Did Popular Mechanics get back to Charles Goyette about the DNA?


Did Popular Mechanics ever get back to Charles Goyette about the DNA question? Where did the government get the DNA to match up to the hijackers? The best argument Davin Colburn from Popular Mechanics had was "I'll get back to you." Did Davin get back to Charles?

It is a great question!

did they?

PUMPITOUT.COM calls Davin...lol

Davin Coburn of Popular Mechanics Can't Answer a Simple Question

lmao that was great. what a

lmao that was great. what a loser!! Is it just me or does everyone else get an exhilarating feeling when douchebags are called out for saying things with zero proof. lmao kudos to the phone caller.

You're not the only one:-)

This one might be my all time fave...

PNACer William Kristol confronted about 9/11

These are exhilarating too (the best one is @ 2mins IMHO)

Gypsy confronts members of the 911 Kean Commission

God bless her for blowing

God bless her for blowing the whistle. My only wish would be that there were more people like her and that they dropped leaflets at these events. You know, she asks great questions, and the other audience members could ask the questions again during the Q&A.

I don't usually like hecklers, but I'm glad SOMEBODY is calling these people out.

They ought to be completely ashamed of themselves. In fact, they ought to be in prison. It's too bad these sociopaths think they have a place in polite society. In a few years, they'd rather admit to dumping toxic waste or selling Enron stock to widows and orphans.