Milwaukee/Lake Michigan Tea Party photos and report

From Take a Stand for 9/11 Truth

Our tea party for 9/11 truth was a success. We had Channel 12 News (ABC) covering the event. We started off with a march on Wisconsin Ave. in downtown Milwaukee. We passed out 9/11 Truth DVD's and flyers. We burned four 9/11 Commission Reports and dumped the ashes in Lake Michigan. We had 9/11 truth activists come from Madison, Sheboygan, and Darien, Wisconsin. We also had a number of members from the Lone Lantern Society come up from Chicago. We had some great speakers at our makeshift podium in the park overlooking Lake Michigan. We really enjoyed our dressed up Colonist, Glenn Davis, reading his 9/11 Truth proclamation from a scroll as we watched The 9/11 Commission Report burn in a Weber Grill. We finished our event off with some grilled hot dogs and of course we had ice tea. I want to personally thank all those that showed up, including Channel 12 News. We are making a difference and the 9/11 Truth Movement will continue to grow. We will never go away until the truth is told and justice is served.


Everyone did a FANTASTIC job!

"I think that we have to look at these alternative groups and these alternative people who are continuing to make films and bring their research to the public."

Sally Regenhard - 9/11 Family Member


Not only was it a good cause, but it seemed like a lot of fun!


Salute to your efforts!
“it is possible to fool all the people all the time—when government and press cooperate.” George Seldes - "legendary investigative reporter"

Way to go Milwaukee!

Hell yes!

Great Work !!

Keep up the good attitude.

SALUTE!!! freaking


freaking beautiful---isnt it amazing how this thing has grown!!

no more victims of war ever!!!

Inspiring! And if you


And if you want to burn the bloody thing, this is the way to do it--not a massive hard to control bonfire as someone suggested...

Impeachment. Accountability. A better wolrd.