San Francisco Tea Party video

Not the CBS coverage, this on-the-scene video sent in by "corky".

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It's a good sign to see the riff-raff coming here.

Anyone notice how the trolls keep moving to websites that are closer to the truth as time goes by? Whenever the trolls get too much truth they move to a website that appears to be an easier target, but they can't stay long because truth bothers them.

Always be ready to speak your mind and a base man will avoid you. - William Blake.

You wonder why the media

You wonder why the media won't cover 9/11 fairly? Here's why:

They agreed not to.

Actually, it doesn't say enough

The key piece of video missing here was shot just a few days after 911. It showed the entire coterie of perps emerging from the Oval office having just made a lock-step 'deal' with the pResident's men. : No media, No resistance to Israeli rule! ... Zionists all.

They still claim that attacking Iran is very much in the plans. The plan, of course, is to destroy all of the American Military, while retaining total top-down control over the USAF/Navy Central Command.

It's not about another (sic) investigation. A full-blown 'Trial' is in order, unless you believe the 'Tea Parties' were little more than a fashion show.

So when I get my mind around all these conflicting egos, all the sub-groups that wish to steer this 'investigation,' all the time WE are wasting, I strongly believe that you are better off accepting that 'Big Brother' has already won.

~First they ridicule you, then you look for better ways to be entertained!

Need a Boycott............That's what we need..........

every advertiser on every media network...... boycott em all....

I don't need those new Nikes, or that Charles Schwab plan, or that new Buick...

and neither do you.

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Take legal action.

I normally don't respond to trolls. I consider it a waste of time and bandwidth but in this case I want to ask our troll friend one question. How does one go about taking legal action? If you can come up with a way to do so please post and I will do my best to relay your solution to the 9/11 victims families. It seems to me they have been trying to do so for years.


Laws are spider webs through which the big flies pass and the little ones get caught. - Honores De Balzac. (Don't laugh at the name.)

“And you guys wonder why

“And you guys wonder why everyone thinks you're a bunch of fruitcakes?"

Who's everyone?

Polls demonstrate that the majority of Canadians regard 911 as LIHOP (at minimum) Ok. Those wacky Canucks with their humane health care. They're nuts.

What about Yanks?

What was it: 84 percent or some such?

Looks like you're in the minority dickhead. Everyone is nuts except you. How does the saying go? “They called me insane, I called them insane, but dammit, they outvoted me.” Good ol’ fashion democracy at work here.

Anyone with a scintilla of smarts realizes that something is profoundly fishy about 911. Fishy as a Japanese porn star.

You're either a shill or fantastically stupid.

Get used to it: people are waking up. We're not going anywhere. You've lost. You can't win. You're like the Catholic Church arguing against Galileo. You're the flat earth society. May I suggest you get out while you can.

Because when the dam breaks, it won’t be pretty. Shills will not be looked upon kindly.

You're a statistic wating to happen.

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wipe those eyes!

hahah when did anyone say anything about bodily harm?
You're dilusional, man...come to our side, we have the truth!
Stop living in your hate filled world! You obviously seem very upset and you're not helping by posting every single day in a website that fills you full of anger.
Either join us and feel empowered or continue moping around in your sad, pretend world.
If we're gonna implode like you say every day, then why are you here? We're going to self destruct like you say so what's the problem? Why must you be on here everyday and post more than anyone else here yet you still don't have a name?
Poor guy, i feel bad for him...think how miserable his life must be for him to hang out with people he thinks are lunatics.
Wipe those eyes, lil guy and join us!

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poor guy!

that is where you are dead wrong...
So tell me where is the threat for bodily harm...please tell me.

We can tell you our evidence then you'd just dissapear like always. Tell me why you haven't registered after 2 months of posting then i'll tell you our evidence!

Haha you're a joke...don't cry lil guy...just cuz ur all alone...join us and feel empowered!
Don't sit there bawling your eyes out!
Poor lil guy!

A sitting president and his cabinet officers are immune

On May 22, 2002, Hilton filed a federal lawsuit against President George W. Bush and members of the Administration on on behalf of victims of the September 11th attacks.

The lawsuit alleges Mr. Bush personally gave his imprimatur to execute the 9/11 plot; intentionally and knowingly caused and allowed the events of 9/11 to proceed "in absentia"; that Bush Administration officials, for political reasons, willfully and/or negligently ignored a plethora of warnings shortly before 9/11/01, from multiple foreign intelligence sources and heads of state, e.g., Egypt, Russia, Libya,, regarding an imminent Bojinka-style plot to attack American landmarks using hijacked airliners. (The Bush Administration has denied receiving warnings containing any specific information about the impending attacks, and Hilton offered no evidence of complicity by U.S. officials in the 9/11 attacks.)

