Due to recent developments with my computer being hacked and Jack Blood being attacked, beaten up, and arrested by by police, I have decided to release my ideas early. I figured I better do it now before they stop me from doing it. Please do not listen to dis-info agents who tell you this will not work or who try to discredit me. Please read this entire statement and pass it on to everyone you know. Thank You…LUCUS

Hello to all you intelligent people who seek truth over lies and deception. You are here at this point reading to this for one of two reasons. Either you seek the truth or you seek to blind others to the truth. I want everyone to understand, I ask not to be a leader, I ask only to offer an idea to the people wanting answers. Claiming leadership in this movement only gets you discredited, slandered, or worse. This has to be a movement without a leader. A movement based upon the soul and heart of every person involved to bring forth the truth no matter how much dis-info is spread. I will relay my 2 ideas at the end of the address, but there is some things I need to say first. I ask you to please listen to my entire statement as you will not gain the total understanding of it unless you do. My ideas are solid and will have a domino effect on the population letting truth shine through.

At this point, the movement is scattered and fragmented. The shills and agents have been working overtime to pump the dis-info and distract the public with too much information for the average person to understand. It’s all part of the media frenzy designed to force the brain into overload thus having a “turning off” effect. There are way too many theories and speculative ideas that seem so outlandish that the public has a hard time swallowing these ideas. The talk of no planes and space based weapons and ideas as such only help to bolster the “Too Much Information” idea. Even though some of these outlandish ideas may bare some merit, we need to stick to the facts and the facts only if we are going to have an effect.

Basically what you are telling people when you talk of 911 is that their whole life has really been a lie. That is an overwhelming idea for most, so overpowering that many people just turn their head. I will never forget that when I tumbled down that rabbit hole of lies, when the realization came over me that we had attacked ourselves, tears rolled down from my eyes. To come to an understanding that there could be something so evil and vile living among us, sends a cold shiver down your spine the likes of nothing else.

After my sorrow was a sensation of complete relaxed understanding. Then it grew into anger and determination. I knew what had been done, and I knew I had to do whatever I could to try and help bring the truth to light of day. If I just sat by knowing what I know and not trying to help other people understand, I was just as guilty as the evil people who committed this horrible crime. It would be like quietly passing by as a woman was being raped in the bushes. A day after I was awakened to the truth I was already working on my first piece of media.

I have been studying the 911 truth movement in depth. Watching the things that people say and how they say them. It is a very disorganized movement. Although we all fight for the same cause, there are too many paths to that cause. It would be like coming to an intersection of 1000 roads all that say “Truth this way”. Which road do you take, which road is the right road to follow? I tell you which road is correct, that is the road of facts.

You may remember one of the things I said at the beginning of this statement. “You are here at this point listening to this for one of two reasons. Either you seek the truth or you seek to hide the truth.” Well, that is what I call facts. I busted the whole thing down into two groups of people, those wishing truth, and those wishing to hide truth. This is what needs to be done to the 911 truth movement to make any gains. We need to present facts, and facts only. People talking about Bohemia Grove, and Illuminati only add more paths to take to the truth. There is no need to talk about a subject so deep, when people have not even awaken to the 911 conspiracy. It only scares and confuses them even more and makes it harder for them to accept the 911 conspiracy. 911 is the key issue to bring all the other issues into the open. Without 911 we have nothing, so we need to stay to the subject.

I call on every single 911 truth movement activist to drop all the talk of “theories” and base their complete argument in fact and fact only. As each fact is proven to the people, more facts will come out and it will cause a chain reaction. Let the hard to believe paths be grown over in vegetation and choose a path of only fact. Here is a partial list of facts that we know today. These are key facts that can’t be disputed by anybody.

