The People Reject Gov. Pataki's Freedom Tower plan and Instead Want Twin Towers To Be Rebuilt At The WTC

If you haven't sent this one-click letter to Attorney General Spitzer, there will never be a better time.

The Governor-elect's pledge is "Day One – Everything Changes" and we take him at his word. He and the officials we have copied in can still stop this runaway train from taking us where we do not want to go. They have the power to do that – because we gave it to them. The prepared letter will be faxed out after you click "send" – or you can revise it to better express your position.

12/18/06– Pataki PR stunt – still putting politics where they don't belong. Yesterday was a turning point for this movement. Given the convenient (for Pataki) short notice of the beam-signing ceremony in Battery Park City, we had no time to organize and there were just a handful of us present – but that didn't prevent us from doing what we came for, which was to give people hope. Regardless of how it appeared, we have stopped pushing the boulder uphill and it is on its way down, gathering speed.

By rights, we were prepared for a hostile reception from people who could mistake what we are doing as trying to take things backwards. They came there, couples, families, one-by-one, to honor the past and salute the future and could easily have resented our presence - but, most welcomed it. We got a very warm reception, people lingered, asked questions, and voiced their agreement with us. For the most part, they weren't the type we would expect to run home and sign the petition. But their encouragement was more than a shot in the arm – it was a transfusion. We saw clearly how important it is to people that we continue to shine light on this issue that touches all our hearts. Just because it is a hard fight doesn't make our eventual triumph any less likely.

If we had a minority position, it would not be reason to give up - we would just have to make our case and persuade others that we were right. But, indications continue to suggest that it is the silent majority position and the fact that those in the minority feel entitled to impose their views on the rest of us is foul. And just as foul is the lack of media interest.

We displayed two of the posters roughly pictured above, along with the big Team Twin Towers "Rebuild" banner. Knowing the way the drumbeat has been sounding we would have expected most people to be skeptical and not receptive, regardless of how they might have once felt – but it was amazing! We were warmly encouraged by the great majority of the people who passed by and most nodded in agreement that the beam belongs in new Twin Towers.

One highlight was a group of construction workers who arrived on Harleys and stayed for quite a while. One of them had a tattoo of the Twin Towers on his back! They still believe that if only they had the chance to build new Twin Towers they would go up in record time, because their hearts would be in it – instead of this building almost no one really even likes.

Best of all though, were the firefighters. One spent hours with us because he was so happy to learn of our existence and said that he had given up hope. It was his belief, and we agree, that after five years of grieving, people are starting to rethink the whole thing.

When he saw that the news people who were present didn't bother with us at all, it became clear why almost no one has heard of us. For our part, we didn't want to give those antagonistic to our cause a reason to paint a misleading picture of what we were doing and therefore didn't pursue them. But what are they afraid of? If we are wrong about what the public would choose if they had chance, publicizing the movement would settle it. And if we are right, then what they are doing is contemptible.

Predictably, Pataki's people said that some people felt harrassed by us, but that is rubbish. There was one person who started screaming at us about all the people who died, as if he cared more about them they we do – as if truly honoring their memory is better done with a bunch of meaningless skyscrapers than by reclaiming the buildings they loved. As one firefighter said, this isn't Dallas or Seattle – and that really defines the issue. Both are fine cities but they know they are not New York. As one of our supporter's suggested for our slogan – "Restore America's Skyline." And of course, talk always comes back to Trump, becuase even though he caved in to Pataki, it is still recognized that he knows how to dream big and can make great things happen on time and under budget. He's The One with a New York state-of-mind.

Pataki's people made us take down the Team Twin Towers "Rebuild" banner shortly after we arrived and a little while later ordered us to move across the street – where we promptly dispayed the banner again. Many people not only took the TTA cards, but asked for extras to take to others!

One interesting development is that, with the recent agreement of Mayor Bloomberg to allow the names of the first responders to be recognized in their units, instead of randomly scattered the degree of dysfunction is clear for all to see. So when people would ask why Pataki & Co. are doing what they are doing, as if there is any sense to it, we only had to point out that the firefighters struggled for two years to get anyone to think clearly about it...

So for now, we can state that the prospects for rebuilding never looked better. We appreciated all the email messages of support – one remarkable one is attached. It was really a delightful day.

Just for your information...

..I had already posted a blog regarding a NY Times 12-16-06 article about Spitzer's new appointment and wanting to take a fresh look at the situation.


Yeah, I read it! Thanks for posting that...
Why doesn't the stupid government just scrap the other buildings and build two twin towers and end this mess?
Who knows what Spitzer is going to change or do to the WTC site...Spitzer has shown some support in the past for building what the people really want...but, then again Spitzer is part of the 9/11 coverup either way...

Architecturally defunct

LOL... the building itself was one of the major reasons that they wanted to tear it down.

Architecturally it was considered a very cumbersome design.... to get to the upper floors you had to transfer elevator two times.... there was too much structure and not enough windows.... once you got to the upper floors you were trapped there all day because it took so long to get in and out.....

Now they want the building for sentimental value.... Too Funny!

You know what I want?.... for them to allow all the books which detail the structure and the construction to be re-printed for all to see and read all that the 9/11 Commission refuses to truthfully detail.... you know for old times sake


Why don't they not build anything there and see if they can get their stooges in the MSM to use their influence on the minds of the American people to convice them that there are actually buildings there.

