9/11 Car Decals on the Road

One of our users submitted the above image to us this evening. He had the above decals created by Fast Signs for $45 dollars.

I wanted to submit my recent photo's I had made at Fast Signs for 45 bucks. I've gotten some great feedback so far. I was hoping the posting of these pic's might generate some other's to continue a push in this direction.

Big thanks to Brad for this submission!

that is uber cool. i NEED

that is uber cool.

i NEED some of those.

it is every person duty to get one of these if you actually want a re-investigation. We will become driving propaganda outlets. It wont just be the drive through on the net anymore.

pun intended.

Westfield America


Show "DISINFORMATION ABOUT SEPT 11" by Anonymous (not verified)

Ownership, Control, and Insurance of The World Trade Center

David Beamer and the Pentagon

EMC's Legato Software, whose chief operating officer is Todd Beamer's father David, is awarded a $4.3 million Pentagon contract.


MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Dec. 15, 2003

LEGATO Software, the leader in open software for Information Management, today announced it received a $4.3 million competitive award for business continuance and availability solutions from the Pentagon Renovation Office (PENREN), a large-scale initiative to modernize the Department of Defense's IT infrastructure. PENREN supports many agencies within the Pentagon, including the Office of the Secretary of Defense, Joint Chiefs of Staff, Army, Navy, Air Force and the Marine Corps.





truth911.net is by far the best place to send people. i like those other sites a lot, but that's not what you average internet surfer wants to see. they wanna see a cool like site with rad videos, as well as all the information. people these days don't like to read much, don't know if u guys know that.

Digg it:

Bumper stickers

You can buy bumper sticker paper at any office supply. It's actually 8 by 11 paper with a pealable stickum back. I've been making my own for quite a while. Some examples [9//11 was a False flage event] [The war against Iraq is a crime] [World trade center buildings 1,2,and 7 Contolled demolition.
Each sheet will make 2 or 3 stickers. I have only had one time in the last couple of years when I had any negative reaction. And it was a simple matter of being flipped off.

I have a "Take the red

I have a "Take the red pill...Loosechange2" license plate frame and would love one of these large window decals...but i live in socal, so its not really worth it---not too many english speakers here...

get it in spanish then...

get it in spanish then... :D

As far as I know, socal is still in the US! 

Captain Obvious

¡Escríbalo en español!

Tome la píldora roja ...

Tome la píldora roja ... Loosechange911.com




¿qué realmente sucedió?

abra de nuevo la investigación 911

¡haga pregunta, respuestas de la demanda!

911 eran un trabajo interior

911 = opperation del gobierno

'Trabajo interior'

I wonder, is 'trabajo interior' a too literal translation of 'inside job'? Is this expression actually used in Spanish, or do Spanish-speakers have some other phrase to express the same idea?

ropa interior = underwear

trabajo interior sounds weird, yes. like work done on the inside of a house.

I've seen "complot interno" used, but frankly spanish speakers in the US might find this a bit hoity toity. Every different Latino group depending on nationality probably has some good slang for something like this so best to ask a local. Also, Latinos in the US may be accustomed to reading about 9/11 as 11-S (onze septiembre)

Of course the term inside job is disputed within the movement since the dancing Israelis were not insiders.

11-S un acto de traicíon

might be a good one (9/11 an act of treason)

Arríba la verdad!!

V.V. (RT)


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ask questions, demand answers

Haga preguntas, exíja respuestas! But doesn't roll very well...

Of course you could always direct them to


which is my spanish language version... :)

A shame my site seems to be persona non grata on the list to our left here--not sure why that is... :(


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bumper stickers

I made a bunch of Endless War with the endless ribbon (found them on Freeway Blogger's site)


I've been putting them on buses, taxis, & cop cars!


Hopefully this will get those weak minded naaa sayers (sp) to at least look at the evidence before they open their mouths. I love the ones who want to critique the evidence without viewing it.