1. Building #7 fell without ever being hit by a plane.
2. All three buildings fell at almost freefall speed.
3. No time in human history has a steel constructed building ever fallen because of fire
4. Larry Silverstein said that they decided to “pull it” on PBS
5. Many eye witnesses heard several bombs going off in the towers
6. The FBI does not list Bin Laden as wanted for 911
7. Operation North Woods depicts self induced terror attacks on the American people.
8. The White House has fought the investigation the entire time
9. The pentagon, although reamed with cameras has never released a video of a plane.
10. There were mock terror drills going on at the same time
11. NORAD did not respond
12. The secret service did not do their job by whisking the president away at the first sign of danger.
13. There were multiple warnings by several people in our country and abroad that there was an impending attack.
14. Marvin Bush was in charge of security at the WTC right up until 911
15. The WTC 1 and 2 were shut down for long periods for the first time in history.
16. There are hundreds of scholars, professionals, and high ranking government officials who have questioned 911 or point blank said it was a false flag.
17. Larry Silverstein profited from the destruction
18. Larry Silverstein who owned the WTC 7 bought the entire complex shortly before 911.
19. There were “put” options much higher than usual placed on United and American Airline stocks.
20. The day before 911 Donald Rumsfeld told congress the pentagon lost 2.3 trillion dollars.

Those 20 items that I just addressed are cold hard facts that in any court of law would be grounds for a further investigation. If we just stick to the facts and the facts alone, then we can make a difference. I am sure that there are other facts out there that I have not listed, but they must be provable facts. You can not prove that the building were taken down by some space based weapon, so don’t talk about it. Drop the subject, plain and simple. You can not prove that members of the bohemian grove were behind this, so stop talking about it. You can not prove where the passenger went on the flight that hit the pentagon, so stop talking about it. Let those paths wither, and then they will be reborn after the public understands the basic provable facts of 911

This is a war of words, and in a war of words, proper words mean everything. The whole basis of government propaganda is making people feel left out. Like the kid who was not invited to the birthday party that everyone in town is going to, propaganda makes people feel like if they choose an alternative view, they are just some kind of freak. It makes them feel that if they just accept the mainstream view, everything will be ok, but if you accept the alternate view, you will be branded as a traitor, a liar, a cheat, a conspiracy nut, and so many other labels.

The government’s propaganda machine is huge and has an unlimited budget. They can pay people off, threaten media icons with anthrax, and spread lie after lie with the use of money, scare tactics, and damage to that person’s personal life. We are up against a well oiled machine that’s sole and only job is to gain the thoughts of the masses. That’s what it does, that’s all it does, and it is dedicated in every way to pursuing that goal. There is no stopping it, only blinding it will work.

Dis-info agents, or shills they are called usually team up in groups of 2 or more and roam the internet looking for forums, blogs, bulletin boards, and various other means of promoting their lie. They join together and back each other up to promote a false sense of general consensus. They make it appear that everyone thinks the way they do. We must do the same to combat this dis-information. We must team up in groups of 5 and go from blog to blog, forum to forum in a calculated manner. We must back each other up when we are against a foe so connected. We must show the general public the truth that many people are backing the alternate theory. We must dominate those blogs and forums. I don’t mean spam or being rude, I mean we must have more users speaking truth on these last free forms of media than those speaking lies.

When a new user comes to that forum, he will automatically see that “Hey wow, look at all these people on here that 911 was a total lie, there has to be something to it.” As long as we each try and fight the good fight alone, talking of “No Planes” and “Mini Nukes” we are only dooming the movement to 50 years or controversy, and we don’t have 50 years. I don’t even think we have 50 weeks personally, but that is just my own personal view. As long as we let these crooks dominate the blogs and forums with dis-information we gain very little ground.

I for one have found a great way to counteract the shills, just by doing 2 things. Ignoring them on most of what they say, and treating them like conspiracy theorists. Don’t waste time arguing with them, that’s what they are designed to do. They want you to waste all your time fighting with them, while so many people who want answers go on with their questions unanswered. They want you to fight with them so they can pick apart your story and find any mistakes that you have made to exploit them against you. They want you to look like a fanatic and concentrate all your hard effort on them. They want you to argue with them. SO STOP ARGUING WITH THEM. If someone is trying hard to prove you wrong, they are most likely doing it for some gain. Brush those shills off like they were dirt on your shoulder. Don’t give them merit by arguing with them. Every time you reply to one of their posts it gives the public the perception that their argument is even worth trying to disprove. Don’t give the public that perception. Treat them like a father treats his child that just told him there is a monster in the closet. Yea, OK Mikey, if you close your eyes and hide under the covers the monster will go away.