I think it may work

Another part of it

Another reason for taking those buildings down was to build a new structure in New York. New architecture is big for an old city. The new building will inject new life into a part of the city which may have been faltering.... and those towers were never fully occupied after 93... if they were occupied those businesses were getting a sweet rate.... probably alot less than if the 93 bombing hadn't occured.

after the Oklahoma City bombing.... that city and it's economy flourished.... they had a huge injection of money, business, economy, investors.... that bombing was the greatest thing to happen to Oklahoma City..... wonder where all that money came from?

You're Lying James

That's a total BS statement...The Twins were 97% occupied by 1982 and again in 1999. You CANNOT lease out 100% of the floor space because of logistics and reserves.
People who state that they were money losers don't even know the basics on the WTC's history. Part of the reason why those towers were so well leased WAS because floor space was so much cheaper in them.
OK James you're clearly mentally disturbed by suggesting that the OKC bombing was the "greatest thing to happen to Oklahoma City"...I don't think I need to say anymore here...It's obvious you know nothing about profit and profitability.

bullshit----i live in okc

bullshit----i live in okc and you are full of shit
fuck off

you say the okc bombing was

you say the okc bombing was the best thing that happened to okc
---->everybody here lost a loved one
the rogue govt element murdered babies

and now you---fucking shill----are saying it's the "best thing that ever happened to okd"

you are a symptom of the fucking shit that we are destroying
burn in hell you fucking asshole

Prime example of DeHumanization

He's right, you should be ashamed of yourself for saying that shameless, cruel comment.
I can't believe after over a decade I can still clearly remember the images of those babies and little toddlers covered in blood and bandages...oh my god...I can't finish writing this, this is just too horrible to remember...

You're kidding right?

I guess that's why those buildings repeatedly won engineering awards through the years ? Because they were a bad design...doublethink anyone?
Elevator transfers are commonplace for all hi-rises with sky lobbies, what are you talking about?
Architecturally, the Twins set the standards for countless other hi rise buildings across the world, some of which are still built in the same construction style.
Regardless of your objections, most New Yorkers and Americans (not to mention international tourists) want the Twin Towers to be rebuilt instead of that shoddy ugly glass-box Pataki has a hard-on for.

Architectural design and

Architectural design and engineering are two completely different things.... I'm not sayingth at the new design are any better either.

If it were up to engineers.... there wouldn't be any windows at all..... seriously.

I am an architectural designer.... it is one of my favorite subjects to study.... In college I wrote a twenty page paper on the architectural viability of the Twin Towers.

Believe me when I tell you that they were as much hated as loved.

Their design while being very soundly engineered were very unappealing architecturally as well as functionally.... the advanced engineering took away from the design of the building..... they were overbuilt structurally which makes me question their failure even more.

and ask anyone with any business sense in Oklahoma City.... how that event aided their economy and their city.... from a financial point of view.... they were hit and they rallied big time

double think or think twice?

OKC was the event that made these assholes think that they could pull off 9/11.... If we had payed more attention then.... we would not be talking about this right now


Well, if the majority of the People want a bad piece of architecture, then so be it !!

I personally loved how the original buildings looked and how they connected the harbor and city with the sky above...I would be fine with a pair of redesigned Freedom Towers, but the current official proposal is a cluttered mess of Krypton-Like glass boxes that will be a much bigger eye-sore than any critic of the original buildings contends.

Pataki and Libeskind rigged the design competition back in 2004 and there were bribes involved from Libeskind to Pataki.
Check out "The Ground Zero Rebuilding Scandal" by Justin Berzon.
It's insult added to injury John, and you know it.


I'm no fan of the new design either..... I'm not a big fan of city design for the most part.

in their original design citiescapes were not designed to incorporate or consider natural light... and many times the cities outgrow their original capacity... unfortunately leaving the areas with the taller structures cold and dreary due to the loss of natural light.

On the other hand there are cities which insead of growing upward.... they grow outwward... like Phoenix or LA.... where you run into other issues like neverending traffic. Nothing compares to hour long commutes to work and back at 20 mph.... surrounded by people who are just as frustrated as you.

Big Apple Rocks!!

That's what I love about NYC...It's so efficient and you don't waste a big chunk of your life sitting in traffic or riding the most statistically lethal machine ever created, the automobile.
Besides, WHAT A VIEW !!

You might try the Library for books..

.. or the History Channel who did a piece on the construction long before 9/11.

Good Luck

Yes - very costly White Elephants with

..asbestos removal required.

I'd guess Donald Trump

I'd guess Donald Trump probably had something to do with this, he hates the "Freedom Tower" apparently. F*ck Silverstein.

Trump pushes own Ground Zero plan
NEW YORK (CNN) -- Officials in charge of rebuilding the World Trade Center site Wednesday were quick to dismiss real estate developer Donald Trump's proposal to scrap their plan and instead build "reincarnated" Twin Towers similar to the originals.


Trump's not associated with this group, although I wish he would back it someday. I've gotta give Trump credit where it's due, because he had the balls and moral character to go up against Pataki, his friend, and side with the victims' families who want to see new Twin Towers rebuilt at the WTC site.
Trump stated that Pataki's plan is just plain wrong and the right thing to do is to rebuild them bigger, better, and more beautiful.
Now THAT'S what America is about !!

i got chills while i was

i got chills while i was reading this!!

Right on Rand

James thinks butchering babies and women is the best thing that ever happened to OKC....Yep, James is definitely an asshole...Fuck James!


for completely missing the point.

stop being an ass

The Point

No, I didn't miss the point James...You DID!!