Pics from the SF Tea Party

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Much love and admiration to everyone who attended.

"I think that we have to look at these alternative groups and these alternative people who are continuing to make films and bring their research to the public."

Sally Regenhard - 9/11 Family Member

Good Link

Here is a link to more very good pictures from yesterday's event in San Francisco.

I forgot to add

Carol looked just GREAT in her costume. I think I will start calling her the Betsy Ross of the 9/11 truth movement. Boy does this country need more patriots like her..................................Every Dog Has His Day, Our Day Is NOW!.....................................

I second that!


I don't know too much about Betsy Ross

but I'm willing to bet she didn't have anything on Carol Brouillet. I couldn't even begin to express my gratitude to Carol. She was organizing 9/11 Truth action starting in January 2002 and she has not let up for one second. She is the definition of inspiration.


Excellent Job my fellow San Franciscans

The wind was brutal, but so is being porked by a herd of elephants.
For further reference and especially to the newbies, my 9/11=PNAC Plot page will wake up the dead. Today I posted #689, a video that's particularly repulsive,

From Boston

We do not know who attacked us September 11, 2001. I wish we did, but we don't.

That is a hard truth to swallow because that was a day that cut into the heart of the world by opening the gates for two wars that continue today more than 5 years later with no end in sight.

Hard as it is to admit we have been wrong, we can handle it. This generation of Americans has no choice if we want to save our republic and hand down to the coming generations a government by and for the people.

According to former FBI Director Louis Freeh, writing for The Wall Street Journal, " . . .military experts had identified Mohamed Atta by name (and maybe photograph) as an al Qaeda agent operating in the U.S. Subsequently, military officers assigned to Able Danger [the program that uncovered Atta] were prevented from sharing this critical information with FBI agents, even though appointments had been made to do so. Why?"

To know why these terrorists were protected, we must find out who prevented "the sharing of this critical information" and have those people testify. But we have not done that. The 9-11 Commission Report never pursued this line. Not a single reference to this fact appears in the report even though the commission had the information.

We have not tried to answer the tough questions necessary to save the liberty we have inherited.

If we are to preserve our fundamental rights, we must do the hard work of citizenship. We the people have empowered our government. Now we must make it turn over every rock and uncover every accomplice. By ignoring key evidence, the 9-11 Commission failed to protect our basic right to life. Such a drastic failure deserves drastic action.

That's why, on the 233rd anniversary of the Boston Tea Party, patriot groups around the country openly rejected the 9-11 Commission Report, speaking through a bull horn for hours on the failures of the investigation. Fitting that today's patriots should choose to emulate the Tea Party. Both events, at their core, were loud and clear gestures defying the sneakiness of a ruling elite. And just like the original Tea Party, the dumping of the offending article into the harbor was peaceful and somewhat anticlimactic. Yet, in the air was a challenge. The velvet glove has been snatched from the fist of the tyrant and thrown to the ground. En garde!

In 1773, King George responded with martial law in Massachusetts.
In 2006, the patriots are not awaiting a reply. They are hatching their next move. Will it be a citizen's initiative in New York city to establish an independent commission to investigate, honestly, the crimes of 9-11?

Will it a be a similar measure in Burlington, Vermont? Will a U.S. Congressman, Leahy, Waxman, Kucinich, Feingold, or some other, step forward to promote accountability along with it's possible consequences of criminal prosecution? So far, all we have heard is the Pelosi mantra: "Impeachment is off the table." Since impeachment is the only recourse we have against a criminal president, it seems the new Democratic leadership has no desire for honest inquiry. How can you have oversight without consequences? If the president has been found to lie to the 9-11 Commission, how can anyone allow him to remain in office? This impeachment-off-the-table crap shows that we have made no change since we will make no serious corrections. The lesser of two evils has left us in the desert blasting away with radioactive weapons like some kid afraid of the dark. We require justice. We are served scapegoats.

You don't believe the 9-11 Commission blames scapegoats? Don't take my word for it. Listen to the FBI: "The FBI has said that the identities of some of its list of 19 hijackers behind [9-11's] devastating attacks are in doubt. It believes that some of the hijackers used false identities, possibly even names of people who are still alive, which could significantly complicate the manhunt."

None of this information was pursued by the 9-11 Commission. No wonder the patriots refer to it as the "Omission Report."

I humbly suggest that if some of the hijackers used fake names, given the coordination of the attack, likely all of the hijackers used fake names, leaving us without a single authentic suspect.

Osama bin Laden? The FBI admits it has no hard evidence linking him to the 9-11 attacks.

And even if it was him, why has nobody made the President explain why the number one terrorist has been allowed to escape so many times?

