The Christopher Hayes hit piece posted on AlterNet and some thoughts on this weekend's Tea Parties

I'm sure most of you have read the Christopher Hayes piece "Is 9/11 Paranoia Bad for the Country?" that was originally in The Nation.

It was also posted on AlterNet where I used to waste way too much time. In the past 48 hours it has had over 700 comments posted on it, many more and much faster than I've seen there before. A great many of the comments on the article attack it for being the obvious hit piece that it is and there are the usual hard working shills and disinfo types trying to counter the facts stated in many of the comments.

What I find especially noteworthy is that the article states that the 9/11 Truth Movement is in fact a genuine political Movement and needs to be confronted as such. To me this is yet another signal that the MSM and thus the perps they work for are now starting to fully comprehend that we can't be ridiculed away and that they must fight us more openly before our numbers increase too much further and we reach the tipping point. I believe that there is a pretty solid third of the American population that have accepted either MIHOP or LIHOP and that we are now fighting the perps for the all important middle third of the American people.

As we enter this next phase of the Truth Movement we need to pay close attention to the tactics of the perps and counter them as effectively as possible. One of the trends I have noticed, and it is apparent in the Hayes article, is that they are taking a softer, more nuanced tone and are attempting to use a careful stating of certain facts to sway some of those who may have already started researching 9/11 on their own but who are still sitting on the fence. They still avoid the issue of WTC 7 like the plague and this will always be our quickest and most direct route to opening eyes. I also think that they are making a concerted effort to appeal to women and we need to counter this by pushing 9/11: Press for Truth more vigorously as I feel that this film is especially good for drawing women as well as 9/11 newbies of all ages and both genders.

I think it is safe to say that we are now considered a very serious threat and that the perps and their MSM will up the tempo and sharpen their focus on the Truth Movement. We need to do the same while making our points in an increasingly calm, rational and reasonable manner. Unfortunately, we can also expect to see some more meltdowns within the Movement and should be prepared for the beginning of a period of real dirty tricks. With several Truth groups holding Tea Party demonstrations this weekend we need to be especially aware of infiltration by strangers who will try to incite violence. Since all of our events should be video taped we should be wel prepared to identify and isolate these individuals. I feel that this is the single greatest threat to our public image at this time. If the perps feel that they can make us look like violent loonies and scare the bejeebers out of the middle third to keep them from joining us, they will pull out all the stops to make this happen. OTOH, if we can remain disciplined and peaceful and out these agents provocateurs from the beginning then this will swing to our advantage.

Finally, language is very important. Language defines perception and we are now in the phase where perception is everything. If we are to continue to make rapid inroads in our grassroots growth we need to be even more aware of how we approach and interact with people. The realization of 9/11 Truth is a tremendous shock to most people and it is very important to always be aware of this and listen carefully to those you are trying to persuade. Harsh confrontation is a huge turn-off to most people. The negative approach is the main tool of the perps, so we need to counter it by being unfailingly positive whenever possible. Counter fear with love. There will be times when we are confronted directly by those whose sole goal is to create conflict and the best thing to do is just quietly stand our ground or walk away. Always remember that we have truth on our side and keep peace in our hearts.

More soon................

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

Be well.

I hear that



Great article man!

Great article man!

Words of wisdom.

Thanks for this.

Hmm lets see, Fetzer

Hmm lets see, Fetzer exposed, Saudi Ambassador leaves US,  and this analysis...

We are getting ever closer to the end game... 

Great insights here. "To me

Great insights here.

"To me this is yet another signal that the MSM and thus the perps they work for are now starting to fully comprehend that we can't be ridiculed away and that they must fight us more openly before our numbers increase too much further and we reach the tipping point. I believe that there is a pretty solid third of the American population that have accepted either MIHOP or LIHOP and that we are now fighting the perps for the all important middle third of the American people."

I am still confused as to our goal, our mission, where we are headed. Just what does happen should we reach "the tipping point"? Please tell me.

The people who have accepted LIHOP do not seem to acknowledge the "ON PURPOSE" part of it. Those people seem largely to subscribe to the "inept" "bumbling" "failures" of the bureaucracy idea. that is, the reason "IT HAPPENED" had nothing to do with "ON PURPOSE" and everything to do with just the usual high degree of government bureaucratic bumbling. That is not what I understand to be what the LIHOP position is, and I personally I have always believed that the "Let it Happen" narrative was very similar to other major "MIHOPS" and False Flag events on U.S. soil, particularly similar to the building and creating of "legends" for the Oswald and others made cast members of the JFK assassination "Let it Happen" theater play.

