Enver Masud and the "War on Terror"

The apparent clash between Islam and the West is not a clash of civilizations. It is a mirage deliberately created after the collapse of the Soviet Union in order to justify U.S. "defense" spending, and to provide a pretext for controlling the world's resources and markets through military aggression against Muslim-majority countries. This fabricated clash between Islam and the West may be summed up in three words: justice versus greed...

Following the still-mysterious events of September 11, 2001,virtually every Muslim country supported the U.S. "war on terror" until it degenerated into an excuse for a crackdown on Muslims by governments across the world. Once it became clear that 9/11 had been a pretext for repression, tyranny, and pre-planned wars of aggression, voices of morality from all backgrounds and traditions began to speak out for justice. While leading Christian evangelicals, and the hawks in U.S. government, pushed for war on Iraq, predominantly Christian Europe opposed it. Church leaders including the new Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, questioned the legality and morality of an American-led assault on Iraq. And because of Likkud-governed Israel's increasing repression of Palestinians, which could not have happened without the so-called “war on terrorism” that 9/11 seems to have been designed to trigger, Presbyterians are divesting from Israel, and Anglicans have called for sanctions on Israel. Jews, Christians, Muslims, and others around the world have demonstrated together against the wars on the Iraqi and Palestinian people. More recently, as this volume shows, religious people from widely varying traditions have been speaking out for 9/11 truth and global justice.

It is important for Muslims and others to understand that many honorable Jewish voices, representing an extremely broad diversity of viewpoints from pro-Zionist to anti-Zionist, have joined the call for peace and justice in the Middle East. Many Jews support statehood for the Christians and Muslims in Palestine. "Britain's chief rabbi, Jonathon Sacks, head of the Jewish community in the U.K. and the Commonwealth for 11 years, warned that Israel's stance towards Palestinians is incompatible with Judaism," reported BBC News. The moral misgivings of much of the world’s Jewish population toward Israeli policy extends, in some cases, to forthright Jewish anti-Zionism. Jews Not Zionists is one well-known group, while Naturei Karta International, an Orthodox Jewish organization, has printed on its stationery: "Pray for the peaceful dismantling of the Zionist State."...

For the most part, the underlying reason for these clashes is economic. Economics, more specifically greed, is the primary reason for the clash between Islam and the West. This is not surprising, since it is usually the major factor in wars between developed countries and developing countries. The current American wars of aggression fit the pattern. The U.S. desire to control the world's resources and markets, its abject surrender to the Zionist agenda, and the virtual exclusion of dissenting voices from the national dialogue were key factors which led to the U.S. war on Iraq. September 11 merely provided the pretext.

- Enver Masud, excerpt from, "A CLASH BETWEEN JUSTICE AND GREED", in 9/11 and American Empire Vol. II - Christians, Jews and Muslims Speak Out

Enver Masud is founder and CEO of The Wisdom Fund; "The mission of The Wisdom Fund is to advance social justice and interfaith understanding by presenting The Truth About Islam."

Masud is one of the authors who contributed to the new book, 9/11 and American Empire Vol. II - Christians, Jews and Muslims Speak Out. He gave a multimedia presentation called "Fatally Flawed: The 9/11 Commission Report" to a packed conference room at the India International Cultural Centre in New Delhi, India on December 11, 2006.

You can view the slides from his presentation here.

I'm sure all decent truthers are against torture! Everyone

needs to help put and end to Bush's torture NOW!

Torture, Impeachment and a Vietnam Vet's Tears:
The true horror of what President Bush--and the Republican-led 109th Congress--have done to all of us American citizens by authorizing torture in our names came clear during a talk I was giving on impeachment to a group organized by the New Jersey chapter of Progressive Democrats of America... http://www.prisonplanet.com/articles/december2006/131206Impeachment.htm


Routine and Systematic Torture Is at the Heart of America's War on Terror:
In the fight against cruelty, barbarism and extremism, America has embraced the very evils it claims to confront. After thousands of years of practice, you might have imagined that every possible means of inflicting pain had already been devised. But you should never underestimate the human capacity for invention. United States interrogators, we now discover, have found a new way of destroying a human being...

I wish some of the big, "progressive" bogs would cover more

key stories like these. Why does it always take guys like Alex Jones & his team to keep us informed of Bush's/Republicans' treasonous felonies??? (Too much mindless fluff on those "progressive" blogs, IMO. It's like they're avoiding/gatekeeping the things that really matter.)

I would say most of the

I would say most of the information peddlers are controlled in one aspect or another, either financially or ideologically.

The whole Right Vs. Left / Conservative Vs. Liberal circus has been perverted, as a means to control the information you hear, and the content of the debates.

I'm not waiting for any of the annointed talking heads to speak out about any of this stuff at all...

Puts hero's like Charlie Sheen in a different like when you look at it that way.

I guess thats why they killed John F. Kennedy Jr...(btw, I have a suspicion the whole ordeal about JFK Jr., specifically the method of control over the Flight Instructor, and the Egyptian Flight a month or two later, MIGHT be critical in understanding what really was going on in those cockpits, or it is just another unrelated covert operation, a tool for the intelligence agencies to down aircraft and make it look like an accident)

Yes, I am very, very sick of this, "Muslims bad--Israelis good"

bullshit that Bush & the Rupublicans are constantly spewing!

OK, I missed this junk: Why did Nico Haupt try to provoke

Matt Taibbi, Rolling Stone writer & truth denier, into some moronic confrontation???

Taibbi: "Over a month after I first wrote a column slamming the 9/11 Truth movement, I continue to get hate mail in massive quantities. A group of Truthers even picketed my office, and I'm still picking food particles out of my scarf after an incident in which the movement's house lunatic, a wild-eyed German blogger named Nico Haupt, tried to goad me into slugging him in a West Side diner.

"Go ahead, heet me, then I haf beeg story!" he roared, scream-spitting half-digested detritus in my face."....


makes some of these arguments in his books. Islamofascism, the war on terror and so forth.... made up to sway public opinion and move toward goals in geopolitical maneuvering......

on and on it goes.

WE have to stop it. Get active.