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I recently got to witness first-hand why one researcher suggested the 9/11 "Truth Movement" might more accurately be called the 9/11 UFO Cult, due to the presence of an absurdly-large contingent of people with truly bizarre belief systems.

One such individual, in an email bristling with hostility, recently demanded I admit that explosives had been placed in the World Trade Center before the attack. Otherwise, I must perforce immediately explain to him how terrorists could possibly have made WTC Building 7 fall.

I'm sure you've met the same fate. And I'm afraid I was rather, um, intemperate in the use of capital letters in my response:


You say they knew the attack was coming and they didn't do a thing to stop it. If you believe that, FIND THE FUCKING EVIDENCE AND I'LL BE THE FIRST TO CONGRATULATE YOU. It's NOT altogether inconceivable that you're right, and that they let it happen.

But the MOST that can be said about that bit of speculation is that it remains to be seen. And that is a far cry from you 9/11 truth goons, who uniformly find it difficult to conceive of 19 Arab men hating us enough to blow themselves up. If there weren't hundreds, no THOUSANDS of Arab suicide bombers, there might be a rationale for questioning the motives of the 19 hijackers. But there isn't.

The reason the govt is covering up, based on evidence I uncovered, and not on bullshit speculation, is that during the SAME month that Atta arrived to attend his flight school, the OWNER of the flight school had his Lear jet confiscated by DEA agents with submachine guns, who found 43 pounds of heroin on board. That's not speculation. That's fact. And it is to OBSCURE that fact that Adnan Khashoggi's minions started spreading money around to scumbags and refugees from Benny Hinn revivals, who pretend to be looking for the truth.

I have laid out the evidence in black and white about the flight school owner's heroin bust. Yet who among you sorry-ass creeps has publicized it or attempted to learn more by actually investigating? Don't waste your time looking. The answer is NO-ONE.

Not realizing he had been beaten by the superior force of my, um, rapier wit, my interrogator next tried the snide approach:

"Is this really Daniel Hopsicker, about whom I read with interest in the book "Fleshing Out Skull and Bones" by Kris Millegan, or some snot-nosed 9 year old who has hijacked his computer? It looks like you didn't get invited back to the Conspiracy Con in 2006. I wonder why?"

Snot-nosed? Now I was steamed.

So before replying a second time, I did a quick search and discovered that my interrogator is clearly outside what the mainstream might call "ordinary consensual reality."

For example, according to his website, the most important threat facing the world today is that of "alien locusts" infesting our planet. As if this frightening news weren't enough, he wants also to alert us to this piece of breaking news:


Earthquake resurrection is a new one on me, and I thought I had heard it all. So I wrote him back, alluding heavily, as you might expect, to his research into alien locusts. In his response he delivered the funniest line I've read in recent memory:

"I agree that 'alien locust attack' may sound funny to someone who hasn't researched the UFO and alien abduction phenomena with a biblical worldview as a foundation."

When I stopped laughing, I realized that he was right. In my cursory ruminations about alien abduction, I have never once taken the biblical worldview. So I might have mentioned this in my final retort:

"Dude, I knew I was gonna lose the alien locust community when I told you what an idiot you are. If you thought you were emailing someone who suffers fools gladly, think again. I'm a serious writer and researcher. You're a millennialist clown."

"You really should join the Shriners; at least then you'd be able to ride around in those little cars and wear a fez. Get psychiatric help. Try to resist the idea that you're needed on the front lines of the fight against the alien locusts. Say a prayer. Smell some flowers. And please, remember to take your meds."

Two days later, someone called "citizen spook" decided I was the CIA's answer to everything ailing our great Republic, which is no doubt just a coincidence.

Here's the seriously scary part: People opposing the Bush Administration's official story about 9/11 usually have anything but a "biblical foundation as a worldview." Right? In fact, that's what most of us find so creepy about Bush. But the 9/11 Truth Movement is stocked with true believers in everything from Jesus to Urantia.

Even the leading light of the movement, David Griffin, is a divinity professor, of all things, whose books have been touted endlessly in email from well-organized 9/11 truth spammers.

And yet they apparently hate Bush so much they think he's responsible for the attack.

Something here does not, um, parse…

Dr. Griffin, we have learned, recently gave an address entitled "9/11 and Demonic Consciousness."

"My thesis is that the attacks of 9/11 were products of demonic consciousness, with 'the demonic' understood as an emergent reality that is diametrically opposed to the creative power of the universe and strong enough to threaten its purposes."

People spouting off about "demonic consciousness" usually get sent to the nearest emergency room.

And then there's Brigham Young University physicist Steven Jones, prominent in Scholars for 9/11 Truth. He believes an incendiary substance, Thermite, was bolstered by sulfur to generate the exceptionally hot fires at the World Trade Center, causing the structural steel to fail and the buildings to collapse.

Sulfur has traditionally been associated with the demonic. To his credit, Prof. Jones refrains from reminding us of this fact.

Jones is, however, a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and has published a scientific paper called "Behold My Hands: Evidence for Christ's Visit in Ancient America." This paper details the archeological clues he has found supporting the belief that Jesus Christ visited Latin America after his resurrection, as chronicled in the Book of Mormon.