The Hilton-9/11 case was summarily dismissed by a federal court in late 2004 on grounds that a sitting president and his cabinet officers are immune from any civil lawsuits for any acts done in office.

Stanley Hilton Lawsuit

Stanley Hilton Complaint



CASE NO. CIV-03-03927-SI


Stanley G. Hilton is a San Francisco, California, based attorney, political scientist, and former chief of staff for former Republican presidential candidate Bob Dole.

Is this what you are talking about?

Jim Fetzer Interviews Structural Engineer Charles Pegelow

Extended version of interview w/ Controlled Demo Expert Danny Jowenko confirming that Building 7 was brought down on purpose


Everyone did a FANTASTIC job!

"I think that we have to look at these alternative groups and these alternative people who are continuing to make films and bring their research to the public."

Sally Regenhard - 9/11 Family Member

off topic request

has anybody seen the video of James Brolin plugging a 9/11 truth website on The View? i have yet to come across it.

Nope, but it's supposed to be rerun 12/26....

....according to another poster on this site.....

Edited, I'm sure.

Probably all laws are useless, for good men do not want laws at all, and bad men are made no better by them. - Demonax (Greek Philosopher and Poet)

thanks for the tip.

thanks for the tip.

Awesome Stuff

We needed something like this to unite us. One thing we all agree on, the 9/11 Commission Report is full of holes. This should be an annual event.

So what's next, in terms of activism?

Amnesty International PROTEST HIJACK

Please join us

The March to Mecca

HELLO EVERYONE. I know it\'s been awhile since I\'ve posted, but I\'ve been very busy working on my book and television and web projects. However, after receiving this press release from the Huffington Post, I had no choice but to return. This is an absolutely fantastic idea, and I urge everyone to participate.

EMBARGO DATE: December 15, 2006, 4 PM.


Human Rights Watch,, ACT-UP, the Huffington Post and David Geffen are proud to present the March to Mecca, a celebration of peace that calls all gay brothers, sisters and people undergoing sex-reassignment to march to the holiest of holy cities, Mecca, the capital city of Saudi Arabia\'s Makkah province on Valentine\'s Day, February 14, 2007.

The march, a brainchild of activists and celebrities who acknowledge that more gays are dying from Islamic fundamentalism than from the policies of George W. Bush, will begin 12 noon sharp in Jeddah, the stunning night-life friendly Saudi Arabian city located on the coast of the Red Sea.

\"Not marching in these countries, in this era of terror, seems cowardly,\" says event co-organizer
Sharon Stone. \"I\'m embarrassed to say at social gatherings I even blamed the United States for
everything. But I realized it\'s the radical Muslims - not the US - who want gays dead, and for that I am truly sorry.\"

Paris\' gay Socialist Mayor Bertrand Delanoe, who was stabbed by an immigrant Muslim, is organizing the European contingency which features Limahl, Johnny Hallyday and Ciccolina. Whoopie Goldberg, along with Robin Williams will be hosting the kick off party at the Sheraton Riyadh. There will be refreshments and karaoke, hosted by David Hyde Pierce.

Beth Ditto, lead singer of the Gossip, who will perform with the newly reformed Yaz, thinks the march is overdue. \"Forget right wing Christians. They don\'t hang gays for being gay. Islamofascists do. That\'s why were asking moderate, non-violent Muslims across the Western Province to join hands and embrace gay people everywhere.\"

\"Almost half of all Muslim countries outlaw gay relations,\" says Huffington Post contributor Gene Stone, \"and more than 70 countries ban all homosexuality, sometimes making it punishable by death. And here I am, blogging about how bad Renew America is. LOL.\"

\"Think about the two teenagers convicted of homosexuality who were hanged in Iran last year,\" says Harry Shearer, \"It makes all the hay we made over Mark Foley at the Huffington Post seem stupid. I, for one, am tired of being part of the problem.\"

The March to Mecca will snake through the sandy, sunny valley of Abraham, and it is urged that you pack sunblock and plenty of bottled water. \"Don\'t forget to blog!\" adds co-sponsor Arianna Huffington. After the march, Rep Barney Frank of the U.S. House of Representatives will host a special VIP rave on the Queen Boat, a floating disco on the Nile. Hugh Jackman will perform hits from \"The Boy From Oz.\"

Thank you for the lovely

Thank you for the lovely post, Ernie--you're right we should show solidarity to all whose rights are being trampled--that's probably why you joined the truth movement, right? What 911 has done via the Patriot ACT 1&2?

Now you're not back sliding, are you? It's all part of the recovery process. And I have to give you an appology; in a previous post I was a bit snarky--I'd forgotten you'd seen the ommisions of the NIST report and come to our side. I'm sorry.

Now, maybe you want to get tha key \\\\\\fixed and we won't think you're just going back to your trolling ways.

Have a lovely day.

