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Dead On Arrival
The NIST 911 Report On The World Trade Center Collapse

By Mark H. Gaffney

Note to the reader: The following is a critique of the National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST) report on the World Trade Center (WTC) collapse. The 43 volume NIST report was the result of a 3 year investigation, and was released in September 2005. It remains the official US government explanation for why the WTC collapsed on 9/11. As you are about to discover, the report itself collapses under scrutiny. There is no doubt that the NIST investigation was politically controlled by limiting its scope. This is one way to kill an investigation.

Fires raged at ground zero for many weeks after 9/11. In fact, it was not until December 19, 2001 that the NYC fire marshall declared the fires extinguished.

The fires burned long into the cleanup. The removal of steel beams and debris from the top of the pile allowed oxygen to reach the fires smoldering below. As a result, the flames often flared up, hampering worker on site. Joel Meyerowitz, a photographer, made note of this in his 2006 retrospective book, AFTERMATH. Armed with his trusty camera Meyerowitz roamed ground zero for months following the attack. Police repeatedly ejected him, but he kept returning in order to document what had happened. Eventually Meyerowitz amassed an impressive photographic record. In his fine book he remarks that the ground in places was so hot it melted the workmen's rubber boots.

But Meyerowitz was hardly the first to comment on the pile's incredible residual heat. The first accounts of molten steel came just hours after the attack: from the search and rescue teams who were among the first on the scene. Sarah Atlas, a member of New Jersey Task Force One Search and Rescue, was one of these emergency responders. Sarah reported seeing molten steel in the pile even as she searched in vain for survivors.[1]

Many have denied the existence of molten steel at ground zero. But there are too many eyewitness accounts to dismiss, including the testimony of engineers, city officials and other competent professionals who toured the ruin. One of these, Dr Keith Eaton, Chief Executive of the London-based Institution of Structural Engineers, later wrote in The Structural Engineer about what he had seen, namely: "molten metal which was still red-hot weeks after the event," as well as "four-inch thick steel plates sheered and bent in the disaster."[2]


Molten metal =another smoking gun

How many smoking guns do we need to get some traction? Any sane person should be able to see a red flag with the molten metal. The proof is there for anyone who wants to see it. It's nice to know at least somebody was there to document the crime scene. If only we knew then what we know now a lot more documenting and evidence gathering would have taken place before our own government could destroy the crime scene.


And that is why we have to be on top of the next one. I don't think these dogs are done with us. A LIHOP would be perfect right now, especially with plenty of government evidence of the evil Muslim fanatics who perpetrate the crime. You will have plenty of boys who will be itching to slaughter the Muslims in Iran and it will make the truth movement look foolish.

To all you trolls out

To all you trolls out there:

While you're sharpening your horns, I want you to think of how you are going to answer this question:

Where in the NIST report does it explain the mechanism for systematic, simultaneous, total structural failure that resulted in the near free fall collapse of WTC 1, 2 & 3?

"Bugger this; I want a better world."

Like all 911 Truth Kiddies, you cannot bear to learn

That was one of your sillier questions, bubba Jenny. I think it is hilarious that you enjoy sticking your foot in your mouth.

After 5 years and you have not learned anything about progressive collapses. Perhaps you can tell us why or are so scared that you are too chicken? Even demolition experts know all about Progressive Collapse:

All buildings want to fall down, but are prevented from doing so through their structural columns, walls and transfer girders. Innumerable ergs of potential energy are just waiting to be released. The implosion contractor creates a progressive collapse by releasing this energy through the sequential explosive removal of key structural supports, allowing gravity to do the remaining work, simultaneously using the minimum amount of explosives, creating the maximum amount of fragmentation, and minimizing the potential fly of debris.

While you are at it, you can explain why you have not learned about Progressive Collapse Mitigation, and here.

Happy reading, bubba Jenny. Try turning your brain on for a change, ok?

Congratulations, Jenny!

When a troll starts sticking to an individual blogger like stink on macaca, you know you are making too much sense; nothing pisses 'em off like being confronted with sense. (Insert mental image of Rumpelstiltskin.)

I think this dude needs to do a Paul Revere around the country and warn people to abandon steel-framed buildings entirely. "The fire-proofing is falling! The fire-proofing is falling!"

I'm still waiting to hear how his or anyone else's Progressive Collapse Theory accounts for the splintered bone fragments flung from the WTC all the way to the Deutche Bank building's roof. The Progressive Collapse Fairy? Yeah, that's it. Now we can all get back to our knitting.

"The implosion contractor

"The implosion contractor creates a progressive collapse by releasing this energy through the sequential explosive removal of key structural supports, allowing gravity to do the remaining work, simultaneously using the minimum amount of explosives, creating the maximum amount of fragmentation, and minimizing the potential fly of debris."