We in the 9-11 Truth Movement need to be more clear about our mission and our goal. If we do get that other third on our side, what then? And now, it is clear, that we will not get people on our side by scholarly science in proving what did happen, because we know that won't and can't happen. So we get them on our side from the common sense shear overwhelming number of impossible "coincidences" and good questions that have consistently been refused for answering.

But waking up large numbers of people has not done anything to get ALL of the electronic voting machines deep sixed so that we can have more fraud-free elections, so the truthers still cannot effect change via the ballot and trying to have truly representative leaders.

But waking up large numbers of people has not done anything to get major law suits moved forward in the courts to get the perpetrators identified and convicted. Indeed, Dan Abramson told me it is foolish to desire a legal course of rectitude at all regarding exposing the 9-11 Big Lie.

But waking up large numbers of people has not done anything to restoring true Constitutional government, where the federal government is small and weak with no power and therefore no money.

But waking up large numbers of people has not done anything to restore legitimate money system for the U.S.A. and to get rid of Federal Reserve and fractional reserve banking and get back to fully backed money.

But waking up large numbers of people has not changed the traitorous greedy hearts of those shadow government figures who perpetrated 9-11 and who control the presidency and the Congress. These rulers do not care about the sovereign U.S.A., nor freedom, nor peace, nor human life. They only care about monopolizing the world's wealth and totally controlling humankind.

Would someone please explain to me where we are headed.?

What is supposed to happen when we get there?

Blessings from Dachsie in Austin.

This is Important....

.....and, paradoxically, encouraging....I too, have recently seen greater frustration among local truthers regarding where we go from here to effect justice and change....IMO, we are transitioning from the Education stage to the Activism stage....There aren't any easy or obvious answers.....we've got a controlled media, bought-off or compromised politicians, rigged elections, fiat currency, and a corrupt judicial system. Daunting obsticles.

That said, we aren't without tools and weapons.

One, we keep reaching out, as LeftWright said, for the middle third of the population. Keep refining our message and passing out DVDs and information.

Two, everyone reading this site MUST belong to, join, or form a local 9/11 Truth Group. With regular scheduled meetings in a physical location. Connect that group with others in your town, state, and nationally. We must not only have the strength of numbers, but the "organized" strength of numbers. Look what is happening with the expansion of the Boston Tea Party protest this weekend! A great starting example of what can be done. Webster Tarpley's idea of flooding the 2008 New Hampshire's primary with truthers is a compelling one that should be fully fleshed-out here.

We can't fix all the things Dachsie so rightfully points out as being wrong in America immediately. Those corruptions of the system weren't installed overnight and they won't be dismantled overnight (but I like seeing the impatience for it :). We have to break those goals down into "baby-steps" we can all take every day toward those ends of reform.

On a side note, I hope everyone out there is giving the gift of Truth (in the form of DVDs and Books) to everyone on their Holiday list...

Great post, I gotta repeat for emphasis

=Everyone reading this site MUST belong to, join, or form a local 9/11 Truth Group. With regular scheduled meetings in a physical location. Connect that group with others in your town, state, and nationally. We must not only have the strength of numbers, but the "organized" strength of numbers.=

For even more emphasis

Everyone reading this site MUST belong to, join, or form a local 9/11 Truth Group. With regular scheduled meetings in a physical location. Connect that group with others in your town, state, and nationally. We must not only have the strength of numbers, but the "organized" strength of numbers.

I'd like to see an informal list, maybe in a blog, of the local groups with direct representation here at blogger. I know from personal experience that the list is not completely current.

I'm in a group in Portland.

Get to know your state reps

Get to know your state reps and senators personally. Meet with them, give them DVD's, talk to them.

Rumsfeld, Zelikow, other traitors riding into sunset

I don't think the numbers really matter. Almost half of America still believes there is a connection between Saddam Hussein and 9/11. Does that mean those people are justified and should be treated as a reasonable political force?

Chances are, 9/11 Truth has reached critical mass at about 36% of the population, unless new evidence is produced that is even more compelling than what is already known (is that possible?). But these numbers matter only so much as they prove 9/11 Truth is not a tiny fringe. Getting results from these numbers is another story.

