The Oddities of Flight 93

Another video of my own design complete with my trip to the Flight 93 crash site on September 8, 2006.

The Oddities of Flight 93

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Highly Suspicious

Maybe it looks like a hole in the ground because that's exactly what it was, with some scattered bits of metal scrap and a chuck of fuselage.

I'd trim down the fake TV docudrama stuff at the beginning, although it does show how Hollywood is doing it's part to get the official view out there.

Nice little propaganda machine indeed. It's too bad they just use people like that nice lady showing everyone the glossy photos.

Nice work!


Interesting video. That

Interesting video. That woman at the site doing her little propaganda schtick with the photo album was pathetic. Why would a decent person just put out a bunch of lies to the public? Wonder if she gets paid for her performance.

There is the story of the Happy Hooligans fighter pilot who received public acclamation from several sources for having shot down the plane. I think even the governor of some state gave him an award at a public ceremony. Now the whole Happy Hooligans story is disappeared. Very weird.

Something about Flight 93 went NOT according to plan A. We do not know exactly what changed things away from Plan A. I have to wonder where that plane was headed. I never heard it was headed to Camp David. I have heard it was headed to D.C. - the capitol building. If that indeed was its destination, then the whole nature of the 9-11 scenario changes to that of a coup d'etat, a takeover of our whole government.

I have also heard that its intended target was Building 7 at the WTC. If Building 7 was the target and that did not happen, then Plan B at Building 7 had to kick in. The controlled demolition of Building 7 definitely looked like a Plan B operation to me. The thing is Building 7 HAD to come down, no matter what, even if they had to do the obvious Plan B controlled demolition that they knew would be near impossible to explain in the aftermath. Building 7 HAD to come down.

I think it is interesting to speculate why Building 7 HAD to be taken down. There was a human being or human beings who were sitting at some controls setting off via a computer keyboard explosions at Tower 1 and Tower 2. Tower 2 HAD to be taken completely down BEFORE Tower 1 which was hit first. The few fires in the South Tower were judged by a fireman crew to be easily extinguishable and under control. So maybe those human beings at the controls realized that if they wanted to be able to use the explanation of fires taking down the South Tower, they would have to right away, before the North Tower, take the building down while there were at least some fires still burning. The button had to pressed at the opportune time to attempt to hold their cover story (plane impact and fires) together.

Maybe those human beings and the "command / control center" were operating from a location in Building 7. If the building was left standing and the small fires put out, maybe the the control center area would have been easily viewable by the people who would come in after the day's events to inspect the building and they would seen the place and the evidence that was the command center of the human beings doing their heinous and murderous attack.

I am just speculating, of course, but I guess I like to do that because I always end up with more good questions than just asking the obvious superficial questions. The more good questions there are, the more the inside-job incrimination becomes clear.

Blessings from Dachsie in Austin.

You know, that poor woman

You know, that poor woman showing people the photos in the binder is probably a nice person. I'm sure if government scientists announced on TV that they had found giant dinosaur eggs in that hole, she'd be there showing everyone pictures of dinosaurs and talking about how it was a hunting ground for the T-Rex. She doesn't know she's being duped.

She probably did find a picture of a map with a runway. It seems like exactly the sort of thing you'd scatter if you wanted to fake a plane crash (if that's what happened).

Very nice, love the comment

Very nice, love the comment by rumsfeld

I wonder how much the locals are ....

...... getting paid by the devil to perpetrate the myth. I hope it was worth their souls.

They confirm McClatchey's claim!

The memorial ambassador says Val's photo was taken "seconds" after the crash and that's why the plume is seen going straight up and hasn't drifted. THIS IS HUGE, because the skeptics even admit that the plume if Val's photo has drifted considerable and that Val was "mistaken" in her testimony.  What Val said:

It turns out to be the very first photo taken related. It’s -- timed it out -- it was approximately 5 seconds after impact that I snapped the photo.

The ambassador also confirms another claim Val made in saying the plume carried debris from the site and dispersed debris far away.

Val: Well the FBI, when they came in, they looked at it on my computer which is a lot clearer. They could actually see, you know, what they appear to be debris flying out from that cloud of smoke which I’m sure with modern technology they could do a little more scientific evidence I believe.


I'm telling you, Val's "Flight 93 photo" is one of our best and easiest chances to crack the 9/11 conspiracy dam.


Focus on the botched crash scene at Shanksville.