William Rodriguez to Receive Good Karma Humanitarian Award of 2006

William Rodriguez to Receive Good Karma Humanitarian Award of 2006 for Saving Hundreds of Lives on September 11

William Rodriguez was the last person to exit the North Tower alive on September 11th and now he is being honored with the Good Karma Humanitarian Award of 2006 for his brave rescue efforts and continued advocacy for the victims of that fateful day.

Rodriguez, who worked as a janitor at the Word Trade Center for 20 years has inspired thousands around the globe by telling his personal story of heroism under extreme pressure. Not only did he single-handedly rescue fifteen (15) people from the WTC, but since he was the only person with the master key to the North Tower stairwells he led firefighters up the building, unlocking doors as they ascended, aiding in the successful evacuation of unknown hundreds.

If that wasn't enough, Rodriguez re-entered the Towers three times to help rescue people and survived the North Tower's collapse by diving beneath a fire truck. After receiving medical attention for his injuries, he then spent the rest of the day as a volunteer rescuing the injured and came back the next day to continue his heroic efforts.

The Humanitarian Award of 2006 is being given by Good Karma Public Relations, a small firm dedicated to raising awareness and providing low cost PR services for people and non profit organizations that give back to their communities - thus making the world a better place to live.

"I am really touched that someone thought enough of me to award me with some more Good Karma," says Rodriguez. "I already feel so lucky to be alive. I only did what I thought was the right thing and that was to save as many lives as possible. Many of my closest friends perished that day and I only wish I could have saved more people."

In addition to helping raise millions of dollars for the victims of 9/11 and their families, Rodriguez is also asking the government some very serious questions about gaps in the official story. He claims that he heard and felt a huge explosion in the basement levels below him before the plane hit the top of the building.

He was also vocal in calling for an immediate investigation and testified behind closed doors to the 9/11 Commission. Unfortunately his testimony was "omitted" from the final report. Despite the fact that his story was kept out of the official record, he continues to speak out to this day.

Thanks Elizabeth for the heads up!


This is wonderful for Mr. Rodriguez! I am glad to see this award go to him. Hopefully this will also open more eyes as to what our government did as they look into William's story.

If ever there was someone

If ever there was someone who deserves it, Mr. rodriguez is the man. Imagine him winning this award for his heroic actions on 911 compared to some creep like George Tenet recieving Medal of Freedom for his supposed Intelligence FAILURE. Whatever, this government grows more illegitimate everyday. I have an idea: Mr. Rodriguez for President!

Way to go William!

It's kind of silly, but to me the only person that deserves the Wayne's World "We're not worthy!" treatment is William Rodriguez. How many people have been as heroic as him, made such an incredible difference in the world?

He deserves every damned award he gets.

"but since he was the only

"but since he was the only person with the master key to the North Tower stairwells he led firefighters up the building, unlocking doors as they ascended, aiding in the successful evacuation of unknown hundreds."

This gave me the willies. If true it means more people were expected to die. Yeah, the firefighters could have broken down the doors--but that would have taken time, time we know they didn't have.


Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

Incompetent or monstrous?

0855 AM: An announcement is made over the South Tower's public address system: "Your attention please, ladies and gentlemen. Building 2 (the South Tower) is secure. There is no need to evacuate Building 2…" The message reflects the prevailing theory that emergency evacuations from high-rise buildings pose more dangers than having people stay put. A man with a megaphone in the 44th floor sky lobby tells those leaving to return to their offices. Many people who were evacuating go back upstairs. A very few minutes before the South Tower is hit, a woman who was on her way out of the building is last seen by her friends as she turns away from a half-empty elevator and heads back to her upper-story office to retrieve some pictures of her baby.

If I'm ever in a high rise

If I'm ever in a high rise and there is an explosion of ANY sort nearby, for ANY reason, I'm pissing off--and God help the fool who tries to stop me.

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

All the people in the South

All the people in the South Tower who were told to go back to their desks were likely sent to their deaths to eliminate wittnesses. Impeach! Indict! Throw in jail!

Bravo, William !

Everything I have seen and heard of William Rodriquez speaks well of him. It is good to know that good people with high ideals and standards still live in this world.

When Alex Jones gave an introduction to Mr. Rodriquez a tthe LA symposium last June, Alex said that William was lauded by the president and Hillary Clinton and many big wigs in D.C., but when William started talking loud and clear and continuously about the explosions in the basement that were about 50 seconds before the plane hit the building, that all the big wigs dropped him like a hot potato.

He was down and out and living under a bridge with no money at all. He now has become re-etablished as far a his living means and he is traveling overseas with his message. Also, he took over as the complainant in the huge law suit of Ms. Mariani. That is a very good action on this part.

William has amicably parted company with a person who aided him when he was down and out - Jimmy Walters. They parted ways because Mr. Walters is now speking for the "no planes" idea at every speaking engagment and Mr. Rodriquez does not want himself and his message to be associated with that idea.

I always like what Mr. Rodriquez answers when he is asked if he is not afraid for his life for speaking out so boldly about 9-11. Mr. Rodriquez says he figures he is now living on borrowed time. It is a miracle of God that he is still alive, so he has decided to remember that his life is always and totally in God's hands.

Blessings from Dachsie in Austin.

Still Blown Away

I'm still amazed that they didn't come out right away and say that there may have been secondary devices planted by the terrorists in the parking garages below the WTC?

They could have covered their asses in so many ways with one simple lie..... Why did they not admit that this collapse was aided by something else... could have put to rest all the talk about explosions before the collapses?

This just doesn't make and sense to me?....

I also don't understand why people supporting the government explaination..... still deny eyewitness testimony.... news reports.... almost everything pointing to any explosions....