Off Topic Flight 93 shoot down

I just got this article from a 9/11 truth friend. I couldn't find the url to the origional article but still wanted to post it and get some feedback. Check it out and see what you all think.

The best 911 explanation available

...But that's not the most amazinf insight that Shayler has. Even more than this is how 911 was a failed operation. Failed? But it was perfect! The buildings came down!

Yes... but we didn't see the entire game. It's been staring us in the face all this time but it took a brilliant mind with inside information (access to the most classified of intelligence documents) to piece it together. Shayler really is that intelligent. Spend 5 minutes with him and you will see what I mean.

Well, the end game was this: Flight 93 was to land on the Whitehouse. You see, under US law at the time, if that happened, it would be martial law in the US and under those conditions, the entire 911 plot could have been completely tidied up, all the evidence buried. We would not be able to have the 911 truth movement today. Anyone claiming that it was an inside job would be so far out on the extremes of conspiracy theory that they would never be taken seriously and certainly must less of the material available today would have been available to the truth movement.

Now we KNOW that this was planned (martial law) because on the 10th Nov 2001 it had been put in the MSM! There were articles published to the American people about how martial law could be enacted in the event of the US government (Washington DC) being attacked directly. So the US population was actually PRIMED for that.

Not only that, but the antrax attacks DID attack the US government, only it was too late then to declare martial law so Plan B didn't bail them out either. And worse, the antrax was traced by the FBI to US laboratories where on a few select personnel had access to it so it was undeniably and inside job. Which is why the headlines claiming that the anthrax was Iraqi played enough to imprint the mantra in the population's minds, then the entire anthrax hoax was made to quietly and quickly disappear.

So what went wrong?

The shooting down of 93 was a renegade action by a true American hero officer and the pilot that did the deed. The order to shoot down WAS NOT GIVEN. I.e. The inaction was there to guarantee the Whitehouse would be hit. Instead of the lies in the movie "United 93", the real hero of 911 was indeed associated with flight 93 coming down but it was not some fictious all American man in the street blued eyed boys. The real hero remains unknown. Anonymous. Denied. The real hero was the officer that saw the no-shoot as a NORAD botch and did his job and had that aircraft shot down.

The entire planet owes that man its thanks. I wonder if he even lived through the day? They may well have shot him on sight.

Now, I haven't researched this but I am willing to bet good money that if you go back in the news archives, you will find that NONE of the important people were in the Whitehouse on 911. You may even find Bush opponents WERE in the Whitehouse that day!

Not only that, but as Shayler points out, Jeb Bush jumped the gun. He declared martial law too soon in Florida. There was no reason for that declaration and it's one of those key facts that the 911 truth movement has missed. It's key fact for prosecuting as conspiracy to the murders, Jeb Bush as well as the usual suspects in the Administration. It's the smoking gun against Jeb Bush being an insider.

But the "failure" in NORAD and the other points of control, i.e. the things that were meant to allow 93 to hit the Whitehouse were undone by a quick-thinking officer who ordered the plane to be taken down. 93 was, to use Shayler's term, a key failure in the plot. A cockup that, to quote Shayler "they simply didn't expect or plan for this".

When you realise this truth, suddenly many of the loose ends click into place. Suddenly, so much makes sense. So many of the Bush "incompetancies" are shown to be not incompetance, but quickstepping out a contingency. The inept Zionist neoCon scrambling and bumbling of the invasion is suddenly very clearly a group of well-rehearsed, well-disciplined, well-planned people wrongfooted by the most unexpected of cockups.

Flight 93 is where 911 went wrong for them. And one of the reasons that the propaganda around that plane was in overdrive. United 93 the film, the stories of the heros, the only "black box that survived"... all these were disctractions. Very clever distractions. You see, by keeping the "was it shot down" debate going as an initial catch point for the sheep, backed up by the "how come the mobile phones worked?" as the catch-point for those not fooled by the first catch-point, no-one got thinking about the actual flight itself and the key role it played. No-one has been thinking about the possibility that it was a monumental cockup that the plotters simply hadn't accounted for. No-one has been thinking "what if it had reached its target, what would have happened?". And that's clever human manipulation for you. That's really clever brains thinking at high speed to bail out of a catastrophe.

But 93 went badly wrong for the plotters. Because it gave that little window of opportunity for the truth movement to see the faults in the story, see the holes in the evidence and start to question the official line. Martial law was meant to ensure that no questions could be asked, no evidence could survive and no-one would have the time to ask because of what was meant to immediately follow. The sequence of events would have been so swift that we would be focussed now on the fallout of the WMD use that was almost certainly in the plan. 911 would be a minor footnote that no-one would be interested in by now.