When you have confrontation with shills, and believe me you will, treat them as if they were the conspiracy theorists. Answer their posts with things like “Yea ok whatever, better go pick up some Reynolds wrap” but never fall prey to their game. There are so many millions and yes I mean millions of people out there who want the real truth and are willing to listen to you if you don’t come across like a fanatic.

Like I said in the start of this address, I do not want to be a leader. In fact, after this message you will only hear from me one other time, and that is to announce the place where our mission starts.. I am not a leader, just a smart guy who has studied this whole thing and wants to help get people together. I am more of a comedian than a leader; you might remember me from “Hank Hill Speaks Up About Bush”

Shills and dis-info agents will most likely be trying to get involved in this plan. They will plant people and tell them what to say to thwart our efforts. They will act like your friends, then turn on you at the moment when you need them most. We need a way around that, and I think I have a good plan.

Millions and millions of people visit web blogs, forums, and various news sites with feedback. Many of these millions of people have no idea about 911 because they don’t even have any idea that things like Google video and youtube exist. We will change that.

If we let people pick the teams it will be certain that dis-info agents will plant at least one person in every group of 5. My way around this; a computer generated list of teams that is based on a random picking. That way the shills have no way of being part of any certain team and also can be tracked and eliminated eventually.

Here is how it works. First thing you would do is make a brand new email address specifically dedicated to this cause. You can use yahoo or hotmail. Then you would go to a web site and enter that email, and just that email, into a form. No personal information, just that email. That website will have a small program that would automatically compile a random list of 4 other emails of people that joined, email you that list, and email that list to the other 4 people in your group. It would then remove those 5 emails from the list of available emails. The program will also generate a random list of forums, blogs, news sites, and feedback pages that your team would be responsible for that week. Each week you and your team will then be emailed automatically a list of new blogs and forums for you to dominate. That will keep everyone rotating from blog to blog, forum to forum, giving the public the understanding that most people on these forums and blogs support the alternative idea.

See, it’s all about perceptions my friends. Ever notice that when Dallas starts winning; many people jump ship and become Dallas fans? That’s because people want to be part of a winning team, it’s only human nature. By making it look as if the blogs and forums are full of people that support our cause, we will then get more people to jump ship to our side. The more people jump ship to our side, the bigger we get. The bigger we get, the more people want to join our side. It is a game people, a game for your mind. Right now the government owns park place and is charging $1100/for a night and they have 4 motels.

There will also be a place on that web site that you can place an email of a known shill. If that person is caught by you trying to provide facts other than the real facts, his email shall be taken off that list and banned from the movement. The accuser will have to show proof of this by referring back to the article or posts depicting the false fact. We could then ban the IP address of anyone caught trying to hurt the movement It would also be best to ban all known IP addresses from military bases and government organizations. When a person is banned that would mean that team would be short one person. The program could be automatic that when a team member is removed it automatically notifies the other team members and assigns them a new team mate.

Shills are everywhere, there are thousands of them. That’s what we are up against and we can expect many of them to try and infiltrate the teams. By using a random number generator to pick teams, we will end up with many solid teams with no shills.

The web site needs a place where people can go and enter in new blogs, forums, and other places so that the list of possible venues expands and grows as more people join. The possibilities are endless. Just imagine hundreds of roving teams of 5 people going from blog to blog and forum to forum constantly spreading the truth and have an endless supply of blogs and forums all at your fingertips.

What we need to promote this idea is someone who can host the web site, and someone who can design the simple program of randomly generating lists. It is not a hard task for anyone with a little programming experience. I am not that person, I am not a database guy, and it is up to you to collectively find that person within the millions of 911 truth activists. I can help with many things, but once again I stress I am not in charge, nobody is. The only thing in charge are FACTS.