These are the concerns that sent hundreds of us to Faneuil Hall in Boston and down to the harbor, shouting, exercising our freedom of speech, reaching out to the thousands of holiday shoppers, shaking hands, explaining, answering, asking, handing out DVD's and flyers, imploring our fellows to harken to a day when colonial Americans, enjoying the highest standard of living in the world, destroyed their favorite creature comfort for the sake of liberty. That is all the power we have right now. None of us can issue the subpoenas and warrants that are needed, but we are growing stronger and we mean save our country. What else can we do?

Wish That I would've been there!

And though I was not there physically, I most definetly was in spirit. Thank you all for everything that you do for TRUTH!



oh i get it... it's full of

oh i get it... it's full of holes... hahahah... good one

fake NIST WTC 7 pic?

fake pic

Anything is possible at this point with these bastards that call themselves scientists.

Where did the FigD_01.jpg

Where did the FigD_01.jpg picture come from?  (Chain of custody and all that?)

Yes, where indeed did

Yes, where indeed did FigD_01.jpg come from?

If the source of that photo can be trusted, this MUST mean that the NIST photo of the SW corner of WTC7 showing the 'chunk' out the building is fake. ONE of those photos is fake, because they both show the SW corner obviously AFTER both towers had fallen and done their damage and they do NOT agree.

Kudos to all attending the SF Tea Party! Wish I couldv'e been there.

i have my suspicions of

i have my suspicions of FigD_01.jpg as there are some extremely harsh shadows in the lower portion of the front face of WTC7, I cannot invision how they would be created in that environment... @ roughly the 17th floor...

So where did you get this image? <gamma set to 3.5 via levels filter>

extracted from the xmp data


<rdf:Description rdf:about="uuid:0a6fb631-6493-11db-94dd-b062a7d64efb"
<xap:CreatorTool>Adobe Photoshop CS Windows</xap:CreatorTool>


<rdf:Description rdf:about="uuid:0a6fb631-6493-11db-94dd-b062a7d64efb"
<rdf:li>Aman Zafar</rdf:li>
<rdf:li xml:lang="x-default">World Trade Center (WTC)</rdf:li>
<rdf:li xml:lang="x-default">Aman Zafar (</rdf:li>
<rdf:li>World Trade Center</rdf:li>
<rdf:li>Copyright Aman Zafar (</rdf:li>


Note - the file was created on 10/25/2006 @ 7:04pm - Local time - Pacific US

source - ISO 8601 - 

source of image

Looks like the shadow is created by the top of the center-most building (with Dome)... I leave the verification with those that can calculate the shadows that would be projected from the buildings at around the time of the second tower collapse - WHICH btw seems to be the smoke/dust from WTC1...


matching shadow on image

<edit: I looked at some more photos of ground zero, and what I thought was a shadow is actually the top of WTC6 (Black Facade)...

BUT WTC6 is only a 7 story structure! (I counted down from the top most story and the facade of WTC6 would have to be around the 11th and 10th floor of WTC7 - I do not know the relative elevations of the pier from where the photograph was taken ~ sea level probably)

I also checked with Amar via email and he states that the 35mm negative was damaged and he threw it away...

I am sure someone with a better grasp of photoanalysis than I can verify if that black object is indeed WTC6 and thus remove all doubt...

I am confused about Amar's statement though, either the negative is safe, far from him, or it was confiscated by the FBI, or his statement is true, and it was destroyed.  He is a really good photographer so I doubt he would be so careless with precious photos such as those, so if his statement is true, someone damaged them without his knowledge.  He is now living in Canada...

definitely strange....

There is definitely a discrepancy with those 2 pictures. If you count down from the 2 smoked out floors at the top of the NIST pic you can see the damage/scoop out begins 11 floors below. In the other picture, when you count down 11 stories from those 2 floors the level has smoke coming out of it, but the floors below are indeed intact. There is no scoop out. Hmmmmmm....interesting find.


---From a decon @ my church: "I want to tell you something very serious..very serious, but I don't want you to say 'I told you so'. I want you to forgive me..You were right. I know the truth about 9/11.

i got the picture from

i got the picture from here:

i found it strange, because that guy wrote this huge thing on a different pic that didn't really show that area as much as this one, and he just had this one photo that clearly showed below the 18th floor just there i think as a reference point.

I was asked yesterday...

By the lone individual that attended our "Tea Party"... "What can we do?"

Now That You Know, What Can You Do? Activism Section

"I think that we have to look at these alternative groups and these alternative people who are continuing to make films and bring their research to the public."

Sally Regenhard - 9/11 Family Member

Great Stuff!!!!

Great Stuff!!!!

Friends, these tea party

Friends, these tea party pictures and videos are intensely moving. You are the America I love and revere.



