Showtime Series 'Sleeper Cell: American Terror' References Theories of U.S. Involvement in 9/11

Video: Terror drama mocks 9/11 'truthseekers' -

Earlier this week, TV cable channel Showtime began the second season of Sleeper Cell: American Terror. The clip, from the show's season opener, begins with mastermind Farik (played by Oded Fuhr) facing torture at the hands of his American interrogators.

"Terrorist" characters on the show mock people who don't believe the official government explanation for Sep. 11. The character of a Bosnian terrorist, Ilija Korjenic (played by Henry Lubatti), shares an intimate moment with fellow terrorist, Mina (portrayed by Thelka Reuten). For a few moments, they sarcastically repeat familiar 9/11 conspiracy theories.

Show dialog (warning: contains profanity):

Female: You know every time we have sex it's like the ultimate 'Fuck you' to Bush, Cheney, and the whole 9/11 plot.

I just keep picturing Guiliani and the rest of those assholes supervising the whole thing from that 15 million dollar bunker on the 23rd floor of building 7.

You know thats where they broadcast the homing signal from? [To] make sure the planes would hit the towers.

Male: I know and the Pentagon was actually hit by a CIA global hawk drone so the administration could start an endless war and turn America into a police state.

Female: And what idiot could believe that Osama Bin Laden and his cave dwelling muslim militia managed to outsmart the CIA, the NSA, and the Pentagon - unless Uncle Sam was behind the whole thing.

Male: Not me.

Thanks to altruist for the heads up!

Too bad the acting is so bad!

Geez. These people are bad actors.

Yah no Kidding.

Not only was the acting terrible, but the writing was worse. Btw, I thought Muslim extremist terrorists didn't have promiscuous sex. Well, looks like the writers of this show did their homework.

As a 911 truther

I could definitely identify with the second part.

I'm a cool guy having sex with beatiful women while discussing 911 topics.

The first part with the kick in the groin scene didn't work that well...


Taken out of context, maybe not. Which Ghandi stage are we in again? Is it still the angry one, or are we in the stage where everyone accepts it as obvious? It's been difficult to tell these past few months.

Dude, that's scary. I hope

Dude, that's scary. I hope we as a society don't accept 9/11 as an inside job with sarcasm. 9/11 is a turning point. If we don't fix things soon then the Constitution will be over. It's being eroded but we can still use our 1st on this blog. People who were responsible need to go to jail, and new constitutional amendments need to be written.

Daricus, can you talk more about these Ghandi stages?

Sure bud.

Here are Gandhi's words on the subject. (according to wikipedia:)

"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win."

He was speaking of Satyagraha:
Satyagraha was a term Gandhi coined for his overall activist strategy. One literal translation would be "truth force"or rather "insistence upon the truth". Satya(the truth)+ Agraha(to insist upon)= Satyagraha.

* The fight of Satyagraha is for the strong in spirit, not the doubter or the timid. Satyagraha teaches us the art of living as well as dying.

* In the code of the Satyagrahi (one who practices Satyagraha), there is no such thing as surrender to brute force.

* In the dictionary of Satyagraha, there is no enemy.

* A Satyagrahi loves his so-called enemy even as he loves his friend. He owns no enemy.

* (When beginning a protest against the British rule of India, by breaking a law whereby Indians were not permitted to manufacture salt from seawater. Spoken after picking up a piece of raw salt from the seashore.) "With this salt I am shaking the foundations of the [British] empire".

I'm reminded of the meetings the Bush Administration held

....with groups of Hollywood execs post-9/11 to enlist their support in The Sham on Terror....with films like 93 and WTC and now this, I guess we're reaping the harvest of those seeds of propaganda......

The "mocking" is nicely detailed, however.....

Anyone else notice that the

Anyone else notice that the female can't keep a straight face when she is talking about the 'homing signal'?

I didn't pick up on it, only

I didn't pick up on it, only the really bad acting.

What'd you expect?

The whole series is predicated on the imminent threat posed to the US population by terrorist sleeper cells of the sort Atta supposedly headed... Of course they have to disparage the spectre of False Flag terrorism. If 9/11 was a false flag terror event- brought to you by the black-ops badasses in the military industrial complex (with or without the aid of other friendly foreign intelligence ops)- then the entire premise of Sleeper Cell is esssentially propagandistic.

