9/11 'paymaster' back in court, may be cleared of Pearl's death

9/11 'paymaster' back in court, may be cleared of Pearl's death
The American Monitor
Devlin Buckley, 12/14/06

After four and a half years of delays, a Pakistani court has once again resumed hearing the appeals of four men convicted for the kidnap and murder of Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl.

In 2002, the 9/11 ‘paymaster,’ Omar Sheikh, was sentenced to death for Pearl’s execution, while three others were sentenced to life in prison.

Omar, a suspected CIA asset who reportedly wired at least $100,000 to Mohammed Atta prior to 9/11, has never been charged for his alleged role in the terrorist attacks but has become infamous for his role in the Pearl case...

the fakiest video of all

the fakiest video of all time, followed by nick berg

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Guys, I'm having a crisis of confidence. I've been pretty dedicated for a few months now but I'm losing the "faith" if you will. Noam Chomsky, despite being overly dismissive of the movement, pointed out that it resembles some kind of cult or religious fanaticism. Fiercely attacking anyone who denies our point of view and calling everyone sheep. I can't say this isn't characteristic of our group. And it is very much like a religion.

What brought me to the brink is the on flight telephone calls. I can see how the buildings could be destroyed, the patsies set up, and the commission being a sham, but I just can't see how they got away with all the telephone calls. If I can't fit it into the theory, then it breaks down, and that's what's happened to me.

You have to assume the calls were manufactured, that the ones who received the calls are either in on it or were deceived, and that the calls could not be accurately retraced to the aircraft. I really don't see how the calls can be fake and I don't understand what exactly happened on the flights. I would appreciate your feedback on this issue. For me it's the breaking point....

Please listen to Betty Ong's call if you haven't already.
I really don't see how it's fake. And if it's true, how do you explain all that happened?

First of all, who is Betty

First of all, who is Betty Ong, really? Did any of us live next door to her? I haven't seen anyone claiming to know her well. I saw one posting on the internet from someone who claimed to know her from high school, but claimed they got her graduation date wrong by five yeras.

Now, assuming that all that checks out and she's a real person, and not just a voice from an actress, she may have volunteered to help work on anti-terrorism training. (I think this is the most likely scenario.) She's sitting calmly in a room somewhere, speaking with a voice over the telephone as she reads from a script. They could have done this a few times with her, and kept the parts of the recordings they wanted to keep.

I would love to talk to people who were working with her, but no one seems to be all over the net saying what a great girlfriend she was, and how she was such a pleasure to work with, etc. I do suspect they just made her up out of thin air, but if she is a real person, they probably tricked her into getting recorded, and then, heartless murderers that they are, probably dumped some of her bone fragements at ground zero.

You would think that people who knew her would be on TV all the time, but they're not. That seems odd to me. Perhaps they were threatened or offered money on the condition that they not speak to the press. There's a lot of that going around.

I think out of the many victims on the planes, only a few of the higher profile ones are even real. The names on the planes change depending on which list you look at, which is a dead giveaway that something fishy is going on.