Congratulations on seeing the light! You agree that explosions are the only mechanism to explain systematic, simultaneous, total structural failure in WTC 1, 2 & 7.

Welcome to the 911Truth Movement!!!

I should point out this was not in the NIST report, but I guess that's why you've come to our side, eh? So, do you have a name, friend? BTW, "Bubba Jenny" just gives me a giggle everytime I see it.

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

You cannot stop sticking your foot in your mouth, bubba Jenny

I see you fell for my trap. Why do you think I chose that particular quote, eh? Nothing like sticking it to yourself!

\" releasing this energy through the sequential explosive removal of key structural supports, allowing gravity to do the remaining work,...\"

Guess you did not catch on to what that actually means, bubba Jenny.

You really made an ass of yourself today! One can never underestimate the stupidity of you 9/11 Truth Kiddies.

I understand it will take a

I understand it will take a while for you to lose your trollish habits--you have been at it awhile, haven't you, love? That's okay--relapsing is part of recovery. This might help:

"Hello, my name is Ernie-aka 911debunker-- and I am a troll."

Let's welcome Ernie and support him in his recovery process.

"Hi, Ernie"

Time for Ernie to go for some real rehab -- the crack or whatever it is is starting to interfere with his trolling! Over in another thread he just addressed simuvac as "Bubba Jenny."

Which thread is this? I

Which thread is this? I haven't found it yet...

SEQUENTIAL EXPLOSIVE releasing this energy through the sequential explosive removal of key structural supports...

Gravity will always be there, of course...

But care to explain sequential explosive removal of key structural supports at WTC 1, 2 & 7. Waiting...

Thanks, TNF; I was editing

Thanks, TNF; I was editing my post with an update like that when casseia responded, so it got lost. Not that I'm complaining--I just planned to add it when "Ernie" got back.

The Scientific Method Applied to the Thermite Hypothesis

The Scientific Method Applied to the Thermite Hypothesis
by Judy Wood and Morgan Reynolds
December 14, 2006

The one good thing I have to

The one good thing I have to say about Judy Wood is she's proof women are just as capable as men of being obsesive geeks out of touch with the real word. Now that's equality!

Her "Star Wars" collection is probably bigger than mine*sulk*--the good stuff, not that new shite.

Question: Thoughts and intent behind "Sar Wars" related comments

Jenny, do you believe in the existence of these weapons? I ask because of the way your comment sounded. It's not just that one comment. I've read quite a few posts from many different people that sound like these "Star Wars" weapons do not exist as if they were made up.

I understand that some people want to distance themselves from her work because so many people think everything is disinfo or COINTELPRO and some people think there is no basis for this hypothesis, in the first place. What I do not understand is why people make it sound like the Star Wars program and these weapons do not exist. I don't know if I'm just reading people's comments the wrong way or if it's because the name of the program (Star Wars) and its weapons are named after a sci-fi movie that is commonly associated with sci-fi and fantasy "geeks" or is it that people just do not believe in the existence of this program and its weapons?

I'm not picking on you. I just randomly chose this comment to finally ask someone the intent behind their comment because I didn't want to put off asking about this again.

I'll take your question in

I'll take your question in the spirit of inquiry it is apparently meant--and if I find out otherwise--well you know what happens to people who hassle me.

Seriously, to give you context, I consider Nicola Tesla as one of my science heros--the only reason his name is not so well know is that Marconi got to the patent office first.(then some don't know who Marconi is either...) We have more to thank Tesla than Edision for electrical applications that made the modern world we know. For example, alternating current was something Tesla made work well. Personally I'm reviewing my basic electronics because I'm interested in high-frequency electrical experiments and aplications--I've wanted to build a Tesla coil for some time.

I bring up this obscure branch of electrinics to show a) I am open and do understand applications that many think(due to crappy education/ instruction/ lack of interest) are impossibly spooky and b) I know enough about what happened to Tesla's work(patents bought up by the feds or large companies with government contracts) to know exactly what the bastards are capable of.

Could there be weapons they use we don't know about? Of course! They're already have microwave weapons that can be used for crowd control. But think of how people's eyes glaze over when you start talking about melting points, explosives, and other aspects of the physical evidence. Obviously there is a great psychological hurdle people have to over come due to Pavlovian responses instigated and encouraged by MSM. And this educated scientist thinks dumping space-beamed weapons in the mix is going to help???

This is a common problem with very educated naive geeky individuals who have never had challenges in the real world and are completely clueless about how real power works. My guess is Dr. Judy Wood still believes the myth that science and knowledge, all by themselves, will change the world. And, of course, she has no idea she's being used to discredit the Truth movement.

There are many aspects of the WTC collapses that do not match conventional CD. That said, at this point, it is a liability to shout out the most fantastic theory when the general public has has trouble accepting or understanding the conventional alternatives. And that is what I mean by Wood being a clueless geek out of touch with the real world.