So this scene is attempting to innoculate the viewer against entertaining alternative explanations for domestic terror events. Because, as we all know, once you start going down that road, you begin to view media and entertainment with a very jaundiced eye- and fare like "United 93", "World Trade Center" and "Sleeper Cell" all start to really piss you off. The more popular these alternative theories end up being, the less likely people will want to watch a series based (essentially) on the Official Theory of Domestic Terror.

Entertainment value

I can't remember what post I said it on but I said maybe a good way to bring 9/11 truth mainstream was it's great entertainment value. Really, no script writers are coming up with anything that can touch the bizarre really of the 9/11 event. Why fight it? It's already there, just transcibe it and make a bundle. Of course always with due respect for the innocent deceased.

…and education value

What if the script writers are actually sympathetic to 9/11 truth—or better yet, truth activists? The only way they could sneak it past the censors is exactly as they did: have it come out sarcastically from the mouth of terrorists. You gotta admit, there were significant details in that dialog. It just might get people thinking, talking, asking questions, doing their own research.

That’s the same tactic used by some truth reporters in the mainstream press: Couch your story as a hit piece, but keep putting the “loony” facts out there for people to read.

Any publicity is good publicity!

But if I really say it,
The radio won’t play it,
Unless I lay it
Between the lines.
—Peter, Paul & Mary

reviewed on NPR

heard this show reviewed on NPR a couple weeks ago - have never seen it but wrote to them asking where the paties and moles come in - they'd written it up as more realistic than "24" - dunno, never seen patsies there yet, but moles coming out of every crack, working for everyone from the Serbs to the POTUS, who was even himself a mole last season, taking daily orders from a rogue network. Imagine that? Of course, I don't expect to hear that discussed on NPR.

That really is some amazing dialog for a cable show!

It's basically 9/11 in a nutshell.

So was the pilot of "The

So was the pilot of "The Lone Gunmen", an X-Files spinoff in 2001. Thing is, it aired BEFORE 9/11.




BYERS SNR: What the hell are you doing? Why can't you stay out of this. Leave me buried.

BYERS: What is scenario 12-D?

BYERS: We know it's a war game scenario. That it has to do with airline counter-terrorism. Why is it important enough to kill for.

BYERS SNR: Because it's no longer a game.

BYERS: But if some terrorist group wants to act out this scenario, then why target you for assassination?

BYERS SNR: Depends on who your terrorists are.

BYERS: The men who conceived of it the first place. You're saying our government is planning to commit a terrorist act against a domestic airline?

BYERS SNR: There you go again. Blaming the entire government as usual. In fact, a small faction ...

BYERS: For what possible gain?

BYERS SNR: The Cold War's over, John. But with no clear enemy to stockpile against, the arms market's flat. But bring down a fully loaded 727 into the middle of New York City and you'll find a dozen tin-pot dictators all over the world just clamoring to take responsibility, and begging to be smart-bombed.

BYERS: I can't believe this. This is about increasing arms sales?

BYERS: When?

BYERS SNR: Tonight.


BYERS: Find anything?

BYERS SNR: Well the luggage hold's clear if this thing can be trusted. What did you do - make with your Erector Set?

BYERS: Are you absolutely sure this is the targeted flight?

BYERS SNR: This flight was chosen primarily for its visibility. It's schedule to pass over Manhattan on its way to Boston.

BYERS: You said they intend to bring this down in the middle of New York City?


BYERS: What if there is no bomb.

BYERS SNR: Well, how they going to bring it down?

BYERS: The same way a dead man can drive a car.


FROHIKE AND LANGLY: What do you mean, no bomb?

BYERS: Langly, I need you to hack into the airline's onboard navigation system. We need to know where we're headed.

FROHIKE: OK. Going to headsets.

FROHIKE: I'll clone the airphone's carrier. Make them think we're sending a ground-to-air fax.

LANGLY: Just get me on that plane and I'll get you auto-pilot access.

FROHIKE: How are you going to do that?

LANGLY: Airline telemetry systems use processors similar to those found in CB radios.

FROHIKE: I'm in. We've got ourselves a convoy.

