Boston Tea Party for 9/11 Truth kicks-off Tonight

Boston Tea Party for 9/11 Truth

(More details, other cities, check out comments area as well.)

Friday December 15th, 2006 - 7PM

Boston College - McGuinn Auditorium Directions: BC McGuinn Auditorium
An Evening with Dr. Bob Bowman and John Albanese

Dr Bob Bowman

USAF Lt. Col. (Ret ) Democratic 9/11 Truth – Congressional Candidate– Former Director of Advanced Space Programs Development for the U.S. Air Force in the Ford and Carter administrations.

John Albanese

Film producer of Everybody’s Gotta Learn Sometime
Film Screening and Presentation Media Relations: Breaking the Barriers of Conspiracy Theory – Demanding Accountability from the Media

Good Luck...

To all...

"I think that we have to look at these alternative groups and these alternative people who are continuing to make films and bring their research to the public."

Sally Regenhard - 9/11 Family Member

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Gingerbread Nazis

Funny how people flAMing such! Smell like spooks.

Can't debate the point. Stoop to childish razes!
Can I come play in your sand box with ya?
“it is possible to fool all the people all the time—when government and press cooperate.” George Seldes - "legendary investigative reporter"

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oh yes, that was LOVELY. Way

oh yes, that was LOVELY. Way to GO! Aren't you PROUD of yourself?!

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It would take 20 people. A caveman & his 19 srew-ups.

(I mean 21 or 22. You should have an extra patsy or 2 to get "caught" for a big show trial, like Zacarias Moussaoui.)

Good luck to everybody

Good luck to everybody going, I REALLY wish I could make it...but lack of funds will do that in a fund-ruled society.


Don't forget Khalid Sheik Mohammed.... I mean would the 9/11 Commission Report exist without his testimonial? We will never be able to see the transcripts from his interrogation... but I'm sure that all the references in that report that are attributed to his testimony are legit.

You see.... torture does work.

I still don't understand why the press that were shown his capture belly laughed out loud because of the rediculousness and the blatently obvious staged event of his capture. What ever happened to KSM?




Privey to the plot or a victim of the circumstances and now witholding information which would lead to those privey to the plot.

We know what happens to those who talk.... and we know several people have been gagged and threatened.

SPAM ALERT! Not quite as

SPAM ALERT! Not quite as bad a s troll alert...

This was posted in another comments forum. My guess is they're looking for high figures to suport the "with so many people in on it it couldn't possibly be kept a secret" guff. Ignore or vote for the lowest figure, is what I'd do.

I voted 50-100. I honestly

I voted 50-100. I honestly don't know why people are voting for 1000+. There certainly is legitimacy to the argument if so many knew how was it not leaked.

The poll isn't scientific so it could never be persuasive anyway.

"There certainly is

"There certainly is legitimacy to the argument if so many knew how was it not leaked."

True, but debunkers use it as part of a two part jab-punch:

1: for 911 to be an inside job HUNDREDS or thousands of people had to be involved--
2: but if so many people were involved it couldn't possibly be kept secret.

It's used as part of their frame. That's why I want to low ball them, because I do think this "poll" is fishing for material to validate that frame.

Remember, the lack of scientific validity has never stopped them from pulling shite. But I agree with your comment below-- that many parts of the operation were "outsourced", so to speak.

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.


Don't forget the role of compartmentalization, either--people within official bureaucracies (i.e., not outsourced) carrying out assigned tasks without any idea of how these fit into a larger puzzle. Perhaps a critical distinction, therefore, between witting and unwitting participants needs to be made when talking about 'how many would have needed to be involved.' I see no reason why the number of witting participants would need to be as high as would-be 'de-bunkers' like to assert. What matters is not quantity of conscious participants, but how well-placed they are.

Rain in SF Bay Area

Tomorrow we have our "9/11 Boston Tea Party" here in San Francisco. It is raining today and the weather man calls for more rain tomorrow. Please say a prayer for good weather. If it continues to rain I fear we will have a poor turnout...........Also.........Check this out if you havn't checked it already. Good 9/11 truth web site with a very good audio. AJ and Jesse from TVNEWSLIES posted it also. Do we need more proof of an inside job? Listen up you trolls. This is straight from the horses mouth if you get my drift.

"How many people would it

"How many people would it take to carry out 911?"

When our government was planning to pull off Operation Northwoods as a phony prestext to the invasion of Cuba in the 60's, manpower and logistics and secrecy didn't seem to be an issue. I would say 911 would take roughly the same amount of people.

Try again troll.

In truth, Operation

In truth, Operation Northwoods isn't even close to the magnitude of 9/11. Sure there are FBI agents willing to participate in a false flag op against Cuba. No, there aren't that many FBI agents willing to participate in the death of 3,000 Americans and the destruction of two American landmarks. That's why Mossad played an integral role.

I notice that the Boston

I notice that the Boston site describes 9/11 truth "leaders" as including Barbara Honegger . ..