We need a new investigation, not new, more alienating theories about physical evidence. I'd be less tetchy I there was some sense of reserve or qualification in what Wood says. Also, the effects she questions are GOOD questions--there could be high-frequency waves involved. But WHY does it have to be in orbit, from SPACE?

That screams a patsie encouraged to push discrediting dis-info. Reguardless of the scientific possiblities or even realities, the 911Truth movement is attempting to change the POLITICAL reality--make a better world, hold the bastards accountable. And for that we need to NOT sound like tin-foil wackos. There are plenty of other places to explore real "weird science" , 911Truth is not one of them. (I say the same thing to Holocaust deniers who troll here, BTW)

Well, that's me.

And "Phantom Menace", et al.

And "Phantom Menace", et al. laughably SUCKED!!

Thank you. I appreciate the

Thank you. I appreciate the detailed answer. I wanted to know where you stood on the subject, because your post was a little confusing to me, and now I know.

Everytime I see a comment related to these weapons, I wonder where people stand on the issue because most of them come off as humorous.

I have read some posts on here where people have explained their thoughts on this subject. If anyone else wants to share their opinion, feel free to do so.

Yeah, episodes 4-6 were the best!

I fully believe many of these weapons to exist. Popular Mechanics and Popular Science have both covered high-powered lasers and what-not from time to time. One of them even covered their uses in the Panama invasion. I think that eventually there will be evidence of some sort of black-ops new weapons and technology testing on 9/11 if everything ever comes out. Nothing would surprise me at this point. However, Jenny is absolutely right about not bringing any of that into the conversation with the mainstream. There is more than enough evidence to disprove the official story and launch an investigation so that we can find out what actually happened. The Star Wars weapons are just the next big technology step as far as weapons are concerned. 10 or 20 years from now it will all be public knowledge.

Thank you, friend.

Thank you, friend.

I don't usually aswer anonymous posts, not seriously anyway--hey, have you considered a getting a name, doesn't need to be verified, just so we have a way of complementing your good posts! Say, since you're a fan, how about "Lando Callrissian"?

For those slow ones of us,

For those slow ones of us, remember the deal Lando made with the Empire...

3-year 43 volume NIST report? What a joke!

And ordinary fires will not result in molten iron.

Any news yet on the

Any news yet on the NIST-commissioned investigation into WTC-7? Check out and and notice the limits to the scope of research: everything except for the first 7 floors...!!!
Does anyone feel like making a few taped phone calls to the relevant people at NIST and ask them why the hell they've set these research limits?!

NIST scientists

And maybe tell them they better get it right this time, especially if they are signing their name to the report.

who were the NIST experts

Can we get names and background of the NIST experts?

what corporations are they with? which boards do they sit on? Are the Corporations they are CEO's with making profit off this war in Iraq?

Is there a connection with the experts and this administration?

In the speech that Kevin

In the speech that Kevin Ryan gives in Chicago, covering the flaws in the NIST report, he talks about who some of the NIST scientists are. This can be found on google video.

From the NIST website (see

From the NIST website (see above):
"For more information, contact Joan Smith, 301-975-6458, and Mike Szwed, 301-975-6330,"
Does anyone feel like contacting these people to ask them about the ongoing investigation (and its already apparent flaws) into WTC-7?

Cheers from Amsterdam,

You mean you failed to read the NIST report?

It figures that you 9/11 Truth Kiddies never bothered to read the NIST report. Their names are ALL listed in the report.

The NIST report is inherently rendered pointless.

Shanksville shows a plane that was completely self-destructing upon impact. Ditto on Pentagon.

So I'll repeat my question, as poised from day one, it's important to go over this because none of the so-called 'physics' experts has dared comment directly to me about it, yet it persists as much more important than the 'price' of Steel in Hell...

The no planers are silent, the 'pod' people couldn't even connect the dots to see the obvious missile hurling it's way well into mid- Tribecca, (as seen leaping across the frame from the river helicopter-shots.) And, of course, you can't have this both-ways, unless I am completely right. Meaning, 100% accurate! -Better than the entire team at the DOD, and at NIST!:

I have told you there was a --MODEL-- in the uptown library, at Emery Roth's Offices. I touched the material that lined the inner-surfaces of the EXTRUDED aluminum panels. It burned my hand.

My boss came in and said: Shit, I didn't know you were in there. We've got to get that model into storage! Dont' touch it". (Under the desk I wiped my stinging fingers on my jeans.) "No way, I won't touch it!" I said, "It's a work of art! In fact, why is it here?" ...The building is 16 years old. Now, who's going to be paying for a brand new, precisely milled, scale 'study model'? This thing cost around $60,k to fabricate, as a one-of. Or maybe say, $10,k each, if there were several made as demolition-tests. In fact, I think he said it cost more than that. (Ask Lennin & Sokoloski.)