BYERS: What's your progress.

LANGLY: I've hacked into the flight control system output.

FROHIKE: With a little bit of help.

LANGLY: It's what the brains of the plane is telling the little black box.

FROHIKE: Course, heading, attitude, hold, yaw, axis, stabilization . . . what? What the heck's that?

LANGLY: Is that what it looks like?

FROHIKE: I think it is what it looks like.

BYERS: What does "what" look like?

LANGLY: Modem protocol. Remote access. Somebody on the ground's flying your plane.

DOD OPERATOR: Bogey, sir.

HELM: Keep your course.

BYERS: We need to know our flight plan.

FROHIKE: I'm mapping the data now.

LANGLY: Byers. Your flight's going to make an unscheduled stop. In exactly 22 minutes.

FROHIKE: Corner of Liberty and Washington, Lower Manhattan.

BYERS: World Trade Center. They're going to crash it into the World Trade Center.

BYERS SNR: I'll tell the flight crew.

(World Trade Center)

BYERS: Langly, can you override the flight control system?

LANGLY: Working on it.

PILOT: What is this?

BYERS SNR: My name is Bert Byers. I work for the government. I believe this plane has been commandeered.

PILOT: Sir, passengers are not allowed in the cockpit. I need you to return to your seat now.

BYERS SNR: You don't have control of this plane and I don't know what we can do to get it back. Turn off your auto-pilot. There may be a chance we can override it.

PILOT: Sir, I'll be happy to contact your superiors in the government -

PILOT: Sir! Dammit!

CO-PILOT: He's right!

LANGLY: Dammit! Frozen again. They've encrypted the manual override commands.

FROHIKE: Well, decrypt them then.

LANGLY: I don't have enough power ...

LANGLY: ... my CPUs are pegged.

BYERS: Langly, what's happening?

LANGLY: I'll try decrypting in background mode.

BYERS: How long will that take?

LANGLY: On my calcs per sec? I estimate . . . seven to ten days.


PILOT: All right, try cutting electrical power.

BYERS SNR: They've thought of that. They've thought of everything.

PILOT: Ladies and gentlemen, this is your captain speaking. We are experiencing some, uh, technical difficulties up here. At this time we would like you all to return to your seats.

BYERS SNR: And kiss your asses goodbye.

BYERS: Langly, we're getting close.

LANGLY: I know. I know.

PILOT: New York Center? This is Atlantic National flight 265 heavy. We are declaring an emergency. We have 110 souls on board, 16,000 pounds of fuel, and no dangerous goods or cargo to report.

LANGLY: Come on, Frohike.

BYERS SNR: Your friends have failed, haven't they?

BYERS: There's still hope.

BYERS SNR: I hope my next funeral is as nice as my last one.

(Boeing 727 closing in on the WTC.)

(Pilot in the cockpit as the Boeing 727 approaches the WTC.)

BYERS: If we can't get the FBI we'll go public. With your testimony, we can break this conspiracy wide open. Bring Overlord down. The whole operation.

BYERS: Dad. What is it?

BYERS SNR: God, I see myself in you. The same youthful enthusiasm, idealism. I was so angry at you for so long because I didn't want you to waste your life tilting at windmills. But I can see now, you've got something I never had. You're a brave man, John.

BYERS: You're not going to testify. You're going to let them cover this up.

BYERS SNR: They almost killed me twice. They won't fail a third time. My silence will keep me alive. And you. I know you and your friends are fighting for the American dream. Just don't expect to win."


Killtown also has a page on this at

amazing how that worked out

amazing how that worked out huh? and on Ruperts network? what a surprise. The Lone Gunmen is actually a pretty good show though.



Ahhh. That is painfully bad acting. Of course, it is Showtime.

This is a disgrace. This is meant to make 9/11 theorists out to be a bunch of airheads....traitors who will believe anything. I didn't see the whole show, but I can see what the writers were doing. It's like in any horror movie - when the kids have immoral sex, they end up dying. Here we see a woman being fooled by the enemy into believing in "homing devices". What a crappy scene.

I always thought nobody ever discussed the plotline of Mission Impossible 3. The whole thing was about people in the government staging terror as a pretext to spreading democracy in the Middle East. That is a pretty serious plot for a Tom Cruise movie these days isn't it?