Well Done!!!

One problem with these 2

One problem with these 2 window stickers.

The owners of these 2 sites, Pentagonreasearch.com (Russel Pickering)and wtc7.net (Jim Hoffman), they BOTH believe a 757 hit the pentagon. Makes you wonder who really posted this photo.


So what?

No one will REALLY understand what happened that day until we get a new investigation. If those websites will get people asking questions, well, that's the point!

The photo's were posted /

The photo's were posted / choosen for just that reason...to get people looking. Peek their curiosity with a short easy to remember site like wtc7.net and the other that does have extensive easy to follow research for the novice. The concern for putting anything with 911 in the web link, etc... 911truth, 911blogger, physics911, etc... is when people see 911 they either have a pre conceived notion (and roll their eyes...and then shut down) that it's from a "conspiracy nut," or they know already about the real truth. The goal wasn't to reach the one already aware. The goal was to nudge the people either on the fence post or those who have never looked at this topic. To peek the curiousity of those who haven't looked. This doesn't offend because it stays away from 911 in the url address.... but still get's the point across. If anyone know of a better site that combines great info...without using 911 in the url address, let me know. I'll be back at Fast Signs tomorrow.

food for thought

excellent point... wtc7.net

excellent point...

wtc7.net is pound for pound the best all around website for accurate raw data concerning 9/11.

For those unsure about the whole pentagon/plane issue, guess what?  Its gonna be that way until we get a real investigation going, get used to it being contentious.

Pique there interest without setting off a knee-jerk reaction is always a good method to raise awareness. 

Show "Best???" by Killtown

wtc7.net is about WTC 7.

wtc7.net is about WTC 7. Argueably the one aspect of 9/11 that turns people around about the truth of that day.


No mention of Flight 93, Pentagon, etc...

911research.wtc7.net does have information about Flight 93 - ending with the crash:


At 10:06 AM, Flight 93 was apparently shot down near Somerset, PA. The official story that it was flown into the ground as a result of a struggle to control the cockpit is contradicted by the reports of eyewitnesses on the ground, as well as the phone call attributed to Edward Felt.

The crash site, in a reclaimed strip mine, comprised a central debris field and several smaller debris fields some distance away. One of the engines was found over half a mile away from the main field. 7 Other debris fields were found 2, 3, and 8 miles away. This evidence is virtually impossible to reconcile with the official story.

No mention of this Might Zorlack :D

Ultimately it concludes Flight 93 was shot down - http://911research.wtc7.net/planes/analysis/flight93/index.html

And an interesting read as well concerning "DISINFORMATION" around Flight 93 is here : http://911review.com/errors/phantom/flight93.html 


wtc7.net = 911review.com

and there debunking of 93 not crashing:


is appalling! The say "it left a crater with shrapnel, so it 'must' have crashed there"!!!

Why did they not mention the lack of fire damage to the grass outside the crater???


Focus on the botched crash scene at Shanksville.

Would that indicate the

Would that indicate the plane was or was not shot down?

His theory encompasses all of the evidence, The passengers got control of the plane and was shot down to eliminate the possibility of their 9/11 LIE from being exposed. They did have a qualified pilot as one of the passengers.

If true, would give a short list of military pilots that were part of wargames... To be questioned and cross checked.

<edit: does not dovetail> Which btw, dovetails with the Mineta Testimony... Chain of command points DIRECTLY at Cheney...</edit>

That whole "Cleveland Airport" thing sounds like a cover story to me...

If the above is true, that

If the above is true, that Flight 93 was shot down, that would mean 9/11 was only 3/4ths successful.  What would have been the 4th target? Probably the Capital.  Purely speculating here but I think the anthrax attack was plan B to get thePatriot Act passed and allow the perps time and a cover story to get any planted explosives out of the building...

That missing 3 minutes of

That missing 3 minutes of audio from the flight recorders would seal this up... although I suspect it has been permanently destroyed...

