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A conversation w/ Ken Jenkins - radio.indymedia.org

Al Chats with Ken Jenkins about the 9/11 Truth Movement, its challenges, potentials, pitfalls.
one hour, 6 mins.

amazing pics.


Why Was This Russian Pilot Allowed To Fly Up To And Right By The WTC AFTER It Was Under Attack On 9/11?
Amazing New Pictures Raise Questions

Steve Watson
Thursday, December 14, 2006

First Take A look at this amazing sequence of images taken from the air on 9/11.

I guess it's safe to say he's not a no planer

When he approached to George Washington Bridge he tuned to a local 1010 WINS news radio station. He says that at that time there was news that “a small plane hit WTC”. Then he switched to hear what other pilots flying above Gudson are talking about, but they discussed same thing “a small commuter that hit WTC”.

He got even more closer and noticed another BOEING 737. He says that the BOEING was flying the same way it usually does when going to landing from La Guardia destination, probably a little bit lower than usual.

And then suddenly this BOEING 737 changes his course making a very sharp curve, targeting the South WTC tower.

He shot it at the moment it hit the building.

"He then hid his camera so

"He then hid his camera so nobody could know he was filming."

LOL! The things you learn raised in Mother Russa at the knees of people who lived under Soviet rule.


On your baby boy Al.

"I think that we have to look at these alternative groups and these alternative people who are continuing to make films and bring their research to the public."

Sally Regenhard - 9/11 Family Member

this is a great conversation