The internet is comprised of hundreds of millions of blogs, forums, feedback pages, bulletin boards, and news sites with feedback. Just imagine the impact that 100, 200, or 300 teams of 5 people could have moving from forum to forum, blog to blog, just like the shills do, but promoting the truth. This could literally turn ¼ of the Internet into a forum for our cause, not theirs. As more and more people jump on the bandwagon, more and more teams will be formed until there is no room left for anything the shills have to say. I AM 100% sure that this could work if everyone would set their mind to it and promote this idea to everyone in the 911 truth movement. It would only take about 4-5 hours a week per person. You already spend that much time now promoting 911 truth, why not do it in an orderly systematic fashion that produces results, big results? You will probably make some friends in the process. When a person in the movement sees a person promoting 911 truth who is not in the movement, you will refer him to join the email list so that person can get on a team.

I can not unite you, nobody can. You must unite yourselves. If anybody tries to unite you, the government will just shut them down and brand them a traitor. Like I said before, this movement must be a movement that operates with no leader. It must be a movement that basis it findings on facts, and confronts the public with facts, and fact only.

Shills are everywhere and nowhere. Let us not forget that when the US government destroyed the Black Panthers, the leadership of the Panthers was amazed to find out that about ¼ to of the entire upper management were government plants designed to destroy the group.

As you all know, youtube and Google video have become a mainstream of media for the internet. We must also take advantage of this in an organized fashion. Here is what I propose for youtube and Google video.

We need to have mass uploads of 911 movies on both venues. There needs to be a group organized of over 100+ people, preferably 500 people or more that’s job is to upload videos to various video viewing web sites. The more people that join this group, the better effect it will have.

In this I ask that we also need a site to be hosted for people to “download” videos to be uploaded to the venues such as youtube. Someone is needed to host a site that will have about 20 main videos that people can download to their computer, then re-upload to the venues.

Each person in this group needs to create their own account with youtube, Google video, and any other video viewing web site. They need to go and upload at least one video to as many venues as possible, every day. After a couple of months, youtube and Google will have so many 911 videos on them that it will be almost impossible for someone not to accidentally see one in the normal course of visiting the site.

By tweaking the keywords of the videos you upload you will cause that video to be propagated into different categories, thus covering a wider range of areas. For instance, by adding the keywords Brittney and Paris to a video will cause it to be pulled up many times when people type those key words into the search feature looking for videos of Brittney and Paris.

By working together in tandem we can produce an effect like never seen before. Here we have this wonderful tool, the Internet, that is being used unwisely. It is like handing a calculator to a cave man only to have him use to crack open a coconut. We must unite in this way, without a leader, or we will go the way of the Kennedy assassination. We will bind ourselves into a conspiracy that may never get answered, may never be taken seriously, and may never have a real effect.

I will be out there with you uploading videos, going from forum to forum, fighting the good fight on a team. Team work is the only way to succeed in this. Without teams it’s just a bunch of lone voices crying out into the night. With the media bought and sold, nobody is hearing their cries.

The closest thing to a leader we will have will be the person who hosts the sites to distribute the email lists, and the person or people who decides who will be removed from the list for being a shill. Those people shall neither issue orders nor tell anyone what to do. They are only in charge of managing the web site needed to generate the email and blog lists, and removing the ones who violate the rules, that’s it. Those people must be proven to be on our side, must be proven to be loyal and for our cause.

Other than that, it is a pretty fool proof system that allows us to join together, without the guidance of a leader, without the threat of our cause being torn apart because we put all of our eggs into one basket.

