Visibility 9-11 Welcomes Ellen Mariani

Ellen Mariani


Visibility 9-11 welcomes special guest, Ellen Mariani, wife of Neil Mariani who was aboard United Flight 175 which was flown into the South Tower of the World Trade Center on September 11th, 2001. Click here for a special tribute web page I built for Ellen on our old Colorado 9-11 Visibility website. Click here to read the poem Ellen wrote to Neil, Three Kisses, mentioned in the interview. Click here to read Ellen's open letter to George Bush.

Her letter to Bush is basically LIHOP, but that's okay, IMO

LIHOP opens the general publics eyes to the fact that the "government version" is absurd, and it quickly leads them to MIHOP after the some of the shock wears off.

LIHOP may be a point of entry for MIHOP

Let's not dismiss the strategic possibilities of LIHOP. Who knows where an investigation could lead once LIHOP is engaged? Perhaps it leads to MIHOP? Let us not forget that what we are advocating here (9/11 Truth) has only the slightest possibility of succeeding, given the corporate media blackout and the effect that has on public opinion.

To find a thread somewhere, anywhere, and to start tugging on it would be a victory of sorts. Then, who knows, maybe that thread unravels the rest of the criminal knot?

Good interview, Michael.

Good interview, Michael. Ellen, you're a pisser! You should be on radio programs every day. Thank you for your good fight

I gained new insights into the two distinct victims' compensation funds and the gag orders that accompanied the government's version. When that thread is unravelled, it leads to further complicity and culpability. I doubt most Americans know this part of the story. Follow the money!