Hey! Showtime has the best TV show out right now... "Weeds"....

It is great.

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There was a very quick

There was a very quick reference to the WTC on Weeds once, where a character said "blown up", not "collapsed". :-)

fucking with people's brains

fucking with people's brains .. is what this is all about.

However, if you confuse people enough, they WILL ACTUALLY start to think for themselves... out of pure necessity.

We should start a website, and take ANY and EVERY shitty docudrama and make a contest in subtitiling it so that its is

- funny
- deconstructivist

JPG stills .. rmvb small download version ... subtitle database USER/time/text

so everyone can mix and match different users' subtitle-creations.. and the funniest concoction can be made with the simplest means.


fing w-ppl's breeaaaiiiinns

yes, mind control fer shure.
Slam the truth ea day
pwr 2 the ppl

redubbed Flight 93

This goes along the lines of the following video:

which is a redub of Flight 93, not just subtitled. Takes more effort, but it's a lot more fun.


fbi makes this shit up

This shitty Showtime crapola started a year or two ago. I remember hearing an interview where the producers were talking about how they had the FBI on for consulting to make it all real and shit I guess.

Contrast that with the recent video of FBI pencil dicks not knowing one thing about Al Quieda or the previous WTC bombings.

Remember folks, the Truth Movement is being mocked by a...... of FICTION here....


While it scores a few (very few) points for the 9/11 criminals in the subconscious of the audience; it is easily dismissed....Ho hum....

After all, with our prior experience with the Kean/Zelikow Report, we're used to fictional narrative being spewed out by these guys.....

Besides, "just how did Osama out smart all those agencies from a cave?" That question is planted again.

Your tax dollars hard at

Your tax dollars hard at work. If they can frame the 9/11 conspiracy elements in a nutty, 'knowing' way, it makes it easier for folks coming to these theories 'after' watching the show to dismiss the theories as crapola. Notice how the Sleeper Cell dialogue really nails what, for the most part, did probably happen. No point making theories up when some real ones need to be shot down asap. Take heart in the knowledge that this show is really for the 15% or so of the Zogby-measured popukace that doesn't yet know the Bush admin is lying about 9/11. I just bought the latest issue of THE COMICS JOURNAL (, an actually quite literate and smart periodical from Fantagraphics covering the comics/alt-comics field, and the editor noted in his brief summary of the comic 9/11 Commission Report that the official report was 'horseshit'...

Consider it dugg

And go: DIGG IT

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"HE will be the one..."

Is this indicative of the reasoning skills of debunkers in general? The name is "Col. Jenny Sparks" and you refer to "him"? Hard to believe you had your ass kicked by a girl?

Show "911blogger apparently does" by Responding Guy (not verified)

Sorry for the bad grammar

Sorry for the bad grammar there. I eagerly await my -4 points.

"Anyway, Col. Jenny Sparks

"Anyway, Col. Jenny Sparks is a comic character, not a real person. The reason I know this individual is a guy is because he told me so."


Show us all where I wrote that, please. This ought to be a giggle--or evidence of a typo on my part. And while you're at it explain why for two weeks, after alledgedly wondering who I was and where I came from it didn't occur to someone who has been using a computer for at least 4 years to Google my name until I all but walked you through the concept???

My two theories:

1: you are a very dumb disinfo agent who thought is was advantageous for whatever reason to pretend you hadn't Googled me from the get go.
2: you are our troll and you had to make it look like you would have no idea who I was and you had no skills to clarify the matter.

I go for troll--and why are you Responding Guy(not verified) now instead of 911Debunker-verified? Using one of those other computers of yours, don't want that IP tracked?

For the record when I have talked about this enquiry here, I HAVE qualified it was inconclusive. My evidence is, mostly, circumstantial. None the less your evasions on you "totally awesome journal" are suspicious. I'll let the lads and lasses decide:

You'll have to scroll down to find the right couple of clusters of comments, at "The Pentagon-conclusions" and "Operation Northwoods". There aren't many comments in between--hasn't really taken off.

Not that it matters. AS I told debunker, my interest begins and ends with the trolling. FYI-he was also at the Loose Change forum as MinnesotaLover. Some thought he was a troll there, too.

