Pentagon Can't Find $2.3 Trillion!

This CBS news segment shows the Pentagon is unable to keep track of 25 percent of the money it spends, or about $2.3 trillion a year. No one knows what this money has been spent on; there are no records of it.

Despite this, defense spending has continually increased over the past few years, and few attempts have been made to ascertain where the "missing" money is, and accurate accounting alone could be used to reduce the military budget.

In all, $2.3 trillion comes to about $8,000 for every man, woman and child living in America. continued

Hey, what is a couple of missing trillion $ amonst friends?

It's merely been misplaced somewhere.


Please check the facts in this post.. the $2.3 trillion a year statement is wrong.

Rumsfeld mentioned that number supposedly referring to the total which couldn't be tracked over the past.. and he mentioned it a few times before the Sept 10 date that is often discussed, which makes the sept 10 announcement not particularly significant.

There is a question about the accountants who died in the Pentagon though..

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