An American Revolution: Not Likely

Esquire has a story on why we won't have a revolution in the US.

"Suppose we had evidence that the federal government engineered 9/11," he said. "Suppose we had indisputable proof that we paid the Saudis to blow up the World Trade Center, and members from both political parties had signed off on it. And the day after this proof emerged, George W. Bush announced that he would give a speech at ground zero explaining why this decision was made. If this happened, I assume there would be a protest rally during his speech. And perhaps some people would start throwing rocks, and perhaps I'd be caught up in the frenzy, and perhaps I would start throwing rocks, too."

"So you would take part in the revolution's inception," I responded. "You would throw rocks at a corrupt president."

"Yes," he said. "Maybe. Or maybe not. Probably not. Who knows? I'm not really a rock-throwing kind of guy."

I'm not a rock-throwing kind of guy, either. Moreover, I assume the type of person who hurls rocks in public is not the type of person I would agree with about anything. Modernity has created a cosmic difference between intellect and action, even when both are driven by the same motives; as such, the only people qualified to lead a present-day revolution would never actually do so. Contemporary leaders are not rock-throwing guys. And this is a problem, because it's the rock throwers who get things done.

Wonkette talks about it here.

Maybe Chuck’s right, even if his idea of a typical American is some bizarre metrosexual redneck in Idaho who owns and enjoys both shotguns and iPods while having a childlike faith in the U.S. government — oh, and he’s a middle-class white-collar homeowner (and blogger) who can be pushed to violence by The Bourne Supremacy or Neil Young.

Even a televised admission from George W. Bush himself that the 9/11 attacks were orchestrated and financed by Republican and Democratic leaders would likely just lead to the usual protests, says Chuck. Sadly, the libertarians over at pretty much agree with him. Rest easy, congresspeople!

So, what do you think? How do you motivate the fat, lazy, and contempt. I've talked to many people about 9/11 who believe the government was involved, but also say they make good money and just don't care. What motivates people to act?

The mass of men

"The Mass of Men live lives of quiet desperation" the simple truth in this phrase angers me because I know it is true and to conquer my fear and pick up the rock is something I don't think I can do either. Although I do think I can write an insightful and stinging rebut to anyone who challenges need to do so......

Although, I don't think we know what are capabilities may be given an emergency situation, I would break the rock in two if it meant my children's safety. I would not hesitate 1 second.

Real Pain

(Answering the last sentence/question in the essay above)

We've seen a 50% drop in the dollar in the last 5 years. The government made the money supply (M3) secret in March (Why?). Government spending & deficits are out of control under Bush. It is being predicted that the dollar might soon become worthless under the hyper-inflation created from flooding the economy with dollars. Conversely, the Fed could tighten, take money out of circulation and crash the debt bubble. Either way, the current American way-of-life blows up.

Meanwhile, private security firms are booming through Federal spending. Blackwater reportedly has enough mercenaries on the payroll to field a brigade. I personally get spam e-mails advertising police/security work daily (these ads were non-existent a few short years ago). Halliburtan builds government internment camps. (What are they preparing for?)

I don't need to go into how American individual freedoms and rights are being stripped through legislation almost daily. And, we have 140,000 troops in Iraq being taught urban warfare on civilians; do you doubt they couldn't apply that expertise here, in the event of civil unrest?

Keep watching American Idol and Sports, America....


Did you see the news story about executives at Morgan Stanley getting $25 million dollar bonuses..... and the average employee making $625,000?!

I can't find the story on the net....

can you imagine how much money is being invested for Morgan Stanley to make profits which allow them to hand out bonuses this large? and where has the market really gone in the past year?

How much money gets tossed into the markey every year through 410K programs.... yet the market remains on the level.... who's reaping the benefits?

Goldman Sachs

It wasn't Morgan Stanley; it was Goldman Sachs.

I like how the headline of that piece says "Workers Find Gold," as if the guy who cleans the toilets at Goldman Sachs is taking home a Christmas bonus of $50 million.

This guy's talking out of

This guy's talking out of his ass;

"Suppose we had evidence that the federal government engineered 9/11," he said. "Suppose we had indisputable proof that we paid the Saudis to blow up the World Trade Centre"

Did the Saudi’s paralyse and confuse the fighter intercept apparatus? Did they rig WTC7 and the Towers? And so on etc.... This guy first of all doesn’t know what the hell he's talking about. And secondly his pathetic defeatist attitude is just as frankly incorrect. I think 9/11 would have a revolutionary affect in multiple countries actually not just the US. Also does he not remember the magnitude of protest that was generated just be the opposition to invading Iraq? If he thinks that upon the average person hearing that 9/11was an inside job, that they would just shrug their shoulders, then again he's living in a different world. It’s as if he’s dropped Chomsky an email, like many have on the blogger, and actually taken to heart the pure horseshit he received from the coward. Something that most people with balls and a brain just don’t do. Of course 9/11 truth would have a revolutionary affect, whether peaceful or violent I don't know, but I hope peaceful. But either way I think something radical is needed because the people who carried it out still want to do just as equally radical, but destructive, things to the world.

