Which parts of Popular Mechanics debunking do you believe/trust?

Popular Mechanics magazine has been debunking 9/11 myths for some time. chuckle, chuckle. For those of you that have read the articles and/or the book, what parts did they get right and why do you believe they are true?
If you've read any of my diaries then you probably have figured out that I don't rule out anything. I don't believe we've been given enough information to rule out anything and we've been given plenty of disinfo by means of phony witnesses and doctored photos/video.
I believe the only way that we get to the truth is to get people on the stand and cross examine them with the all the evidence declassified which will never happen.
I also believe it's okay if we don't get all the information because as Frank Loyd Wright famously said "the truth is more important than the facts."
Please share your thoughts and be specific.

its what they don't mention

pop mech.'s crticism of Steven's thermite claim and molten steel are decent.

Obviously the Pod crap, no planes (at WTC & Pentagon) are topics I already regard as non-issues. Pm's analysis of Flight 93 is 'ok' at best.

pop mech.'s analysis of WTC-7 is a JOKE.

the critique of the failure of U.S. air defense would have been good had they sourced the info provided. and it didn't include war games (wonder why? lol).

NO mention of the FBI & Intel coverups, the real smoking guns, the Whistle-blowers.