"FBI spokesman John Collingwood has explained their refusal to release the transcript to those who had relatives on the plane, saying, "While we empathize with the grieving families, we do not believe that the horror captured on the cockpit voice recording will console them in any way." That decision was made after FBI Director Robert Mueller listened to the tape."

source: http://911research.wtc7.net/cache/disinfo/deceptions/phildaily_whathiding.html 

I think John was telling the truth. 

"Makes you wonder who really

"Makes you wonder who really posted this photo."

No, it doesn't. Just because not everyone's gotten it right yet means they're purposely getting it wrong.

A better and more to the

A better and more to the point sticker would be "911 Was An Inside Job"

Show "URLs have most disinfo per pixel" by Anonymous (not verified)

Would Jim Hoffman support

Would Jim Hoffman support this endorsement?

How does pointing out the

How does pointing out the truth - that both stickers have sites that state a 757 hit the pentagon - cause a "-2" point rating? Where is the logic?

"Where is the logic?" Oh,

"Where is the logic?"

Oh, you understand; it's the same logic behind " I will not pick a name and continue to confuse people".

My new policy when I see a series of more than 3 anonymous posts in a row is to start skimming. You lot know better by now.

As to the topic of discussion, excellent work! Much better visability wise than a bumper sticker.

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.


I live in the twilight zone of Memphis TN and I've been driving with a '911blogger.com Why did WTC7 fall?' sign on my car to counteract the 'w' stickers still on many cars here.

Don't forget

The John Kerry and now Obama/Hillary zombies need to be awakened just as much as the 'W' drones.

How far do you have to read in Russ' site before

it's obvious 9/11 was an inside job?


Focus on the botched crash scene at Shanksville.

Can we please forget about

Can we please forget about the Pentagon already?

It's not neccesary to even go there to show USG complicity .

The 'what hit the Pentagon' meme is almost certainly disinfo. I suspect we'll see footage soon.

c'mon folks.....don't fall into this trap, please....

Don't forget about it - just reframe it

NOTHING should have hit the Pentagon.


Nice one, YT. Personally I

Nice one, YT.

Personally I do not believe a JUMBO JET hit the Pentagon for a variety of reasons I had LONG before I saw anything like "In Plane Sight"( anyone who says I'm a victim of disinfo is asking for a kicking) I do believe it was an aircraft of some sort--but, as you say, it really doesn't matter as NOTHING should have hit the Pentagon.

BTW, does anyone know if, as a result of 911, there are new defense protocols for the Pentagon? It would be bollocks of course, but one would expect them to "pretend" they hunted down a problem that they then "fixed".

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

Don't let any of the critics

Don't let any of the critics get you down Brad, great job!

thank you! May not have

thank you! May not have been the perfect message...but a message nonetheless.... Tired of doing nothing!

Next weeks sticker: WTC7 =

Next weeks sticker: WTC7 = WTF

media coverage

The last paragraph of this article from The Ashland Daily Tidings:

The bigger question

With the growing numbers of Americans wondering "Why Iraq?" it is only a matter of time that we will once again ask the more potent question of "Why 9/11?" And once lawmakers and media begin to call for a truly independent investigation of the crimes committed before, during and after September 11, 2001, we will begin to see an age-old alliance emerge where presidents and those charged with leading secret operations under the authority of the executive branch will square off against the American people in a war of wills. And the answer to the question "Why?" will simply be, "You, the American people, do not have a need to know."



more clear w/ this punctuation


am i the only one...

who thinks the photo there is a photoshop? and that this post is just an ad for overpriced stickers? sorry to be a curmudgeon but it just reminds me of a cafe press "mock up"--the words don't look like they are actually stuck on a curved surface.


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The curvature is odd but I

The curvature is odd but I took a look at the image in photoshop and you can see the reflection of the letters in surface of the backwindow (where the red-brake light is mounted)...

