Shreveport, Louisiana; 9/24/2006: 9/11 Whistle-Blower Dead After Poisoning, another Pakistani connection

News Story:
"Local Terrorist Whistle-Blower Dead After Poisoning"

He claimed he met three of the Sept. 11 hijackers in Shreveport a year before the attacks.
Now, that man, Shreveport dentist Dr. David Graham, is dead.

His family says he was poisoned more than two years ago. At the time, Graham was trying to publish a manuscript about meeting three middle easterners in Shreveport, men he feared were plotting to bomb Barksdale Air Force Base. Graham wrote that he warned the FBI. Then after Sept. 11, he saw their pictures among the hijackers.

Before Graham was poisoned, he was supposed to testify at a deportation hearing against a Pakistani man, Jamal Khan, who hosted the men Graham believed to be the hijackers. Graham's brother, Edwin Jones, told us Wednesday night the family believes someone slipped poison into his drink, plunging him into a deadly illness.

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"The mystery of 9-11, Dr. Graham, and Jamal Khan"
by David Huntwork
September 28, 2006

An intriguing mystery indeed, so I did a little research.

snippet one:
Dr. Graham fell seriously ill two years ago and medical tests revealed possible poisoning that led to organ failure. His family is convinced that he was poisoned. At the time, Dr. Graham was attempting to publish his manuscript "The Graham Report: The true story of three 9-11 hijackers who were reported to the FBI 10 months before 9-11."

His manuscript, like holy writ, was on display at his funeral and his friends and family truly feel he was "onto something." Reportedly, the manuscript is being safeguarded by Dr. Graham's friend, Mike Sledge. Mr. Sledge is quoted by as stating "Certainly he was digging into some sensitive areas that may easily have caused some people some consternation."

snippet two:
The other part of this tale is Jamal Khan.

When Mohammad Jamal Khan pleaded guilty to trying to evade the requirement that large cash transactions be reported to banks and the government, federal prosecutors added an unusual caveat to his plea agreement: There would be no immunity from possible prosecution in the future for crimes relating to Sept. 11. The agreement adds: "The U.S. Attorney is simply not aware of the involvement by the defendant in these crimes at this time."

A very strange thing to add to a petty, white collar crime plea bargain, don't you think?

Now of the five characters in this little 9-11 subplot, four are dead and Jamal Khan is apparently on the run.

What is interesting to me is that the FBI never disputed the possibility that Dr. Graham's meetings and suspicions about the 9-11 hijackers were true. Or that they were hosted by Jamal Khan. They only disputed Dr. Graham's timeline of when he actually reported the meetings to the FBI. And by adding that little tidbit to Jamal Khan's plea bargain it appears that the FBI was very interested in Jamal Khan's possible involvement with the planning of the 9-11 attacks.

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