JDX on Jack Blood - follow up to Boston Center Controller Interview

For those who missed the follow up on the Jack Blood Show.... here are the archives.

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First hour interview starts at 20 mins in...

Second hour interview continues till 20 mins after the hour...

Also.. the Alex Jones interview has been moved to Tues, 12/19/06 at 1pm Eastern time.


Top Stuff JDX...

Doing a great job over at pilotsfor911truth.org

Good Luck !!!!

Great stuff, Rob. When

Great stuff, Rob. When Robin Hordon's testimony becomes widespread and embraced, no doubt the other ATCs on that day will come forward as well. The first step is the scariest, but there is much comfort in numbers. I wonder if those other ATCs agree with Hordon.

If a group of these ATCs forms and believes it was an inside job, it will empower the truth movement tenfold.

Did you say Hordon will be interviewed by Alex on Tuesday?