Looks more like the upper sticker is curved to fit the curvature of front windows - much like import car decals...

- and fast signs is a fairly large company - with tons of locations (think kinkos but signs) - I doubt they are trolling for a quick buck here :D


you may be right...

i may be crazy. :)


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Loose Change Forums

Do Loose Change Forums work for you guys ??
I can't login

no wonder they anthraxed him......

Leahy vows to fight Bush, guard U.S. privacy rights

Thomas Ferraro
Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The incoming Democratic chairman of the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee promised on Wednesday to combat what he denounced as President George W. Bush's war-time trampling of American rights.

"We have a duty to repair real damage done to our system of government over the last few years," Sen. Patrick Leahy of Vermont said in outlining his panel's agenda for the 110th, Democratic-led Congress, which is set to convene on January 4.
"Americans' privacy is a price the Bush administration is willing to pay for the cavalier way it is spawning new databanks. But privacy rights belong to the people, not to the government," Leahy said.


Personally, I

really like front-page stories on creative ways people are doing 9/11 activism.


David Duke in the Situation Room happening now...

A really fascinating interview by Blitzer on CNN with David Duke. Duke challenges Blitzer and CNN as being an agent to AIPAC and more. If someone has access to this video, youtube or otherwise, you may want to see it for yourself.

and no doubt they're discussing holocaust "denial" too!

David Duke would be nobody were it not for the MSM that digs him up any time they want a Jerry Springer moment. So since David Duke says Wolf Blitzer is an AIPAC shill it can't possibly be true. That's what they're hoping people will think anyway. I tend to think that sick people like David Duke are used by the elites to prevent regular folk from agreeing with anything they say. So, Wolfie needs a credibility boost? Have him go tete a tete with the former grand master of the Ku Klux Klan, an otherwise nobody redneck who no one would give a rat's ass about. Thank you CNN!! GOOD WORK!


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"So since David Duke says

"So since David Duke says Wolf Blitzer is an AIPAC shill it can't possibly be true."

Umm, bad logic, not funny.

ummm, not a joke

Wolf Blitzer couldn't be shillier if he dipped himself in shill sauce.

I wonder if Wolf will be interviewing the orthodox rabbis who are attending Iran's holocaust conference with Davie Boy. Or would that just raise too many weird questions for Americans to grapple with?

I saw pictures where they are embracing the president of Iran--who hates Jews? Give me a break. You can pretend that there are no Jews who dislike Israel and believe the holocaust was exaggerated but you would be deceiving yourself.

What is your position on them, I wonder--on the al Qaeda payroll? KKK? Or let me guess-self hating! Of course, how could I forget! They must be on this great site: http://www.masada2000.org/shit-list.html


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Hard to get shillier than Wolf Blitzkrieg

Remember, too, that before goint to CNN, he worked for the Jerusalem Post.

I did not know that!

Ew... I'm on the JP list... here's something I got recently. Notice that this message is not in fact about stopping anti-Israel propaganda in the media (like what??) but about helping to encourage anti-Iran propaganda. I wonder if a similar campaign was waged before the Iraq War? Notice the phrase at the end about "our global Jewish family". What the F?? There's a global Jewish family? That sounds like they're accusing Jews of being one big family, that should pull together to benefit the nation of Israel. Hello? If I were to suggest that, you see, Jews consider themselves as a global family that must pull together to defend Israel right or wrong--what nasty things would I be accused of? Remember, these appeals go out with one intention--to facilitate the crimes of the Israeli state. Not separating the concept of Jews and Judaism from the state of Israel is a recipe for disaster, and isn't it interesting that the people who do it constantly are Zionists and Neo-Nazis, and pretty much no one else?

