Ministry Song Featuring Loose Change Audio Clips Receives Grammy Nomination

MINISTRY Mainman Comments On GRAMMY Nomination - Dec. 8, 2006

Lies, Lies, Lies features a few audio clips from Loose Change, and was recently given a nomination for a Grammy in the best metal performance category.

this song rocks! overthrow

this song rocks!

overthrow the United States Government !

speak for yourself...

speak for yourself...

"Speak for yourself" is right!

More like, hold the United States Government accountable to the U.S. Consitution and we the people!

By Constitutional Standards

By Constitutional standard, holding the US Govt accountable would be the equivalent of an overthrow.

Ministry gets it but Chomsky doen't.

Man what a song. Powerful!

Ministry gets it but Noam Chomsky doen't.

Yeah well...

By PATRIOT ACT standard, any talk of "overthrow" may get your ass LOCKED UP and perhaps labeled an "enemy combatant".

Words have power in this "new world order". Choose them wisely. Just ask Jose Padilla or the "Liberty City 7". Oh that's right... you can't. These U.S. Citizens are all in solitary confinement.

I'm just saying...

Take the Iraqi example

the common reply to someone who says hypothetically that the US should be overthrown is that the US military has far bigger guns and higher tech weapons...

well, in all honesty, the US military is breaking down right before our eyes, they are severely overextended, and many would not engage a real movement of Americans determined to remove the cancer from within.

the iraqi's have shown us that it is possible to engage the US military and cause it to expend valuable resources and equipment to put it down. They can take out M1 tanks, shoot down helicopters, etc. They keep fighting the US because they are on their own soil defending their lives. The only logistical question would be who would arm the American civilians with similar firepower as the Iraqi's have at their disposal?

Imagine what the oligarchs would have to do in the face of an armed insurrection? They can't pull any troops from the foreign entanglements at a moments notice, they cant withdraw from Iraq, Germany, England, South Korea, etc... without losing those areas to the engagements already taking place.

Hypothetically of course.

Hypothetically a keen observation.

"Many would not engage a real movement of Americans determined to remove the cancer from within."

Take a moment G-man, and ponder the thought. People do.

I'd be the first to support

I'd be the first to support the Second American Revolution, but it's vital to know that doesn't need to be armed insurection.(Unless the bastards push the point.)

As you say, successfully holding those currently in power would effectively BE revolutionary, as they have all but demolished the Constitution with their little coupe. Actually THEY have overthrown the government, though it was less of an overthrow and more of a roll-over.

Legal accountability, along with building local ecomonies with local independent manufacturing and energy production, will effectively cut the parasites off at the knees.

As for our rah, rah, "revolutionary"--well, you know what they used to say about the person in an activist group who was always agitating for radical action...

Cavere, everyone.

If I'm wrong, I appologize, but you SHOULD know better and qualify yourself,

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

Who'd be supplying the

Who'd be supplying the weapons? Try the same defense contractors who daily poison the world had a hand in 9/11...

I avoid responding to

I avoid responding to anonymous posts but this time I have to say:


And if you're into rap:

Download "Revolutionary vol 2" by Immortal Technique. Excellent, and he avoids labels so that he can speak his mind about any subject without censorship. Music brings these ideas to millions, it's so important to recognize those in the industry with the courage to speak out about this.

Immortal Censorship

Like how he censored Alex Jones (with threats) from talking about illegal immigration at Cooper Union in NYC on Sept 10th of this year?

threats? in what way did he

threats? in what way did he threaten Alex Jones? what did he say? and why the hell would Alex need to talk about immigration at a 9/11 rally anyway? if he was, then i dont blame I.T. for telling him to shut it. Alex is great and a true patriot but hes just flat wrong on a lot of issues and should stick to his strengths.

Show "YES threats" by JR

my "homeboy"? his

my "homeboy"? his "posse"?(is that racism i smell?) you heard second hand? im an un-american traitor? wait? and YOU are telling ME to grow up? how old are you again? dude, seriously, calm down dickhead. and i thought i was a reactionary asshole. jesus, i got NOTHING on you........