As for my gender, you'll find your rude foulmouthed mate "cilohabla" is the one who kept insisting I was a he--unless he's just a sock-puppet. That would explain why you might have been confused. Warning everyone, 911debunker is VERY tolerant of what he calls "different communication styles". This apparently includes homophobia and Holocaust denial. Don't take my word for it; look at the comments on his journal.

As a last note,911debunker, as I suggested to you on your "totally awesome journal" if I was in your posistion and I was innocent, not only would I have denied it IMMEDIATELY but I'd just go to the moderators at 911Blogger, give them my IP's and the matter would have been at an end--a week and a half ago.

Well, the inquiry continues, and as I have said on you "totally awesome journal"(told you you'd never live that down) you know how to contact me when you're ready to negotiate. Better yet, you can contact our moderators.

"Bugger this; I want a better world."

And for your further

And for your further consideration, gentle readers, observe the time since these last handful of posts and the "silence of the trolls".

Isn't this just the thing they'd want to mock if I was SO off base? As if he/they don't want their IP's anywhere near "911debunker" or "Responding Guy" to be checked?

Just a thought. I'm off to the gym now--be good.

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

That's funny, I just sent my

That's funny, I just sent my IP address to the administrators, which I already told you btw. And I'd still like to talk to you in real time on some form of chat, whichever you prefer.

"And I'd still like to talk

"And I'd still like to talk to you in real time on some form of chat, whichever you prefer."

This is the first time you have EVER suggested such a thing--and fortunately anyone can confirm that at your "totally awesome journal"(okay, I'll give that a rest--but it is funny). Unless you just posted something like that TODAY.

If you've given your IP to our admins I'm surprised considering what you said here:

2006-12-12 02:31 pm UTC (link)
That's not a negotiation; that's a demand. And since I'm not the person who left these trolling comments, I won't do these things.<<<

This in response to my post:

>>>"I will answer promptly--when you are ready to negotiate. Since you can't re-read my comments above for some strange reason I'll quote what's on the table right now:

1: a confession -here at this journal.
2: after this you will email our moderators with an appology and a guarantee you'll never do it again.
3: enclosed will be the IP of every computer used to troll our site.

Now stop acting like my bleeding mum.<<<

And I notice you can't dig up where I allegedly told you I was a man--LOL.

So, 911debunker(verified user), Responding Guy(unverified) and now 911debunker(unverified)--so is there a team of you and someone forgot to tell the others the password?

As for the face-to-face, you had your chance, mate, Monday 12/4 at Powell's and you didn't show. Tells me all I need to know.

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

I don't even know what

I don't even know what Powells is. Is that even in Minnesota?

Sign up for AIM and get yourself a screen name. It's free. IM me at Fasthands26 at any time. This is getting absolutely ridiculous.

So, I thought you emailed

So, I thought you emailed our moderater's and this is all about to be sorted imminently. Which means, assuming this is true and you are really innocent, WE have nothing further to discuss.

Any day now I should be getting an email from the moderators to the effect of: "Thanks, Jenny, for all your work but this guy totally can't be our troll(s)."

Or: "Thanks, Jenny, but it's inconclusive--keep us updated on what else you can find out."

Or: "Thanks, Jenny, this is the little shite(s), but do nothing further--we have our own plans for the tosser(s)."

And my favorite: "Thanks, Jenny, but it's moot--once the site is updated all anonymous/unverified users will be banned." HINT, HINT.

As of 7:30 PDT I have heard nothing. I have no reason to go back to your journal until I do or you decide to confess.

So why are you trying to get me to go back and talk to you, sunbeam? Bizzarre much...

You didn't answer my

You didn't answer my question. What's Powell's?

And for the millionth time, I have nothing to confess to. Am I MinnesotaLover? Yes, I am. Did I say that my journal was "super awesome"? Yes, I did. (it wasn't "totally", it was "super") Am I the troll at this journal? No, I am not.

Fasthands26. Sign up for AIM and send me a message. That will probably happen after you waste the administrator's time following my IP with these comments.

i think its pretty clear

i think its pretty clear whats going on here. trying to frame it to look like the only people who would question 9/11 are terrorists. this tired old tactic wont work.

Yeah, that's what it looks like...