From: "The Jerusalem Post"
Subject: Help stop anti-Israel propaganda in the media

The Israel Project

Supporter of Israel,

Here’s a quote from Ahmadinejad that
appeared in the New York Times. We need your help
now more than ever to educate the media and help
strengthen Israel’s image. Please send your contribution
of $250, $180, $100, $60, $36 or even $18 TODAY to
help us fight anti-Israel propaganda in the media.

Help stop anti-Israel propaganda in the media

Iran must be stopped before it is too late.

Help us educate the press and the world – and stop Iran before it gets the nuclear bomb.

Now is the time to take action to secure Israel’s future.

Dear Supporter of Israel,

Can you imagine the world without Israel? Iran, Hamas and Hezbollah can.
That’s why we’re working to stop them – but we need your help.

As you know, Iran has been identified as the world’s leading state sponsor of
international terrorism, funding Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad, and Hamas. This is what
Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has said about Israel:

“Israel no longer has a reason to exist, and will soon
Israel is doomed to be “wiped from the map” in a
“war of destiny.”
Israel is “a disgraceful stain on the Islamic world”
and “a rotten, dried tree that will be eliminated by one
"Israel is a danger, but one that is about to come to an
"They have created a myth in the name of the Holocaust and
consider it above God, religion and the prophets."
“Some Europeans countries insist on saying that Hitler killed millions of innocent Jews in furnaces…Although we
don't accept this claim.”

Iran has missiles that can reach Israel and is working to build a nuclear bomb. Is there any doubt which country would be its first target? The principal lesson learned from the Holocaust is, if they say they want to kill you, believe them!

Please help us sound the alarm about Iran and help protect Israel by supporting our work at http://www.theisraelproject.org/donate.

The Israel Project (TIP) works to educate the world about the Iranian threat through the media. We have done this by:

Collecting over 81,000 signatures on a petition to the UN asking Kofi Annan to enforce UN Security Council resolutions concerning Iran
Carefully researching facts and emailing them to journalists who cover Iran before they write their stories
Setting up press conferences with experts on Iran, nuclear proliferation and human rights so reporters can ask questions face-to-face or via world-wide conference calls
Educating the press on practical actions which can help stop Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons

Our staff is efficient, but educating the media costs money:

$250 covers the cost to email fully-vetted background information
to 10,000 journalists worldwide
$600 lets us create and email a “breaking news” press
release to journalists
$1200 pays to have one journalist take a 2½ hour helicopter
tour over Israel
$1500 allows 125 journalists to participate in a worldwide
telephone briefing

Please support our work at http://www.theisraelproject.org/donate. Help us educate
the press and the world – and stop Iran before it’s too late.


Jennifer Laszlo Mizrahi

Founder and President

The Israel Project

P.S. We can’t stand idly by while Iran goes nuclear. Give a generous tax-deductible gift today at http://www.theisraelproject.org/donate. Israel and
our global Jewish family need you!

www.theisraelproject.org | 202.857.6644 | 972.2.6236427 | © 2006 The Israel


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I don't think you read the rest of RT's statement....

911dvds@gmail.com - $1 DVDs shipped - email for info

$.002 ____ Real Truther



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spot on man. i watch the

spot on man. i watch the first hour or so of The Situation Room most days before i go to work and Blitzer couldnt be more obvious. and i agree that the elite use irrational fucks like David Duke for purposes like the one you stated.

More activism


Letter to the Editor of the Ashland Times-Gazette, Ohio

This letter I wrote actually made it into the Ashland (OH) Times-Gazette

This Thanksgiving a man took a giant step towards the embrace of our founding fathers and the Constitution. The man was Bob Pettit, the sole proprietor of Dor-Lo Pizza who utilized his GOD given right to free speech. Mr. Pettit displayed “9-11 WAS AN INSIDE JOB – INFOWARS.COM” outside of his business. For those who don’t know the phrase, it refers to the allegation that criminal elements of the U.S. government orchestrated 9-11 as a pretext for the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. This has paved the road for 3,000+ U.S. military deaths and up to 650,000 Iraqis.