Could be talking out of his

Could be talking out of his ass. He's not giving any evidence, though likely disinfo.

More likely though, it's an attempt to calm the masses.

Exactly, its probably coming

Exactly, it's probably coming from someone who would'nt do shit anyway even if there was a call to revolution.

Please don't say the "R"

Please don't say the "R" word. STOP IT. It's very dangerous. We 9/11 Truth are all about formal impeachment, legal prosecution, and Constitutional amendments. Our peaceful movement can be DESTROYED by agent provocateurs and the like. Be judicious my friends. Those at the top will try to put words in our mouths.


Why is everyone throwing this word around?

impeach verb 1. challenge


1. challenge the honesty or veracity of; "the lawyers tried to impeach the credibility of the witnesses"
2. charge (a public official) with an offense or misdemeanor committed while in office; "The President was impeached"
3. bring an accusation against; level a charge against; "He charged the man with spousal abuse" [syn: accuse]

WordNet® 2.1, © 2005 Princeton University

Right on, Rollo

We don't need to throw rocks. All we need to do is hand out DVDs and talk to strangers. All the time. Just keep doing that--there is enough stored energy in the truth that all we have to do is harness it properly and we will move mountains. 9/11 was intended to break America. Violence and unrest do the same. Such is likely to be encouraged by the perps themselves. Instead of a revolution, what America needs is a reassessment of our international alliances and security.

We need to go back to the status quo ante bellum and work from there using what we've learned abiout the world and our country because of 9/11. This idea, that we will succeed in doing just that, is what keeps the perps up at night. Believe me, crapping their pants is just the beginning. As the perps' options narrow and the noose tightens, any desperate act becomes the last nail in their coffin. They are in a living hell right now, and we're just getting started.

Truthers don't die, we multiply.


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero - Harvard Task Force


Well said, RT, all the way

Well said, RT, all the way through. "Revolution" is how the elites trick us into complying with a violent upgrade of their banking/wealth consolidation system.

Who the f*ck is advocating

Who the f*ck is advocating violence here? Not me! Seriously rollo I don’t appreciate being patronized, I know they would love to characterise 9/11 truth activists as “McVeigh” type nutjobs. Revolution doesn’t have to mean throwing rocks, Ghandi was one of the most effective revolutionaries ever to grace the planet, did he advocate violence?

whoa whoa whoa dem bru. calm

whoa whoa whoa dem bru. calm down. i'm not accusing you of anything. i just notice the word revolution every now and then and am cautioning everyone to avoid it like the plague.

when you have people like Christiane Amanpour virtually calling 9/11 truth terrorism on cnn, we gotta be careful.

i'm not targeting you in any way. i'm targeting the esquire article that was written. the dumbass was talking about revolution and would he participate in it. i have no idea why that writer was talking about revolution and throwing stones....

Well I do agree with you on

Well I do agree with you on that man, that's the whole point, I'm 100% behind peaceful non-violent resistance. But yea, sorry if that was a bit of a misunderstanding there.

On a Lighter Note:

Somewhere in France, 1792


Royal Counsellor: Your majesty! The peasants are revolting!

King Louis XVI: Yes. I agree.


The author of the Esquire article's apparent apathy is unsettling, even scary. He'd be better off in a mountain cabin somewhere in the woods of Montana, completely divorced from reality. Don't worry about all this, we'll handle it. Yep, that's right. Us. The people who truly give a fuck about what happens to our country and the world.

I agree that the "R" word is very dangerous--even unnecessary at this point. Don't give anyone reason to use the so-called Patriot Act against you.

Investigate, indict, prosecute & incarcerate.

You're right, the writer's

You're right, the writer's apathy is unsettling.... Why would he write something like that?

Well said Bruce

No rocks! A media covered firing squad would do.

in that same issue of Esquire......

Death to America
Editor Mark Warren picks a fight with Dinesh D’Souza, author of The Enemy at Home: The Cultural Left and Its Responsibility for 9/11.

HA. Hearst Publications. nuff said. same people that own Popular Mechanics. ive posted stuff on this site before from Esquire in which they took shots at Cynthia McKinney for her views on 9/11 and took shots at Curt Weldon for his Able Danger work. these people are too obvious. sounds like we are starting to scare them to me.............

To those involved

Be afraid.....The truth is comming!