Two 9/11 Eyewitnesses Interviewed on TV are Lawyers for President Bush

Did the General Counsel of the firm that manages George Bush's money and signs his tax returns telephone Bryant Gumbel on the morning of 9/11 and sell the official story as an "eyewitness" from his office in Rockefeller Center? has an interesting profile of 9/11 "eyewitness" Richard Davis and his obvious attempt to sell the official story to the public.

As it turns out, this supposed eyewitness to the first and second WTC strikes was previously partner at a law firm that manages multi-billion dollar oil and gas deals. As if that is not enough, the eyewitness appears to be the chief lawyer at the firm that manages the "blind trust" that contains the bulk of the Bush family fortune.

"George Bush chose Bessemer Trust, a blueblood firm where the average account is $22 million. Ronald Reagan turned to a tight group of millionaire businessmen."

Is it a mere coincidence that the lawyer who represented Gerorge W Bush in the battle for the presidency in 2000 is the Solicitor General of the United States who called CNN to tell a story about hijackers with boxcutters? Is it also a coincidence that the lawyer who manages the Bush Family fortune just happened to call in to Bryant Gumbel on the morning of September 11th to sell the story that planes "very deliberately" attacked the World Trade Centers? In his statements to Gumbel, he makes claims about things that he could not possibly know, such as the condition of the airplanes used in the attacks. Listen to the conversation between Gumbel and Davis and decide for yourself.

This appears to be yet another piece of smoking gun evidence directly linking George Bush to the 9/11 attacks.

What happens if we lose the rule of law?

"Probably all laws are useless, for good men do not want laws at all, and bad men are made no better by them." - Demonax

and the worst men

and the worst men think they are above the law

Curt Weldon: CIA, FBI 'Out of Control'

Curt Weldon: CIA, FBI 'Out of Control'

/////Weldon has been in Congress since 1986, and was re-elected in 2004 with 59 percent of the vote. After a televised FBI raid on his daughter's townhouse on Oct. 16, Weldon dropped like a rock in the polls.

"I was exceptionally disappointed, and that is being charitable in terms of my response," Mueller told the Senate Judiciary Committee on Thursday, referring to the leaks in the "Weldon matter."

"It is unfair in advance of an election; but, as importantly to us, it adversely affected the investigation," Mueller said.\\\\\

/////Also significant, Weldon believes, was a contribution from Mary McCarthy, a senior CIA official forced to resign just 10 days from retirement in April on allegations she had leaked highly-classified information to The Washington Post that helped expose the existence of CIA secret prisons for terrorists.

"The CIA is out of control," Weldon said. "They are not leaking for the good of the country, or out of national security concerns, but purely to satisfy a personal agenda."

Weldon believes he became a top target of the national Democratic Party because of his investigations into Clinton-era national security scandals, including the sell-off of military technology to communist China. He further cooled his relationship with the Democratic Party after asserting that before 9/11, the Able Danger intelligence program identified Mohamed Atta and other 9/11 hijackers as possible members in al-Qaida. \\\\\

is this going to make the MSM?

do you think/////// we are

do you think/////// we are fools?/////// you obvious douchebag..........(ps, is a neocon site that only believes "conspiracy theories" that hurt the demcratic party. they are partisan shills sort of like you which is why i suspect you read it.)

Why do you feel it necessary to call people names?

That's what we're fighting against when they call us "conspiracy theorists". Why do you want to play that game?


I was the one who posted that.... I read newsmax for the same reason I watch FOX News.... so I can see what these assbags are writing or saying.

I thought this was a very interesting article.... from our point of view

Let's be civil

It does'nt do us truthers any good to argue amongust ourselves,or to resort to profanity or insults.
Think of those who come to this site to learn,and then see childlike name calling.
Shills or not they would thrive on having us argue and fight .Please just ignore them and use the minus points system if you disagree.
Let's concentrate on getting all the awesome questions we have....(FACTS) to the American public.
P.S.....I guess it's still cool to bash FOX

sorry JJJames.

my fault, i thought you were the Anonymous troll that uses backslashes all the time and jumped down your throat. i get your point about wanting to "know your enemy" by watching Fox etc. i do it too. interesting article, but consider the source, they take great pains to protect any republican from the same type of charges. though i do kind of think the FBI sank Weldon at least in part because of his Able Danger work. again JJJames, sorry, it was a case of mistaken identity and was uncalled for.

An "eyewitness" from his office in Rockefeller Center?

You can't see much, if anything, of what's going on at ground zero from Rockefeller Center.

I am totally amazed. my

I am totally amazed.

my theory (on WHO DID 911) demands that there are many cynical insiders and many blind-followers-who-do-as-told.

Even if you are not in the holy inner circle.. you could gain benefits by "helping the mafia"

Imagine you are a capitalist scum-fuck and you are told the hot gossip at one of the many business-conspire-against-the-public session in your favourite mafia-restaurant.. Gossip that the towers will be attacked, and it will be blamed on muslims, and business will be great after that. You will be told that this is FOR REAL and that THE LATEST TECHNOLOGY will be employed TO DO AMAZING TRICKS.

Wouldn't you try to crawl into the arses of the perps to get the BIG MONEY DEALS after the "attackes"? Just a little phone call to affirm the "official version"

Or maybe he had a private TV channel (the same that Shrub was watching "before they went in" the kindergarten room) ... and he saw the fake CGI plane?

"737 or Airbus"

this is a giveaaway.

Anyone who knows those two types of aeroplanes will also know 757 and 767 and (s)he will know that they are very COMMON in the skies (in 2001)...

737 are not as common AND LOOK VERY DIFFERENT.

Dick Davis intenionally named the wrong aircraft types, to avoid the appearance of being an insider.

If you listen closely to the Reporter asking him... to me it sounds as if the reporter SUSPECTS THE INTERVIEWEE IS "IN ON IT" he "knows what kind of evil elite-fuckward he is talking to".

Analyse the tiny hesitations and you get more clues ... THIS GUY IS ACTING (badly!)

To the author:

THANKS for being so perceptive. A very very good find.

I suggest we make a database of PERSONS WHO ARE INVOLVED WITH 911... and start giving them ratings based on their behaviour AT EACH MINUTE OF THE DAY and afterwards.

Hmmm.. this database, if kept free of smut, could crack it.


Hell... just think about all the people who more than double their money on Halliburton since 9/11.... I can guarantee all those people are willing deniers.

They are making a mint off this war... thus they support the war... they have to.

they have bought into this in more than one way