It's clear the Democrats aren't going to push for a new 9/11 investigation. Politicians with the will to demand another investigation, such as McKinney, have been marginalized. And there may not be a moment of more sustained attention to 9/11 than the fifth anniversary, unless Loose Change Final Cut contains more smoking guns and fewer mistakes. The other possibility is that LC:FC will be released in theaters and have celebrity endorsements, since it will be at enough distance from 9/11 that some celebs might feel safer speaking out.

The next step has to be legal action. Maybe the EPA's complicity in killing thousands of first responders is where it begins? Maybe the Amerithrax case? Is there a way to ungag Sibel Edmonds? I'm not a lawyer. I don't know.

What is clear is that Rumsfeld, Zelikow, and the other traitors are fading into the sunset, and they're walking away clearly under the impression that "history will be the judge," that is, that nothing incriminating will come to light while they're still around, that no prosecution is imminent.

Damn! That's a sad thought.

Walking away scot free.By the way....Where the hell are all the 9/11 lawyers in our truth movement?
Those who own the Federal Reserve (The gobal elite) Own both the republicans & democrats.They also own all the major media.Ever wonder why the story of the century won't make major media?
The question is. If we win the 9/11 battle are we going to stop there?There's no such thing as half an enima
Nine trillion in national debt (probally alot more) and you think there's money in the social security fund?
They embezzeled that a long time ago.Could you imaging a America that had leaders with honor & integrity?
The cash cow for the gobal elite has to go!
P.S....How the hell can you lose 2.3 TRILLION dollars?

Google this!

This will show people the BIG picture.
Monopoly men federal reserve fraud 1999 on google video.

Weak ass dollar

How could we let them lose $2.3 trilion dollars?

$2.3 Trillion + the $2 trillion we are going to spend in Iraq.... + the trillions we are spending for added security and what not to combat terror in the US..... Our deficit would be gone and the dollar would be twice as strong

we are being lynched

I watch the currency market.... they keep saying that the dollar is regaining strength.... but they are straight out lying..... the dollar is falling quicker than ever.

I'm amazed at how propoganda can control the minds of the people who work these markets for a living....

Get ready for a booming tourism industry.... invest in hotels and rental cars.... shot glasses t-shirts and state spoons.... alcohol and fast food

Dear JJ

How true.It's not even worth the paper it's printed on.Our goverment knows this and is scare to death of being replaced with the euro.
The last hope of the people is the internet,and their trying their dam'dest to control it.Hopefully America will wake the F**K up.Although i can't blame them entirely with our media being controled.
Ever notice how alot of people just don't seem to give a shit? It blows my mind! Yes the gobal elite did an awesome job dumbing down America.

The Dollar

You know that another major reason for us flexing our military muscle is to maintain the use of the dollar as the main currency for the exchange for oil.... If they were allowed to switch to the use of the Euro..... the dollar would have collapsed in a heartbeat.

There were many countries willing to do just that but we put the kybosh to that thinking.

Iraq was one of the countries pushing for the move away from the dollar.... but now we control their oil and how it is bought and sold.

Spreading democracy of maintaining the dollar?

Prior to 9/11... I'm guessing that we were paying people off to keep them in the dollar.... they knew the dollar was failing but to supplement the fall in value we would just give countries more dollars to offset their losses and maintain their use of the currency. The world is vested in our success but if they feel there is no hope or benefit to stay with the dollar..... they will determine that it is best to cut their losses and get out.... if that happpens..... get ready!

The writing is on the wall.

We are living in a false economy.... there is very little capital... everything is borrowed... they say the average household has $25,000 dollars in credit card debt alone.
I'm guessing that there are at least 50,000,000 "households".... conservative estimate.... multiply that by $25,000 .... $125,000,000,000..$125 Billion.... which is being very generous... it's probably much higher.

Then the housing industry which is currently fueling our economy..... nobody owns these homes.... they have little to no equity... many people have interest only loans..... homes bought in hope that in the future they will make more money but they wanted to get as much house as possible while the interest was so low.
Do we know how dangerous this really is?
and now energy prices are dramaticly increasing..I have seen as much as 50%.... inflation is taking hold..... and now these people who overbought, and may even be making more money, are still going to be struggling to make the payments. People will try hard to maintain.... working even harder... maybe picking up another job.... but in the end when it falls... they will lose everything.

This is a false economy.... but they are still willing to lie to you..... we are in a real bad place.... being sold down the river..... but the elites will get theirs before it goes.... then they can swoop in and grab up all the goods.... then build it back up..... profiting all the way.

