New Series Portrays 9/11 activist as terrorist

Brother Raymond
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A new series on Showtime portrays 9/11 activist as terrorist. Watch the series for free on this link:

About halfway through two terrorist (A fugitive and a non-Muslim 9/11 activist which is sheltering him) are sharing 9/11 truth like it is propaganda. They laugh that the American people believe that Rudi was in a command center, they mock Osama defeating all the intelligence communities, they giggle as they proclaim the pentagon was hit by a drone. Its scary the conditioning happening in this series.

Scary stuff.

already had a post about

already had a post about this yesterday on the front page... i assume you're talking about sleeper cell

that show is pure evil----it

that show is pure evil----it shows a "wayward" person that the other cast members say---"he's been going to a mosque"

there is a hate smear going on against muslims in pro fake israel tv shows and its bullshit

america is for everybody---nobody deserves stupid hate smears

all people are gods children


Does it sicken anyone else that terrorism has been somehow turned into entertainment as a means of propganda.... there are at least ten shows which highlight if not focus on the treat of terrorism.

It's wrong in so many ways.... but it really plants the seeds in peoples minds that terrorism is commonplace... it presents it as being real..... especially for people who were not there to experience 9/11 first hand

I think it's a very

I think it's a very concerning development. Google vid the 'Power of Nightmares'. That shows how politicians are using terrorism for their own benefit, although that's hardly worth mentioning.

greatest thing the BBC has

greatest thing the BBC has ever aired. of course it didnt go far enough but it was shocking to see something so powerful made it to the BBC.