A few more Boston Videos.

From Patrick, who attended;

First Boston Video: 9/11 was an inside job

2nd Boston Video: Crates into Harbour

3rd Boston Video: Big Book into the Harbour

Thanks again to everyone who attended, took video/audio and worked around the deaf, dumb and blind corporate media.


First video from Boston over 3,500 views this morning.... should be on the up and comers listing.... keep viewing and this will give the link to all other related films.

There were many excellent speeches given that day.... still waiting for Michael Bergers speech from the bank of the Mississippi!


Can we get the McVeigh story from Prisonplanet.com moved to the front page.

This story is monumental to our movement. It is very indicative of the way our government lies.... especially in regards to terrorism. This is a lynch pin story in my opinion.

Proving government involvement in OKC is a small leap to links to 9/11!!