Deciphering and Responding to Rifts in the Elite

The  following excerpt may well capture an important development as we look towards the new Democrat congress and 2008 elections.  In a nutshell, there are those who say that Jim Baker, as a representative of the American imperialist old guard, is (in part through his work on the Iraq Study Group) orchestrating a realignment away from the excessively pro-Israel neocon agenda.  Presumably the Israel Lobby is reacting to this by consolidating their sway over Nancy "Now and Forever" Pelosi in Congress and by strongly supporting Clinton and Obama for president in '08, whom the media have already anointed as the frontrunners somehow.

Olmert has good reason to be "calm". While the new Congress is being apprised of its duties to Israel, the Brookings Institute is convening a forum at the Saban Center for Middle East Policy, entitled "America and Israel: Confronting a Middle east in Turmoil." The meeting will be attended by Israeli right-wing extremist, Avigdor Lieberman, as well as political bigwigs, Bill and Hillary Clinton. The context of the meeting suggests that right-leaning Israelis will be informing their friends in the Democratic Party about the anticipated attack on Iran, as well as discussing strategies for sabotaging Baker’s report. If we see the Dems lambasting the ISGs recommendations this week; we’ll know why. So, the battle lines have been drawn. On one side we have James Baker and his corporate classmates who want to restore order while preserving America’s imperial role in the region. And, on the other side, we have the neo-Trotskyites and Israeli-Jacobins who seek a fragmented and chaotic Middle East where Israel is the dominant power. (see "A Clean Break") The one group that has no voice in this "Battle of the Titans" is the American people. They lost whatever was left of their shrinking political-clout sometime around the 2000 Coronation of George Bush. In any event, Baker and his ilk are not going to sit back and watch the empire (and the military) they put together with their own two hands be systematically pulverized by a cabal of zealots pursuing an agenda that only serves Israeli hardliners. That ain’t gonna happen. Expect Baker to wheel out the heavy artillery and fight tooth-and-nail to reassert the primacy of the American ruling class. "The Lobby" may be powerful, but it’s going to be tough going to take the country away from the people who believe they own it. The struggle between the political heavyweights is about to break out into open warfare.  excerpted from Baker vs. "The Lobby"

What can we adduce to be relevant to the Truth Movement in what appears to be at some level a genuine power shift?  Is this perceived power struggle actually a ruse designed to LOOK like everything is not actually being stage managed?  Or if it is genuine, and Israel is in fact implicated in 9/11, how can we as truthers exploit this rift, if at all?  Will the Republicans really nominate McCain or Giuliani, the "9/11 perp candidates" against Clinton/Obama the "9/11 perp-friendly" candidates?  Can the Truth Movement benefit as a truly mainstream centrist force by being sandwiched between two such corrupt pro-coverup forces?

Please share your thoughts and let's keep thinking forward!

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This is an interesting take.

When considering the internecine struggles of the ruling elite, I ALWAYS think about "Angel is next." If 9/11 was a coup, who was behind it and who succumbed to it? Was it a move to make sure the puppet in chief was on board with a faction OTHER than that of his father's?

RT These articles might interest you

It regards Olmert facing a criminal investigation.

I think what you will find interesting is that this article mentions a Frank Lowy. He is Jewish-Australian worth about $3.6 billion from real estate deals.

He is founder and Chairman of the Board of Westfield Group. Westfield Group has a subsidiary Westfield America which was working with Larry Silverstein to lease the World Trade Center.

Someplace I read that he was involved with a Israeli Foundation that also had Mr. Lewis Eisenberg involved. Mr Lewis Eisenberg was the Chairman of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey re-elected in a PANYNJ press release dated April 26, 2001 Press release number: 69-2001. First appointed by Christine Todd Witman when she was Gov of NJ in 1994 and elected Chairman in 1995.
A June 12, 2001 Press Release announced a "Major Overhaul for PATH's WTC Station" as Part of a $1.04 billion capital plan.
The towers were considered "White Elephants" from the beginning. NYS leased lots of space before the original construction started just like Pataki announced that the State of NY would lease space in the replacement.
The towers had been sprayed with asbestos which neede to be removed when the law changed. The losses from the buildings were millions per year.
Mr. Eisenberg signed the July 24, 2001 lease to Frank Lowy.
Please Note that the only buildings that were destroyed were the ones in the World Trade Center Complex.

My gut feeling from the documents that I have seen so far, is that they decided to clear the old and rebuild from scratch. Who offered the idea I have no clue. For all I know it might have been the Israel PM Olmert or the US Govt or both.

Someplace I found a listing of how much Israel or Israeli charities and/or foundations have paid to each member of the govt. It's late and I'm tired. Let me know if you want me to look for it.

More links to Frank Lowy,,21076373-662,00.html;read=92566

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