Anyone who can find Jesus in South America 2000 years ago is capable, clearly, of finding pretty much anything he wants to, anytime at all.

The bottom line is that this debate would be pretty funny if there weren't 3000 people dead.

Instead, the situation is Orwellian. Disinfo writ large. And it didn't happen by accident.

The Army's got a 1200-man psyops unit. I'll bet they aren't all tasked overseas.

-- Daniel Hopsicker

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Neither of the posts explained World Trade Center Building 7. Why is it so obvious that this building should have just collapsed onto itself suddenly?

Jones isn't the only one agreeing with the CD theories. If they're so incredible, why did the government never officially test the steel for thermate or sulfur residue? It would have put to rest the "conspiracy theorists" who dare to ask questions.

Why do you have to be profane and condescending in the post in order to support your viewpoint?

Remember, 9-11 is much bigger than any one person.

Who to believe, Hopsicker, or your own eyes?

I have spent many hours listening to Dave Emory and D. Hopsicker drone on about Adnan Kashoggi and his 'mileau'. Emory is no Mae Brussel, but they do cover some interesting territory. It's hard for me to believe that they're disinfo agents or working for the cia. It's also hard for me to believe that they genuinely can't tell the difference between tall buildings falling down and tall buildings being demolished with sophisticated explosives.
Maybe Hopsicker has developed a kind of myopia from knowing so much about the various personalities involved in the cover story , and it would hurt his ego to accept the big picture. Or, maybe he's lying. In any case, I've pretty much lost interest in what he has to say.

Man, I know that feeling.


didn't realize how much he bashed Ruppert.

To be short and crude,
Ruppert's book really woke me up to how shit works.

Crossing the Rubicon is definitely flawed in its omission of the Muslim Brotherhood and lacking analysis of the hijackers, and in its analysis of Cheney's control over NORAD, but it is still a very worthwhile read.

thank you -- that was very interesting

The article links to this "CitizenSpook" blog that suggests Hopsicker is pushing a CIA-infiltration-gone-bad limited hangout. I don't know about Hopsicker, but this is why I think the physical evidence is so important. I think most any intrigue could be spun into a sting gone bad.

And what exactly was your point?

I've never read a more vile-filled diatribe from such an apparently self impressed blogger on these pages. After spewing out profanity and insulting, well, I'm not sure who all got insulted, he fails to make any sort of rational conclusion.

Rants like this make the editorial cut? Help me out here. Next I'll be reading how Iraq had the lead role in 9.11 and Rummy is a hero.

If hundreds of scientists independently concur that controlled demolition brought down the three WTC buildings, and one of them thinks he saw Jesus in Brazil, does that make them all idiots?

"For my part, whatever anguish of spirit it might cost, I am willing to know the whole truth; to know it - now"
- Patrick Henry


Hopsicker evidently has some issues, which have been discussed several times here, there and everywhere. However, some of what he writes checks out, so I'm going to keep reading the madcow despite all this - sometimes it's crap, but sometimes it's good. Please let's not accuse each other of being disinfo agents just because of ego problems or because one makes mistakes occasionally.

I sort of agree w/ him. Many

I sort of agree w/ him. Many 9/11 Truthers have a myopic view of the events that transpired that day, and lash out at any opinion different from there's (similar to the way Cockburn lashed out at us). Many believe---w/ a faith similar to that in God---that the WTC towers and WTC-7 were CD's. WTC-7 is odd, and I too think it is a strong possibility it was taken down. But there is no way, shape, or form to definitively prove that.

What we can prove is based on facts in the public record.

Read books like Paul Thompson's, Nafeez Ahmed's, Peter Lance's, or Sander Hicks. Lay off the propaganda spewed out by Loose Change, the film really is making us all look like morons, perception and the reputation of the 9/11 Truth Movement is important....

....pigeon-holing the debate to Controlled Demo theories is severely flawed, there could still be a conspiracy w/ out any of the buildings being taken down (by CD).

I can understand Hopsicker's

I can understand Hopsicker's frustrations. Hardly any 911 spokespersons use the evidence he dug up with respect Atta, Abramoff and their little drug operation down their in Florida. Hopsicker recently posted an excellent article on Atta's German pal who was released from prison after proclaiming himself CIA; it wasn't even posted in the 911 blogger main features (!)

What I find strange, however, is that Hopsicker himself seems to ignore the implications of his own evidence. It is clear that Atta was a drug mule in training; he hung out on Jack Abramoff's yachts; he was connected with US intelligence; he was a sociopath with no interest in religion. He fits the patsy model perfectly.

Yet Hopsicker insists that Atta was in fact the "ringleader" of the hijackings. Doesn't make any sense. Far more plausible is that Atta played no roll whatsoever in the "hijackings" or that he was hired for one of the hijacking drills occurring that day.

The rest of his piece is just childish ad hom.


but there could not be CD without a conspiracy, and I am concerned about the ability to spin things that appear damning into incompetence or infiltration gone bad. Plus a lot of that stuff is hearsay. But I'm not saying it's not important.

I guess you are right that there is no way to prove demolition, because it has already been proved.

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