The "Spitzer Team" to take a fresh look at ...

...the Freedom Tower.

One of the points in the 12-16-2006 NY Times article located at:

NYS' "Governor-elect Eliot Spitzer’s choice to lead the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey said yesterday that the Spitzer team would take a “fresh look” at the Freedom Tower project at ground zero.

Mr. Spitzer cautioned that it was premature to say whether plans would change, but the new Port Authority leader, Anthony E. Shorris, said there was little flexibility to make a major overhaul.

The comments came at a news conference where Mr. Spitzer named Mr. Shorris to be executive director of the Port Authority and also tapped 11 others for top jobs in his administration. Half of the appointees are current or former members of Mr. Spitzer’s staff in the attorney general’s office...."

".... Mr. Shorris’s remarks about a top-to-bottom review of the Freedom Tower reflected private comments made recently by some Spitzer advisers. They have vowed to examine everything from the project’s cost and leasing viability to its height, which Gov. George E. Pataki helped set at 1,776 feet.
Both the Port Authority, which owns the World Trade Center site, and the state have many other significant infrastructure needs, from the Second Avenue subway to the rebuilding or replacement of the Tappan Zee Bridge. And Mr. Spitzer is on record, as a candidate last spring, as saying the Freedom Tower could become “a white elephant” because it seemed to lack “economic viability."
“We’ll be looking at every aspect of it, both the plan and the execution of it, we’ll take a fresh look at the whole thing,” Mr. Shorris said yesterday. “But I also think the No. 1 priority of the governor is to get ground zero moving. The last thing that any of us wants to see is a slowing down of the progress.”

Apparently, Mr. Spitzer may be thinking that there is no need to replace the old white elephant Twin Towers with another possible one in the "Freedom Tower". I commend him for looking at it. As a matter of fact, I hope that it leads to an investigation. Personally I think at least some of, if not all of, Mr. Silvestein's insurance claims should be disallowed by the insurance companies who, to the best of my knowledge as of this writing, have neglected to perform their own investigations. Investigations which, in my humble opinion, would have proven Mr. Silverstien's claims as invalid. Investigations which were required by laws which were ignored. I also feel that the executives of the insurance companies involved are guilty of violating their own corporate internal contol procedures by approving the claims and making payments of those claims from the stockholders earnings.

Mr. Spitzer was Attorney General for the State of New York on or about 9/11/01. I wonder why he didn't investigate then and wonder if this might be his way of looking to cover his tail. You know shake a few trees and see what falls out. At least there is sufficient room for hope that Mr. Spitzer can order an investigation. An investigation that is long overdue. An investigation which if it does interfere with the construction of the Freedom Tower, would be welcomed by not only the families of the victims but other citizens all over the world.

Just as it is apparent that some of the Legislation that went through Congress and became law had been drafted prior to 9/11/01. The Air Transportation Safety & System Stabilization Act was approved by both Houses of Congress on 9/21/01. The Patriot Act was signed on 10/22/01. The Terrorist Risk Insurance Act was introduced in November 2001. There may be more. I just started reading the Congressional Record for September 10, 2001.

Mr. Silverstein's well knowm remark about "pull-it" is a clear indication that he was aware that WTC 7 had been rigged for Controlled Demolition. I wonder what story he prepared for the insurance companies with his original claims. I wonder what incentive he gave to the claims adjusters of the insurance companies that prevented them from doing their jobs and investigate the claims.
Do the insurance companies still have the right to investigate the claims? Perhaps there is an insurance company that has come to its senses and will fund an independent investigation.

I was not in favor of the Twin Towers being built in the first place. There were just to many people to fit in to small of an area which would create to much pollution and cost to much money. I didn't think that they were a very economic investment for the Port Aurhority of New York and New Jersey. The funds to cover the millions of dollars in annual losses that were experianced by the towers came from higher tolls and NYC & NYS income taxes. The State of New York had rented several floors before construction was completed. Shortly thereafter they relocated several departments to other areas of New York City and/or New York State only to move back into the buildings that were looking at a possible billion dollar asbestos removal project in accition to the rising costs and rising vacancies. I read an article one day which indicated that NYS had already committed for space in the Freedom Tower.

9/11/2001 in NYC, in my humble opinion, had been planned years before it happened. It was one of the reasons why the Bush 2000 presidential appointment by the supreme court was so important. It was one of the reasons why the State of Florida had to stoop to having Third World Elections and became a Bush family affair. The clock was already ticking, arrangements had been made, people had been paid, everything was going according to the plans.

FEMA was "deployed" to NYC and was there on 9/10/01 expecting a biohazzard exercise the next day (the pulverized tower concrete, furniture, asbestos, floresence light blubs, computers, etc.}.