The 9/11 Truth Movement is one giant sleeper cell. lol.

I know there was some propaganda being spit out in the mainstream a while back relating to an alleged foiled terrorist plot. It was mentioned, among other things, that the so called culprits watched 9/11 conspiracy videos.

Is this really a sad attempt to make anyone who questions 9/11 appear as a terrorist in the public eye?

Congratulations fella's, we're been promoted from Loons or Kooks to Terrorists!

Oh boy.

This is what...

...Alex Jones is saying on today's show.

This is just creepy.

This is just creepy.

Part of what this does

Is make some people think-- "Well, if they can get away with saying this on TV, it must be because it's false--because if it were true, it would be on the news, not on this TV show. Ergo, I will not dare look into whether it may or may not be true."

At the same time, you'll note that they didn't say "And how about those dancing Israelis, huh? Documenting the event, my ass!"

I agree with the poster who said that the more they confuse people the more people will have to make an effort to sort things out.


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero - Harvard Task Force


lol @ the israelis

hollywood would have none of that...

it's much easier to blame it on "bush, cheney, guiliani"...etc, which is far too myopic in scope in my opinion.

and besides, don't you see it? Controlled Demolition, Pentagon Whatzit, and "Bush Regime engineered it"...

Those are the "controlled topics of discussion"...

Will they bring up Sibel Edmonds, the 911 Commission's failings and conflicts of interest?, etc...

Hell no.

This is just a distraction and a psychological assault. Nothing more.

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this show has so many levels

this show has so many levels of propaganda its baffling.

ive never seen a single fictional show with this much, it blows away 24 for the amount of propaganda.

here is my review of Sleeper Cell when i first saw it (over a year ago, its in its second season now) posted to IMDB....

"The strangest thing about Sleeper Cell is if you only see one episode you will have a completely warped perspective on what political message the show is trying to send.

let me give an example, the first episode made the al queda sleeper cell to appear extremely non descript, 2 fluent naturally English speaking Arabic men, 3 Caucasian men, and 1 African American Muslim. The goal of the show at first seemed to be "lets scare the Sh*t" out of the American public by making them even more paranoid about terrorists than they already are. The terrorist cell acted like the Joe pesci, deniro, and Ray liotta in Goodfellas. In the first episode they confront a fellow member by burying him up to his head in sand and stoning him to death for bragging to his friends about their planned attack. To me it was even more charactered than a Mafia movie.

So my thoughts were after the first episode were "Wow this is definitely some sort of anti Muslim, scare American, propaganda show"

but i was extremely surprised that in a following episode the political message seemed to completely 180.

A young Muslim boy from Afghanistan comes to America hoping to be recruited to the sleeper cell. Through out the episode we learn that he was wrongly accused of being a terrorist by the American, when he was actually a farmer in Afghanistan. His rival neighbor had sold him and his family out to the American army for a large cash reward. You then follow his story to the Abu Garib prison where he was tortured over and over again until he admitted he was an Al queda member. Upon his release, by this time he had harbored so much hatred against America that now he actually wanted to commit terrorism The episode almost tried to make you sympathize with this character for "the Americans turning him into a terrorist".

very strange show indeed, although sometimes very campy and hard to take seriously, this show still makes me paranoid, question the war on terror, and realize that a terrorist attack either real or hoaxed can happen at any time"

it seems try to play both sides (the left and right) to create a sense of paranoid fear in the viewer. And it does a damn good job of it (mostly because of the obvious see through propaganda)

I think this would be a

I think this would be a better script:

"Every time we have sex, it's like taking the shoot down orders out of the hands of the military, then putting millions of dollars of put options on AA and UA, then hauling all of the rubble of the World Trade Center away as fast as possible, running scams with the mortgages and insurance of the WTC, paying off magazines to do hitpieces, running COINTELPRO programs on the web, murdering the victims families in their homes, running drills to prevent detection, threatening FBI agents not to peruse terrorists, getting John O'Neill a job at the WTC then appointing Henry Kissenger to cover everything up.

I should write for Showtime

This clip is out of context.

This clip is out of context. Watch the whole show here:

dude chokes that girl out in episode 3 or 4

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The female in this clip is

The female in this clip is not Mina.