I screwed, ScrewLooseChange - DEBUNKED!

I have finally come up with evidence that is 100% irrefutabale. My post about how Clarke and Mineta's accounts agree with each other proves Cheney was in the PEOC before the Pentagon was hit. Screw loose change people have a counter arguement for every claim that we make... but THEY CANNOT DEBUNK THIS!

check out the thread, and watch them grasp at straws to try to defend their 9/11 commission report


I added a comment

I am sleepy2k16, I added a comment

haha... i figured that a 911

haha... i figured that a 911 blogger person... i somehow can't imagine them admiting that they are wrong...

but this arguement seems to have the stumpped. they don't have a leg to stand on.

Good information, but...

I'd advise you take a slightly less combative posture, as it undermines your overall argument with style point deductions. Your arguments are clear and good, but stridency and uncalled-for gamesmanship leave you open for distracting style- and values-related criticisms that don't help reinforce the gravity of your position. You do excellent work and I don't want you to misunderstand my intent. Just a hint from someone long in the trenches that it's much easier to win over an adversary than actually win an argument with them. Especially since your REAL audience is THEIR audience, even more than them. Solid arguments, soberly and clearly presented, are the best offense AND defense for our cause.

Just thought I'd drop my two cents in the cup.

Commentary by David Caputo

ya man, i get what youre

ya man, i get what youre saying... point taken...

i think i started out more like that, cause ive been aruging with those guys over a few different posts... theyre just so retarded that i like to rub it in their faces how wrong they are... espeically now when i finally made an arguement that they could not refute

Glad you agree...

It's just best not to get drawn into fights where you undermine your moral and technical authority. I know it's hard to resist. But resist we must. Point. Counterpoint. Debate. Riposte, even. But be clever and sublime wherever possible. Remember, the best way to survive a shark attack is to not stick anything out that he can bite easily. Oh yea, and don't bleed in the water... That's not good either...

Win like the dolphins do by repeatedly ramming them in the side with unrelenting force. But don't make yourself easy to bite.

Commentary by David Caputo