"I think that we have to look at these alternative groups and these alternative people who are continuing to make films and bring their research to the public."

Sally Regenhard - 9/11 Family Member

Wonderful Job !!

This is the start of something much bigger--and a moment we'll all remember.

Those costumes and the holey

Those costumes and the holey "Omission Report" are a fantastic idea!! Inspiring, commendable and a genius creative imagination! Bravo to everyone involved!!! Amazing!!


Awesomeness! I mean REALLY that is one for the history books. Good Job!

One hit on google news

"PR WEB" prints the press release for this event.

That's it.

The media does not care if you toss things into the water. It's not something they can be bothered to write about or photograph.

So -- again -- I keep telling you guys to BURN THE 9-11 COMMISSION REPORT IN FRONT OF CONGRESS ON THEIR FIRST DAY, JAN. 3 2007.

Smoke rising up into the Washington sky is visual, and disturbing, and with all the media reporters there for the new congress, it will be COVERED.

Time is running out. If this congress is allowed to ignore 9-11, it is all over. September 11th will be some ancient history, and justice will be buried (along with the truth, accountability, integrity and honor).


9-11 TRUTH ACTION: Burn your copy of the 9-11 Commission Report in front of Congress on January 3rd, 2007

Seize the moment with a new tea party for the new millenium.

The 9-11 Truth Movement should converge on the new business as usual 110th Congress, and bring as much media and independent video as possible. As Nancy Pelosi plays footsie with George W. Bush, the movement will burn a giant stack of 9-11 Omission Commission reports outside the building.

This is the time. This is the opportunity. If you can get to the US Capitol on January 3rd with a copy of the 9-11 Commission Report (printed off the internet, or purchased), then make a huge bonfire. Challenge the congress to see the movement. Challenge them to acknowledge the crowds. Challenge them to respond.

Please pass this to everyone in the 9-11 Truth Movement. Time is of the essence. January 3rd, 2007 is when the new Congress seizes power.

As far as I know, burning the flag is First Amendment protected speech. Therefore burning this state sponsored collection of lies should also fall under First Amendment protected speech, as well as petitioning the government for a redress of grievances.

This is a NON-VIOLENT and PEACEFUL action to petition the US Congress for a redress of grievances, so they will reinvestigate September 11th, 2001. The bonfire should be done in a safe, open area and in a responsible manner with no chance of property damage or injury to anyone, preferably outside of the tight security zone directly surrounding the Capitol building.

TV and print media reporters will be there to cover the changing of the guard in Congress. Their attention is crucial.


For this protest in Washington, DC to be a success, it's going to take at least several dozen -- better several hundred -- persons to participate (a million would be nice :). Please forward the info on to your lists and friends in the region.

I realize that some don't agree with this tactic. However, think how happy you'll be if this action gets broadcast everywhere, upstages the Congress, and Congresspersons start getting asked numerous questions about the failings of the 9-11 Commission Report as a result.

I see it on par with our founding fathers burning King George III in effigy.


I hate to break it to you,but the mainstream media serves only themselves. Considering all the options the government has in the public propaganda machine, is it any surprise they wouldn't cover this issue? Did the British show up at the original Boston Tea Party and say 'hey, let's make sure everyone knows about this!'? I think not.

Slight correction.

The media do not serve so much themselves but are subserviant to their luciferian DARKLORD masters at the council on foreign relations, the trilateral commission, the royal institute on international affairs, the club of rome and in the end the NEW WORLD ORDER.



Wow, you guys...

Your props and costumes were incredible -- the swiss cheese Commission Report is a stroke of genius!

Fantastic work! Thank you!

All out goodness.

I am amazed at the passion the people of this protest put in. Really cool stuff. TRUE patriots.

Brilliant! As I've said,

Brilliant! As I've said, the period garb is very powerful visually. That this wasn't covered in the MSM even as a puff peice speaks volumes.

I'd suggest continuing to tap this American archtype in other events--even if all you can spring for is a tri-cornered hat/ bonnet and cloak the goons are very reluctant to harrass historical "patriotic"images.

Again, excellent work!


Everyone did a FANTASTIC job.

"I think that we have to look at these alternative groups and these alternative people who are continuing to make films and bring their research to the public."

Sally Regenhard - 9/11 Family Member

OK I'm home now

Thanks for the soundtrack :)

Let's get some good ideas for the next Day of Action. 

Check it out!!

Video News coverage of the SF Tea Party:

Write and thank CBS-5 for their extremely fair coverage of this event:

hell yeah

I gotta capture that - thanks for the link, s4!

Amazing! Very awesome thanks

Amazing! Very awesome thanks for going out and doing that guys...