(ps, it was about 9/11, not one of Alex's pet issues like illegal immigration. thats why he should have "shut it". is it a problem? in many ways, sure, but screaming about it like you,Lou Dobbs and Alex do will change nothing. now leave me alone you annoying douche.)

Show "You're the racist pal" by JR

way too childish for me to

way too childish for me to even argue with you. "you punk". BAM, whos the internet tough guy? JR is! how old are you again? homeboy? and you are NOT racist right? you just feel the need to use that over and over and you happen to be obsessed with the immigration issue? probably live in Wyoming or some shit anyway.

and why are you so angry?

and why are you so angry?

Show "round and round and round" by JR

i only asked how old you

i only asked how old you were. i guess i touched a nerve huh? you act like your about 15, thats why i ask. father of this movement? look, Alex is great but thats not how it works, and you were not even there, you dont know what I.T. said to ALex Jones, if anything. you reactionary douchebag you.

lies lies 'is all lies everything they say..


Relax, Chris--he's not worth

Relax, Chris--he's not worth the upset.


Wanna know the funniest part about this whole thing with IT...?
He's not even an American!
He's a citizen of some South American country, and yet this guy has the balls to come over to NYC and threaten Alex Jones of all people at the theater where our fore-fathers once spoke!
How sick is that shit?!

"Look asshole, I can say

"Look asshole, I can say whatever the hell I want and so can you...That's what freedom is,"

Actually, what freedom is is that you can say whatever you want--AS LONG AS YOU ARE NOT THREATENING PUBLIC OR PERSONAL SAFETY.

And even then, "freedom of speech" means, you cannot be jailed, loss you job, home, etc, JUST because of what you say, AS LONG AS YOU ARE NOT THREATENING ANYONE.

These principles are honored in spirit at private events, websites, homes, AS LONG AS PEOPLE BEHAVE.

And, as Chris says, we are not impressed with tough talk behind a computer screen, especially when it's unprovoked and dirrected at allies. Some of us have had to fight in real life--we are REALLY unimpressed. So, unless you are willing to throw insults in person, leave the tough talk with the local gang who's impressed by it and behave, sunbeam.

Mind, I still remember being called "dis-info dude" by you, so my hopes aren't high.

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

Show "wow! Can i grow up to be a" by JR

Keep hiding behind that

Keep hiding behind that computer screen.. you're safe there.

Show "ooooohhh..." by JR

I just said you were safe

I just said you were safe there. Twitchy little ferret, aren't you?

Show "ooooh" by JR

How's this for free speech, JR?

STFU, troglodyte boy.

Actually, if we're going to

Actually, if we're going to exchange witty barbs, I was wondering if you're hot? Say in an Orlando Bloom/ Jonny Depp kind of way?

I love those pretty seeing you, sweetheart.

And If You like that one!!

This is from 1992 Bush I era, they were already singing about N.W,O.!

All the locals hide their tears of regret
Open fire cos I love you to death
Sky high, with a heartache of stone
Youll never see me cos Im always alone

How to love without a trace of dissent
Ill buy the torture cos you pay for the rent
Tied high with a broken command
Youre all alone to the promised land

Im in love with this malicious intent
Youve been taken but you dont know it yet
What you will know must never live to be found
Cos its the subject of the eyes of the clown

(repeats with Bush saying New World Order)


if they win the grammy...

if they win the grammy... are they gonna be able to make an acceptance speech? if they do, that could be huge if they decide to plug loose change or something like that or if they say "911 was an inside job".... they'll probably say something like that... i wouldn't peg them as a group that would go and thank their mothers, fans and god.

Al Jurgensen is not your

Al Jurgensen is not your typical musician... If he does win the Grammy, I am sure he would be "On Point"

Ministry is really just one person...  Much like Nine Inch Nails. 

Can't stop it

The 9/11 Truth movement just keeps picking up steam....watching the neocons trying to stop it is like watching a frantic 8-year old attempting to stop the rising tide from washing away his sand castle.

