Neocons admit the war is a disaster

There is a Vanity Fair article that tells the sickening story of the neacons lament: see

That's just for the galleries

Do you really think the Neo-cons cares if the Sunnis and Shias kill each other in a civil war? This was of course a part of the plan.

They have got what they wanted. Huge and secure American bases established to secure the oil and strategic interests in the region.

Yes, and with Bush making an excellent scapegoat to blame it on!


You're absolutely right

You're absolutely right pagan. They have gotten what they want. Everything we see on TV, the press conferences, the news, the Iraq study group is all a grand play. Real motives are masked while the public is spoon-fed lie after lie after lie. It's sickening the manipulation and deception that is the core of this administration.

Ray McGovern, who most of you know, summed it up in one term: O.I.L. "O" stands for oil, "I" stands for Israel, and "L" stands for logistics (permanent bases). Now that Iraq has descended into civil war (exacerbated by false flag ops), Bush has an excuse for keeping the military bases there for "stability". I wish Americans would wake up and use their brains.

I'm beginning to think the plan is to intentionally weaken.....

.....America, militarily & make it easier to install the North American Union....

All these billions of dollars in deficit spending on and in Iraq (Bush just asked for $100 billion more) are being poured down a black hole of waste (nothing of value is being produced with it). This increase in the money supply devalues the dollar (which has fallen 50% in 5 years under Bush). We are all 50% poorer...all of us, that is, who are not on the receiving-end of these no-bid government contracts and war-profiteering from Bush's elective, optional, endless wars.

As the Middle-Class is financially destroyed (not only through dollar devaluation, but through exportation of manufacturing jobs, leaving only low-paying service jobs), it will make it infinitely easier to install a totalitarian government here....the grid is being laid...with the Constitution and Bill of Rights being legislatively destroyed(Patriot Acts, Military-Commission Act, Warner bill) and a Police State imposed (Blackwater, elimination of Posse Comitatus).

Boiling the Frog.

To the Neocons: Do ya think?

They had plans to build 55 bases in Iraq, they've had a change in plans (Lack of money)'s now 5. So that would make our total military bases around the world at 239.

Hey, do you have any good

Hey, do you have any good sources for global US military bases information? Or details on what bases are being constructed in Iraq?

Go to here rollo

This shows where bases are in country and overseas
I haven't gotten anything on where they plan the ones in Iraq yet.