Let us briefly examine the evidence put forth by the 9-11 Commission. They say that the towers collapsed due to fire, this being first time EVER in history for a modern steel framed high rise. Frank D. DeMartini, the Manager of WTC Construction & Project Management stated on 25 Jan 01 that the twin towers were built like a mosquito net and that a jet liner striking them would be equivalent to poking a pencil through that net. He also stated that they were designed to take a hit from a 707, the largest jet liner at the time, possibly even multiple hits. Also the time taken for each building to collapse was just short of freefall speed. This is only possible through the utilization of controlled demolitions.

Many people are unaware that a third building collapsed…and it wasn’t even hit by a plane! WTC 7 also collapsed perfectly onto its footprint - again at near freefall speed. Worst of all this hot issue was totally neglected by the 9-11 Commission. $5,000,000+ was gained on put options placed, anonymously, on United and American Airlines just one week prior to the attacks. Put options can earn money when a stock price falls. These were the largest put options ever placed on either company and yet again neglected to be investigated by the 9-11 Commission.

Next let us examine the history of government sponsored terror in America. It is well known that the U.S. government gave black men syphilis and let them spread it without treatment just to see what would happen. These were called the Tuskegee experiments. If you have ever seen a history channel documentary you have seen the soldiers that were sent out to watch the A-bomb go off and find out how the radiation affected them. Many history documentaries also admit that FDR knew of the attacks on Pearl Harbor and let them happen to justify the U.S. entering the war. An American ship was scuttled and then the story was spun to justify the Spanish-American war. The government also used chemical trails to spread DDT over cities in Colorado which caused an unusually large rate of miscarriages and deformities in newborns of pregnant women who were exposed. The Gulf of Tonkin, justification for the offensive in Vietnam, was admittedly faked by then Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara in his movie “Fog of War.” Pick up a history book and the list goes on and on.

I ask that this town praise Bob Pettit, whether or not you agree with his opinions, for his warm embrace of his GOD given rights. The minute our populace believes that our rights are permitted by the government instead of inherent as humans given by GOD, then we lose all of them unequivocally. The Declaration of Independence stated that government derives it power from the governed, not from their bureaucracy. I leave you with a quote “Where the people fear the government you have tyranny; where the government fears the people, you have liberty.”

(Can we move this to the News.... there is a photo at the link)

Makes me hungry for a pizza pie... hope the food is a good as the message

Just thinking

Just thinking about how freakin Ballzy that is for a business to put it out there like that!... this is not a flier on the wall in the bathroom... this is front and center for all who drive by to see!!

I have to applaud that!


this is TRULY classic right here. Danny Bonaduce makes a COMPLETE ass out of himself gets angry when Conner criticizes "my government and my president". hAHAHAHAHAHA, this is John Conners best work yet. i only wish he would have punched the angry little man in his face. that napoleon complex must be a bitch!

Danny Bonaduce meets John Conner
John Conner from www.TheResistanceManifesto.com interviews Danny Bonaduce about 9/11. Danny pretty much just swears at him and tells him to F*** off for criticizing President Bush.



I really wish John was a little bit quicker on his feet.

Bonnaduce.... "I voted for Bush" .....people make mistakes

Blind Nationalism

I kinda wonder what's going to happen when all these people and their beliefs..... who were all so dramaticly affected by 9/11.... actually discover that their government was complicit in this.

and they thought 9/11 was a shocker

Good Idea


Over here in California, I see allot of people advertising on their cars. I got approached by a company (that I would like to not state) through a friend of mine that pays me 300 bucks a month to put a vehicle wrap on my car. Since I'm pretty broke I accepted. The only crap was I had to find a the company to do the work and supply the company that was paying me with a quote. After searching I found a pretty cheap Orange County custom sign and banner company that did the work on a Saturday. So for all of you out there if you're looking for some extra cash you might want to approach an company and see if they will sponsor you.