Saturday, December 16th, 2006
The Boston Tea Party for 9/11 Truth
12 NOON – Reading of the Proclamation by Colonial Citizens of New England and National 9/11 Truth Movement Leaders
Dr. Bob Bowman, Kevin Barrett and Barbara Honegger

What's with THAT? Honegger has promoted a LOT of nonsense, i.e., said that IRAN did 9/11, that the Shoebomber is actually Osama, that bombs went off in the Pentagon because some clocks seemed to be stopped at that time, etc. She is hardly a "leader"! She has never even published a book, thankfully . . .

Oilempire writes:

"Navy employee Barbara Honegger offers the piggy back theory -- the hijackers found out about the overlapping war games and timed their attack to take advantage of the confusion. This is probably a limited hang out designed to keep military officers from whistleblowing, since the claim that al-Qaeda supposedly compromised US operational security procedures could be very effective at keeping insiders from explaining what they know about the exercises. Honegger has since made ludicrous claims that "shoe bomber" Richard Reid was really Osama and that the Pentagon was hit several minutes before it was struck by the plane (probably false leads designed to soak up time and energy on a wild goose chase)."

Honegger promotes the idea that the "terrorists" learned of the wargames and then chose to time their attack when the US air defense system would think that it was merely a simulation. Who is helped by this theory? Insiders.

Oilempire writes:

The "Piggy Back" theory - did the hijackers time their attacks for the wargames - or did the government piggy back the attack onto the wargames?
Who would be able to delay scrambling of interceptors, especially after the WTC had been hit?

"Feature: The U.S. Government, Not the Hijackers, 'Chose' the Date of the 9-11 Attacks"
by Barbara Honegger [no longer posted on line]

This is a curious article - it discusses the NRO / CIA "simulation" of the plane crash into the NRO headquarters and supposes that the "terrorists" learned of this exercise and then chose to time their attack when the US air defense system would think that it was merely a simulation, ensuring the real attack's success. It is just as likely that the "simulation" exercise was used by elements in the military / intelligence agencies to distract the air defense apparatus to ensure that the attack would actually succeed. This alternate interpretation is consistent with the theory that the Bush-Cheney administration (and the forces they represent) either saw the attacks coming and chose to let them happen, if not actually planned them.

But this is how it always goes down . . . what could have been a good event is infiltrated by the disinfo crowd.

A quick search online finds

A quick search online finds what Honegger is writing about . . .

NPS Aces Second Annual DoD Cyber Defense Exercise
by Barbara Honegger

All the National Security Agency’s Trojan horses and Air Force and Army’s info-warriors couldn’t break through the cyber walls erected by the Naval Postgraduate School’s ace “Blue” Team, which received the highest score in the Inter-Service Academy Cyber Defense Exercise (CDE) for the second year in a row.

Is this really a 9/11 Truth Movement "Leader"????

I think all of us ought to be discouraging use of the word


It's just asking for trouble.

How about doing the most

How about doing the most basic google searches when "former" military, CIA and White House connected people are asking to be featured in our 9/11 truth public events?

It seems like common sense, but apparently is not.

good digging. I don't use

good digging. I don't use the word shill much and I hate it when others use it so liberally, but the article you refer to that she wrote, in addition to the piggy-back and reid is really osama, makes me think she really is a government shill.

Great write-up. Her

Great write-up. Her piggy-back theory does look very much like disinformation. As well as the ridiculous notion that al Qaeda had an "insider". Who is this Barbara Honegger?

As the evidence plies up and

As the evidence plies up and the OT starts to fall apart, they will be desparate to explain what we all see is obvious. If they ever have to admit WTC1, 2& 7 were in fact destroyed by explosives, I'll bet a pint of Guinness they will try their damnedest to make us believe Al Qaeda planted the explosives in the buildings.

If we ever get to that point, at least impeachment proceedings should have begun...

Makes no sense

I still don't understnd why they didn't just say that there were secondary devices in the basements..... Hell the first hour of reports were full of people talking about explosions in the buildings

Agree completely. Unless

Agree completely. Unless pavlovian fucking with our heads was PART of the plan.


I'll be in Boston.

Look likes good weather for the event!. I'm going armed with stacks of fliers and my video camera. I'll try and get some vids posted on Sunday.
As for Honnager...I also have huge problems with her.
I'll try to get an interview with her, and ask some hard questions, put her on the spot and film it.all, I did with Nico in NY.

And we should stay away from making or accepting any 'leaders' of 911 Truth.......You can't hijack an ocean only a ship, so lets spend our energy making and expanding the waves, instead of ship building and searching for captains to 'lead us!!!

OT. YT...did you get my email? Radical Pragmatist

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Nice try Randkiller, nice

Nice try Randkiller, nice try.

trust me i wish it wasnt

trust me i wish it wasnt true-----
it would be way nicer if they werent full of shit

they aint worth following


I just checked, I didn't get anything.