So, the building exterior was 're-insulated' at some point with this special aggegrate mixture that looked like green silicon and rocks. It was fabricated so as it looked like the entire- inner-surface - was impervious to air and water. The 'chunks' were probably Sodium, and obviously it contained a lot of Sulfur.

And the plane, (any plane) could have therefore penetrated the building?

So far, you have - - no OTHER working model- - of a way to even get the 450MPH, 757 through the frickin' skin! None, Nada. Quite logically, then the plane ALSO has this material applied to it's interior surfaces, -am I right? Of course I'm right. I'm also the only one still living who's named the actual names of those who knew all this. We also know (generally) how to find them...

"NO" To an 'investigation.' "Yes" to a public 'TRIAL!'

Tom-Scott Gordon, WTC Photographer

~ First they ridicule you, then you look for better ways to be entertained!


I just edited this post because I originally asked you to explain what you were talking about, but after posting, I clicked your name and I went to your site to read some of the details. This is the first time I have heard about all of this. Wow...I'm still reading your site as I pause to type this.

Also, you said, "the 'pod' people couldn't even connect the dots to see the obvious missile hurling it's way well into mid- Tribecca, (as seen leaping across the frame from the river helicopter-shots.)." Did you mean this literally?

Yes, literally. Can I post the picture here?

I just grabbed that .jpg recently, so it's here someplace. (This pc is the only one of three that has Flash for viewing your site.)

How about this, Jason. I will post the image to my site and draw an assumption about the landing spot based on it's apparent trajectory. I also have a couple of frames (not real sharp) from an amateur who shot from the top of the building where I used to live. (It's up now.)

~First they ridicule you, then you look for better ways to be entertained!

I'm not Jason Bermas, if

I'm not Jason Bermas, if that's what you're thinking. You said "for viewing your site" so that's the impression that I got.

I'm not sure if you can post images here or not. If it's not possible, you can always just post the link itself. Feel free to post any information you can because I'm definitely interested.

I read just about everything on your site after I posted that question yesterday. I don't even know what to say.

I just ran a search on here to try to find any posts relating to the information that you have and I saw that your story was posted here by someone else a few months ago. I guess it was someone who read it and then posted it here. I do remember that thread, but not for the title of it or for the information it contained (your story). I was disappointed to see that thread turn into a huge debate that basically ignored the topic.

Thank you for sharing. I don't believe every random thing I read, but in this case, I feel that you are telling the truth. Obviously, I do not know that for a fact...who can say that about anything...especially things related to 9/11?

quick question

if anyone's still awake or to all those early risers... i'm wondering if someone can give me some information about the communications between the PEOC and the Situation Room on 9/11. Could Richard Clarke see what Cheney was doing? What was the deal with the communication between the rooms? thanks

Enough is Enough!

You know, we can keep talking about this until the cows come home. For my part, it is preaching to the converted. What we need now is action.

Let us say we could print this story in every mainstream paper in the United States. Let us say that every TV station covered it, and let us say that it was a given that it were 100% accepted by everybody that yes, there surely was molten metal under the ruins of the WTC. As it is, your officials would probably shrug their shoulders and say "oh, how interesting", and "itsn't that odd?!"

Nothing would be done about it, in other words. Is not the very existence of molten meltal enough evidence for a new, and independent inquiry? Regardless of anything else, does it not disprove the official explanation, showing that something else was at work on the 11th September?

Methinks that much will continue to be made about this here, but if the matter be only spoken about instead of acted upon, it is sadly only a matter of time ere the truth movement become a mere footnote in the history books. The 11th September will become the Kennedy of the 21st Century, where many believed that there were a conspiracy, but nothing was ever proven.

I am not optimistic about this.

The simple approach . . .

It is a matter of public record that the Search and Rescue Squads had their boots melted to the point that they were worthless on a daily basis, sometimes even more often than that.

Kind of hard to argue with that.

"For my part, whatever anguish of spirit it might cost, I am willing to know the whole truth; to know it - now"
- Patrick Henry

It's difficult to get TV

It's difficult to get TV brainwashed zombies to comprehend what truely happened on 9/11. But, here's something I tried during a recent family gathering. We were sitting around after a big meal watching football. There was a fire in the fireplace. I suddenly let out a loud yell to get everyones attention. I cried "oh no, that fire is going melt through
that metal grating and start the house on fire". Everyone in the room
looked at me like I'm nuts and they replied "it won't melt fool, that type
of iron metal won't melt in a fire. I looked them straight in the eye
and said "why not, that's what were expected to believe happened
on 9/11". They all gave me a look like "oh my God, he's right". It