There's a term for the

There's a term for the "lost" money-- it's in Russo's "Freedom to Fascism". It wasn't $2.3 B all at once; it was $1.1 B a few years prior, just kept growing.

Trillions, with a T, Anon

What a sad little strategy there of changing it to Billions! Who do you think you're fooling?


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero - Harvard Task Force


Silver Platter

We need to better present our info to the masses.... spoon feed them if you will

There needs to be clear concise articles each focused on one of the ten main provable offenses.... this is too damn deep a subject to expect that more than 36% of the poeple would be willing to spend the time needed to understand fully all the information available.

we need to narrow our field of vision for people to get it...ten minutes at a time.

That's it!..... I need to write the first 9/11 Truth Bathroom Reader..... "this info will make you shit!"


Great idea! Offical 9/11 commission toilet paper.


If we had acted sooner we could have had a "9/11 Commission TP Party" and all wiped our bare asses with the Commission Report

I hope loads of people participate in the "Tea Parties" It is

such a fantastic idea to spread truth!

there was alot of action in

there was alot of action in the infowars yesterday.....

throught it all i got some impressions about the people in the 911truth movement....

the REAL people that are in it are almost nice to a fault----and i'm kinda scared for yall at these rallies




then they drop hints about violence at these rallies
there are 'shills' that show up in human form sometimes----->

last summer i saw state senator charles key of oklahoma putting up signs on the side of the road for his campaign-----he is famous for leading the fight against the govt conspiracy involving the okc bombing

every sign he put down there were 2 "shills" that were following him putting a different sign right in front and behind in order to block them from being viewed

one of them had on a weird wig----it was creepy
i pulled over and shook his hand and told him it was an honor to meet him and they scurried off-------


they said in this article to be ready for dirty tricks and this was written by shills

can't wait

I'll be in St. Louis ready and willing to point these people out...

I hope we get some "Space Cases" there.... I really want to chat


As of 12:44 PM (EDT), there are 923 comments on "The Nation/Alternet" 9/11 hit piece. The vast majority of them are pro-911 Truth, and they all trash the author of that piece-of-crap article, as well as Alternet and The Nation for publishing it. The previous highest number of comments I've seen on an Alternet article (also on the topic of 9/11) was somewhere between 400 and 500 (at least the number was in that range the last time I looked).

Alternet must certainly realize they are antagonizing and alienating an extremely large number of their regular readers.

Now The Comments Are All Gone

As of 10:36 PM (EDT), all comments in Alternet's 9/11 article are gone. There is no listing of the number of comments at the top of the article, and there is no indication that there ever were any comments; nor is there even any longer a place to add a comment. Furthermore, no explanation is given as to why they have suddenly disappeared. All other articles at Alternet still have their comments, so the culprit cannot be an overall technical glitch.

Are the top dogs at Alternet starting to realize that the majority of their readers do not share their opinion on 9/11? Therefore, out of a sense of sheer frustration, they made their reader's angry comments disappear (at least from public view)?

damn i was just going here

damn i was just going here to link to what you were talking about-----they are falling apart----that is so weak

thanx for the info anyway

Yes, I find it very interesting that AlterNet chose to

delete all the comments from futher public view. I plan on riding them about this until I get some kind of response and if they ignore me I will respond by posting comments about this in every article on their site, I encourage everyone else to do the same.

We need to shame the media cowards at every opportunity.

First they tried to ignore us and that failed. Then they tried to ridicule us and we grew even stronger. Now, as they try to fight us they are realizing that it is too late and they want to try to go back to ignoring us.

9/11 Truth cannot be ignored. The MSM were fully complicit in promoting the 9/11 myth and they must be held to account.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

They are running scared!

What an embarassment--every time they think they will put us down we come back stronger. That was an amazing run of comments, so of course they had to take it down. 955 comments (the number still appears on their DISCUSS link) makes it clear that this issue is that much bigger than all their fake left stories that get like 20 comments, or less.

This is reality hitting their fantasy world like a ton of bricks. And it is happening everywhere. WE WILL NEVER FORGET.

Let's say it again:



Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero - Harvard Task Force


I Used to Love Alternet

Now I only visit the site once a day to see if they are running another 9/11 hit-piece article. If there is no such article, I almost always leave without reading anything else.

On a purely selfish note, I am mad at myself for procrastinating. I wrote several comments on that particular 9/11 hit piece (under my other name), but I only saved the Alternet page containing the first comment. I kept intending to go back and save the rest of my comments, but I just kept putting it off. Oh well... Darn.