New You tube collapse video

That is a very good video, the best I've seen in a while!

Begins with a great compilation of eyewitness testimony re: the pre-collapse explosions!

9/11 blogger

Isn't this simply an excerpt from "9/11 mysteries?"

it is indeed

it is indeed

At about 16:40, a very interesting segment about controlled

demolition begins. At about 23:28, Rudy Giuliani states foreknowledge that the towers are going to collapse! From about 25:00 onward, some new material about WTC-7 is shown (new to me, at least). The video abruptly ends at about 30:33 with an engineer discussing WTC-7.

Forget to mention, at about 27:55, a construction worker says

with foreknowldge, that WTC-7 is going to collapse. At 27:16, a NY Times article of 11/29/01 by James Glanz is referenced stating that steel members in WTC-7 "have been partly evaporated."

A few new things

I noticed,was the 7story sub basement foundation which was three feet thick was buckled up to eighteen inches.
I found this video on the truth seeker web page.
It quit playing around fifteen minutes into it.Iam at work so i have to wait till i get home to see if i can watch the whole thing.