Key 9-11 Facts And Assumptions Challenged By Prof. David Ray Griffin

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9-11 Investigation: key facts and assumptions about the 9-11 tragedy are systematically dismantled and proven false by retired theologician and active book writer Prof. David Ray Griffin. His documentary video - 9-11: Myth Or Reality? has some valuable insight everyone with an open mind should confront itself with.

David Ray Griffin, is a retired Philosophy and Theology professor who has spent considerable time studying, analyzing and reviewing the facts and information that did not make to the front page of most world newspapers in the aftermatch of the 9-11 tragedy.

Recently, Prof. Griffin recorded two of his public presentations that he gave in San Francisco and Oakland in March and April of this year. Out of these recordings came the release of a full-length video documentary entitled: 9/11 - The Myth and The Reality, which can be freely viewed online in its entirety (1hr 38').

In the full-featured video, Prof. Griffin details nine of the most commonly held myths and misconceptions about the events surrounding 9/11, and with microscopic precision addresses and dismantles each of the fallacies on which each one of those myths was painstakingly built.

In this unique video report I have decided to assemble here, I have extracted from the full-length video documentary, the nine short sections in which Prof. Griffin methodically dismantles by way of clear and fact-supported logic, the key foundations that keep together the mainstream story most of us still believe today.

This is man of gentle manners and having a relaxed, detached attitude. Prof. Griffin is not the typical conspiracy theorist. He is not a screamer, nor a counter-revolutionary communist. At the most superficial level Prof. Griffin really looks like a grand-fatherly figure, that inspires trust and that serves thoughtful insight gained on the battleground. As a scholar of the religious and the supernatural, he has trained himself not to get too emotional or patriotic and not to claim the direct guilt of anyone in first person. He rather unleashes a huge and unequivocable stream of logic, facts and public reports that once pulled together in the proper order, provide a visible evidence for information that was under everyone's eyes throughout this time.

In this showcase, my newsroom has worked to bring to you nine short videos extracted from Dr. Griffin full-length video documentary as well as the full and complete English text transcription of them.

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It's Jim Hoffman, not John

Granted, you were probably fooled by Griffin's description of him as a physicist; he's actually a software engineer.

The Facts Prove it

The Facts are on the Table it can not be denied anymore
each day more and more people are waking up to the
reality we are being fooled by a bunch of jerks in the government

However the power behind it, its so big that we are just scratching the surface

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