Within a year I believe we're going to see some major developments. With the supeona power the Democrats now wield in the Senate, we should start to see some tough questions getting asked. Write your congress critters often, and remind them why we put them in power.

Great simile

"watching the neocons trying to stop it is like watching a frantic 8-year old attempting to stop the rising tide from washing away his sand castle."

Exactly! The tide of truth is inescapable. Wink


The truth is coming out, big up to ministry that was a great song. When the truth comes out lets make sure the ruling elite can spin this so it works in there favor. Its not left or right its top vs. the bottom and we are the bottom.

Down with the NWO,

They didn't even mention

They didn't even mention building 7!?!?

JK..... wake up all you death metal heads

Overcome your headbangin' drain bamage



Amazing video. So happy it

Amazing video. So happy it plays on MTV2

i'm not sure most people

i'm not sure most people that watch this on mtv2 will even know what they are talking about really ....or know that quotes came from lose change great vid though

it doesn't matter if they

it doesn't matter if they know that the clips are from loose change. all that matters is that the video is obviously about 9/11 and we can clearly hear the clip "they still believe that jet fuel brought down the world trade center". that could get someone's interest peak.

Nice work by Ministry! Time for for more artists & musicians to

step up to the plate! Where are they all?


Don't forget about my man Jadakiss... One of the first artist to ask "why did Bush knock down them towers?".

Although his song was a hit, MTV still censored that line from the video.

who believes "bush knocked down the towers"?

I sure don't.

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You don't?

You don't believe Bush has any complicity at all in knocking down the towers? Either through LIHOP or MIHOP; before or after the fact?

If not Bush, then who?

who knocked down the towers?

Larry Silverstein hired whoever did the work. And that was


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero - Harvard Task Force


That song was awesome! I

That song was awesome! I think instead of black flag's Rise Above on my alarm clock I'll have this one.

I always thought this

I always thought this Ministry Track was a good 911 Truth type track if you listen to the lyrics and watch his attitude.

Lies Lies Lies - is cool though. (first saw it on

Ministry rock !

Ministry has been one of my

Ministry has been one of my favorite bands since i was like 14. its so great to see Al Jourgenson still has it. he said the next album(which is also their last) will also be about "this corrupt administration", so hopefully this wont be the only 9/11 truth related song they make.

When I was 14... the 80's, Ministry was a wimpy new wave band with hits like "Halloween"! It's amazing this is the same band!
I kind of like the old stuff too though, it's not bad.

Amy Goodman from Democracy Now on CSPAN

A caller just asked Amy if she had seen From Freedom to Fascism. He mentioned that 9/11 played into the film. She responded - 'No, I haven't seen that film'

Goodman is a disciple of Chomsky. How much longer will they

play, "The Emperor Has No Clothes" against us???

Please take this poll.

Since we didn't plan the attack and...

...are "on the outside looking in" of this obvious Inside Job, we can't possibly be expected to answer that, you stupid fuck.....


Ministry is on board!

This is huge! I never heard this before but of course where would I hear it?
I hope other musicians follow.
Music is a great way to get the truth out.

Pearl Jam has a song on their new album called "Inside Job" and I got all excited when I saw that, but the song has nothing to do with 9/11. Too bad, imagine if PJ, and the Chili Peppers jumped on board.

The Lyrics to that song...

Gentlemen we have called you together to inform you that we are going to overthrow the United States government
Do you still think that jet fuel brought down the World Trade Center?
Does anybody else see a problem here?
If the government has nothing to hide why are they so afraid to answer a few questions?
This story does not add up

We're on a mission to never forget
3,000 people that I’ve never met
We want some answers and all that we get
Some kind of shit about a terrorist threat
Lies Lies Lies Lies Lies Lies Lies X3
Surpise surprise

Lies Lies

We're on a mission to dig up the truth
You think we’re stupid and there’s no proof
Well let me tell you that the time has come
To pull the trigger on the smoking gun
Lies Lies Lies Lies Lies Lies Lies X3
Surpise surprise

Lies Lies Lies Lies

Don’t listen to me listen to your head
Don’t listen
Don’t listen to anything, they’ve said
Don’t listen

