Bringing 911 Truth to Law Enforcers

When, (not if), Bush implements Martial Law, he and his cronies expect that the Military Command, National Guard, State and Local Police, and County Sheriffs will carry out his orders without question. But history is replete with examples of sympathizers found within the chain of command, who, at the risk of their lives, due to conscience, did not obey something that conflicted with their morals and beliefs.

Let's put "Loose Change" (& other pertinent DVD's) in the hands of those who some day will be given an order to round up "the resistors, political dissidents, etc..." and take us to one of the 800+ "detention centers", i.e. FEMA concentration camps. Or, under the pretext of "protecting" us from those "evil Muslim terrorists" who have, let's say hypothetically, just released a deadly germ in the U.S., (i.e. Another "false flag" terror attack), will now "quaranteen" us "for our own protection"! Perhaps they will hesitate to carry out such an order given by criminals who mass-murdered 3000+ people on 9-11! And perhaps that hesitation will turn to outright refussal.

Let's brainstorm and come up with creative ways that we can bring the truth to the enforcers. After all, they're only human. They have families and friends they want to protect from tyranny, just like us. Many of them love God, Freedom and the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights, just like us.

One idea is to give the truth DVD's to people who have friends, sons, daughters, husbands, wives, etc... in law enforcement and the Military. There's nothing as effective as your closest innermost circle trying to wake you up!

Any other ideas?

GOD'S POWER AND WISDOM TO THE RESISTANCE! (Jesus said, "Be as wise as serpents and as harmless as doves.") God Bless! Laughing

i work at a courthouse(lots

i work at a courthouse(lots of cops in and out of that place obviously) and regularly "drop hints" if you know what i mean. its a courthouse so by law i cant pass things out there, but im always leaving flyers etc. in different areas of the building.

You're right to be vigilant

and we can't be too careful when it comes to abuse of power.

I hope I'm not the only one who thinks that with a more tense relationship in Washington Bush will have a much harder time squelching political resistance within the country, through military or other means.

I think as long as the blogosphere exists, a false flag is probably a lot less likely. Otherwise I think we would have seen it by now. Blogs weren't really a factor in 2001, although the Internet was certainly up and running, and lead to a faster uncovering of information.

The problem is that I don't think even martial law would help the neocons at this point. It would probably just make things worse for everyone.

Thank god the term

Thank god the term "false-flag" is becoming generally known. I'm a graduated history major and the first time I came across it was watching Loose Change two months ago. Of course I'd heard of Remember the Maine, but I never could have imagined that 9/11 was our Maine. Everyone should be familiar with it. And thanks to Loose Change many young people who have seen it on googlevideo have it in their lexicon. There should be thorough research into the history of false flag operations.

I'm thinking that they could use a false flag to launch a strike against Iran. This would not be a domestic false flag, but rather a military one. We have I think four carriers near Iran. No doubt Israel is drooling to hit Iran, and would assist the US in a false flag if they conspired.

As a history major myself

I can relate. It's a term that didn't come up much in class, unless the Defenestration of Prague counts?

Enough about that! Back then wars only took 30 years. Now we have to fight a 100 year long war on terror. Man are my fingers going to be tired.

I've heard blog theories about a false flag on the USS Enterprise. Since it's a relatively old and outdated carrier, and it's stationed near the Persian Gulf as of September I think, there's always a chance it could get "attacked."

I just don't think that the US would buy it, at least not to the point of a draft and all-out "war effort." Americans are tired of the bs, so I think another false flag, like I said before, is relatively unlikely at this time.

"False flag" terrorism is definitely under-taught in our

educational systems. It needs to be studied & exposed throughout everyone's education & life so that we can all be vigilant against its use.

I hope you are correct about Bush not invoking martial law

When a scared, cowardly rat is cornered, it sometimes lashes out in very dangerous ways.


I work at a donut shop and I write "911.....INSIDE JOB" in the icing on the donuts!

Just Kidding....

If you can not make it to an event tomorrow.... please be an activist wherever you can.

Go to a book store in your area and put fliers in the political book sections and the magazines

post fliers up at your local libraries, post office, coffee shop and church bulliten boards

buy a newspaper out of a machine and drop fliers in there...put one in the front window

I like to go to buffets and post fliers on the sneeze guards above the food.

flier a different neighborhood every week.... hit 50 mailboxes


it would be nice to have loyal 9/11 Truthers dispersed throughout law enforcement.

loyal? Not sure what you

loyal? Not sure what you mean by that...  All Americans should be aware of the realities that exist in our country today, independent of the misinformation that is saturated in the MSM.

Misguided loyalty is always dangerous, Loyalty to the Constitution of the United States of America is the only one that matters. 

I think some of Alex Jones' video are perfect for law

enforcement officers! Especially the ones that deal with police state, abuse of authority, etc.

They make for great holiday gifts too

For family & friends.


Fortunately a lot of law enforcement people are already into Alex Jones. His positive effect on the world is immeasurable..

Also, with respect to it's filmmakers, maybe we should go easy on suggesting Loose Change until the next release comes out.. I know it's woken up a lot of people but it does have some issues which are in the process of being fixed.