Had 93 reached "mission complete". Had martial law been declared, complete control over the media, release of information and the cleanup (getting rid of the evidence) would have happened and bingo! The entire 911 plot would have played out and the world right now would have been a completely different place. Iran, Syria, Iraq, North Korea, Afghanistan probably would have had nuclear weapons used against them to simply "solve the problem". With the US government "wiped out", no-one would have either held the Bush crowd accoutable nor have the ability to even if they tried.

Which explains another anomally about the plot: How the Zionist neoCons so totally screwed up the invasions without an exit strategy. The visible evidence being the mess that Iraq is in with the US having its butt kicked.

See, they never needed an exit strategy because they were never going to invade the way that they were forced to. That was NOT the plan. The plan was to use the overwhelming force of American super weapons in quick, lethal blows that the world would have had to stand by and accept because the US government itself would have been directly attacked, possibly with key opponents to the Bush WH wiped out as part of the deal. Who would stop the US? Indeed, who would even BLAME the US?

Their original plan was perfect. It was a good plan. I was a perfect plan.

There was no need to plant a passport. There was no need to explain 911. If you don't explain, then there are no holes in the story because there simply is no story. Your cover is perfect. No 911 commission, no NIST scrambling to prove the impossible, no questions about WTC7. Nothing to attack the Zionist neoCon agenda with because no accountability given because under martial law, the US government would be unassailable.

And that also explains those massive FEMA detention camps that GLP was so hyped up about many years ago. We were all mystified as to why they were being built. Now it's clear! Even under martial law there would have been those who didn't agree with the Zionist neoCons. Those detention camps would have been filled with these dissidents.

Sit back and think of all the odd behaviour that has puzzled us about the BushCo. How they seem to have wrongfooted themselves all the time. And think about how things would have been different if Flight 93 had hit its target. It all makes perfect sense.

Behind the scenes there must have been frantic redrawing of plans. Years and years of careful, step-by-step detail was trashed when that missile hit 93. And because of that, errors were made. And because of THAT, we have the truth movement and the very real chance to expose this hoax and nail the guilty parties.

Which could be why Bush bought into Paraguay.

Also, look at where Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rice, Wolfowitz, Bremer and all the other PNAC players were on the day. Look at their actions. In the light of what was EXPECTED to happen, it all makes sense. Perfect, perfect sense.

This is a startling revelation by Shayler and an absolute lynchpin in understanding 911 and what has followed. It explains so much, ties up so many loose ends and just fits the picture so well, even down to the reactions of the people involved, that it really is the only credible missing piece.

And more still, it's clear that the recycling deal must have been planned months before for the steel shipments from the 911 demolition. All that executed perfectly. But rather than it being a secret kept "for security reasons" away from any public knowledge for decades to come, maybe even centuries, it's now in the open. And one more item to point at the guilty parties.

For me personally, it's the effectiveness of the psyops of Flight 93 that gets me. How the diversion has worked so extremely well, How the realisation of how 911 was actually a massive cockup simply hasn't featured anywhere up until now.

That makes me shake my head in admiration for the brains that pulled it together. Real professionals. Nasty, evil, but so very clever.

Here's the link to the original source on this

The post above does not include the first few paragraphs.
If you read the link below the first paragraph above makes more sense...

All aspects of the truth are consistent

Thanks for the link

Thanks for the link solar roller. If said article is true we got mighty lucky on 9/11. Had they hit the White House and declaired martial law we would have been screwed. I always wondered why Jeb Bush declaired martial law in his state. Could be he jumped the gun.


I have always agreed with Griffin that something went wrong with the plans on that flight. I don't know if this is it...maybe they wanted to punk Capitol Hill and really freak everyone out that way. Either that or The White House. Whatever.

holy sh*t!!!!!!!

McVeigh Video Destroys OKC Bombing Official Story
Shows McVeigh was in military receiving instruction in "explosives and demolition" over a year after official story says he was discharged, whistleblower harassed for years while unknowingly in possession of bombshell tape

Paul Joseph Watson & Alex Jones
Prison Planet
Monday, December 18, 2006

A video that shows Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh at a U.S. military base that specializes in explosives and demolition training over a year after he supposedly left the army puts the official story of the April 19 1995 federal building bombing under serious doubt and mandates a re-opening of an investigation into the terror attack that killed 168 people.

Video of the towers on 9-7-01

Not sure what to make of this, if anything. This music video it says was shot on 9-7-01.

The towers are framed in the back ground, as the day turns to night, you can see lights on in certain areas of the towers. You can see pretty clearly what lights are on if you stop it at the 3:50 mark. Look at the North Tower on the right and it kind of looks like the only lights that are on are prettty much dead on where Flight 11 hit. The South Tower has some clusters of floors on too, it would be curious to see if some of the main squibs that are on video correspond to any of those floor areas.

Just something new I thought I'd throw out there. might be nothing, might be something.