Lies Lies Lies Lies

America has been hijacked
Not by Al Qaeda, not by Bin Laden
But by a group of tyrants
That should be of great concern to all Americans

We're on a mission to bring out the facts
You got your stories but they all have cracks
Misinformation, lies and deceit
What made you think that we were all asleep
Lies Lies Lies Lies Lies Lies Lies X3
Surpise surprise

Lies Lies Lies Lies

Don’t listen to me listen to your head
Don’t listen
Don’t listen to anything, they’ve said
Don’t listen

Lies Lies Lies Lies

Don’t listen to me listen to your head


awesome lyrics

in case I was not clear the

in case I was not clear the first time let me say again...that song was effin awesome!!


Six months ago, I was shocked they played this song on MTV. But now I'm REALLY shocked this would recieve a grammy nom. Seems people right and left are getting sick of the bush criminals and their death industry.

not to nitpick, but whos

not to nitpick, but whos right in this equation? the grammy crowd? Ministry? both seem pretty far left to me. sadly, Bush will always have about a 30% approval rating because there will always be enough die-hards who refuse to give up on him, facts be damned. same goes for when CLinton was in office, though his presidency wasnt nearly as damaging, you always had the hardcore dems who refused to say anything bad about him and treated him like a hero. he helped to kill the media, just remember that die-hard dems.

It's not about left and right

It's about right and wrong.
Ministry is trying to put right, what once went wrong.

We Know

Any word on the Remo Conscious music video, "We Know"? Some of us Truthers are supposed to be in it. They were filming in Los Angeles.

Jeez ....... I was just

Jeez ....... I was just trying to say that it seems people are either openning their eyes or are getting the courage to speak out against this administration. My comment wasn't meant for indepth analysis, K Chris? Remember when the Dixie Chicks said they were ashamed bush was from texas? Haven't we come a long way since? That's all I meant.

jeeeezzz, i said "not to

jeeeezzz, i said "not to nitpick", its not a big deal. i just thought you were saying ministry were righties and as a fan thought i would correct you K Anonymous? haha, not a big deal man.

You are a blight on this

You are a blight on this blog.

ouch. and who the fuck are

ouch. and who the fuck are you again? Anonymous? is that you? you finally got a name? i know i know, you must be sick of me knocking the shit outta you.


Compared to the 60's musical activist scene...I just don't see nearly as many mainstream acts speaking out against 9/11lies as there were bands speaking out against Vietnam back in the 60's. Maybe it's just 'cooler' for some of these mainstream flakes to protest about something as distracting as the Iraq War....who knows? I'm just glad to see Ministry stepping up to the plate finally on what really matters...The murder of 3,000 Americans on American soil by people in the same government and not some fake scam war in Iraq of all places.

tick tock

How much longer Jackson Browne and Sting?

bring it to someone not like you...

Now is the time to get out from under the rocks of our cliques and talk across lines. Impeach, Impeach, Impeach. My own grandmother said she would go for impeachment! If we don't there is no way we can scrap this mud off of our face. We should start with our families and then move out into the community, at bus stops, coffee shops, time to talk the talk. Nancy Palosi has to realize that it isn't off the table and in fact is on the top of the pile. Nixon was a their, Clinton an adulterer, but Bush is a Murderer!!

wait a minute...

i dont think this song has been nominated.

the site gives the nomination to a song called 'the great satan' from the same album

not to burst anyones bubble or nothin'

wait again...

no im wrong, never mind

They've Been Nominated Twice

The Great Satan was from a remix disc called Rantology which got nominated in 2005. This year Lies Lies Lies from Rio Grande Blood got nominated.

good message, bad music

Good message; pity it's wrapped up in such grating, crappy music.

wrong. but ok, thats your

wrong. but ok, thats your opinion. so what do you listen to?

They Were Nominated For LiesLiesLies Great Satan Was Last year

Someone looked up the awards for 2005. Lies Lies Lies is this year. The original headline was right. They've been nominated two years in a row.


I redid this video here for awhile and would like to know what you think: