ones been kicking

This ones been kicking around a while too...

I recently learned

that this sentence was said by Margaret Mead.

That's quite interesting, as she is one of the women who searched matriscical art of living in the south-sea.