There must be some basic ground rules for this to work. Let me state 10 to get started. More may arise as time permits, but these are 10 solid rules which should be followed closely to keep the movement from fracturing. Without these base rules we are nothing.
1. Talk about facts and facts only. Never ever tell even the smallest lie. Do not offer up “Yours or anyone else’s” theory for what happened. Tell people not to believe you, but to go do the research on their own.
2. No spamming or acting foolish. Acting foolish and spamming will also get your email banned from the list.
3. Refrain from letting anyone, especially your team members knowing ANY personal information about you. Your team member does not need to know anything about your points of view on abortion, or stem cells, or any other of the major issues burdening mankind today. This is about 911 truth, not about your personal crusade and will only splinter the team up. Keep your opinions to yourself.
4. Be polite (except to shills, and even then use sarcasm and not name calling as much. Use adult sarcasm, not childish sarcasm. Be smart, not childish)
5. No swearing, ever. Not even mild cuss words. They will only get your posts hidden from all those with a word filter.
6. Be kind and understanding. You are asking someone to realize that their government might want to kill them, that’s pretty heavy and scary stuff.
7. Always have the last word. Never let a shill dominate you. You must dominate them by making people understand that “they” are the conspiracy theorists. Don’t do this by arguing with them, do it by dismissing them as childish or outlandish.
8. Never threaten with acts of violence or vengeance. This will only cause you and the movement more harm than good. Shills can be upsetting by pumping out endless lies and half truths. Don’t get mad, get even by dismissing them. You will have a much better effect with dismissal than threats and arguing.
9. Be complete in your ways, Never ever do a half-wit job.
10. Stick together. The sole basis of this is team work.

Another good point to make, but not necessarily a rule is to always speak of 911 in a way to give the understanding that everyone knows it was an inside job, and those who don’t have somehow been left out of the loop. Never speak of 911 like we are the minority, because we are not. Always shine it in the true light of being the real story that most people in the world believe. This is key to making people understand that they have been left out, and then they will want to be included.

Undoubtedly there will people who call me names, say my ideas are not with merit, and say that I am grandstanding to serve a purpose. It has already started happening. Before I even released this statement there are shills trying to discredit me on the blog site. I thoroughly expected this. I seek no attention; in fact I seek only to get my own private life back. They will try to say that my idea will not work, for one reason or another. DO NOT LISTEN TO THEM MY FRIENDS, THEY ARE HERE TO BLIND YOU. They are here to make you second guess my ideas and to not participate. They are here to trick you into thinking that this is not possible, when you know in your head that it is actually very simple and easy. DON’T LISTEN TO THEM MY FRIENDS.

You have read my ideas, and you know in your heart that with little effort on your part and good will they can be transformed into a real tool. A tool that if worked right could actually dominate the talk of the Internet. A few hundred people dedicating 5 hours a week each can have an astounding effect. Dominating the blogs and forums would change the course of this whole ordeal. That’s what we need to do is change the course of this whole thing, not stay the course, change the course to “DOMINATION BY FACTS”. Stop with the space weapons talk and concentrate on facts and facts alone.

The government has thrown their punches and we have taken quite a few shots to the face, but now it is our time to hit back, and hit back hard with information. It is our turn to root out these swine wherever they may hide and expose them for the crime they brought on us and the world. It is our time to be heard!

I ask you to spread my word to every single 911 truth activist you know. Call into Alex Jones, call into other radio shows, and promote the idea. Copy and paste the text of this message to every person in your mail list. I ask you to please make this idea work by getting everyone involved in it. Don’t let the shills and government agents tell you my idea is stupid or won’t work, because you know that it will. Don’t let them trick you into believing there is no hope for our cause. Please don’t fall for it. Be a part of a team, the winning team, the team that knows the truth. It’s so simple, so very simple, and simple is good.

The only way for this to work is if you help me spread this idea. Think about it, have you heard of any other better ideas? Has anyone come up with any game plan for internet domination? Has anyone even addressed this ultra important issue?

We need to act, and we need to act now my friends. Do you think that it is just an accident that when you type 666 and change the font to wing dings it shows 3 hour glasses that are out of time? We need to act now! Something that can make a difference.

Just imagine how many forums we can dominate with hundreds of teams of people.

I was talking to somebody today that asked me in a sarcastic voice “Why do you care if 911 was an inside job, it’s not effecting you?” I thought to myself, you fool you don’t even know what you are talking about. That is what we are up against.

I was an avid fisherman for most of my life. I probably fished close10,000 hours by the time I was 18. I am now almost 40 and still love to fish. The problem is that I can not go fishing until I know we are making a difference. I would sit there trying to fish, but the whole time I would be thinking of 911 and the drama and death it has caused. I can not have the fun I used to; I can not go on in this lie anymore.

I had a nice little life before 911; I just want it back…

The last thing I am going to say is addressed to any government officials from foreign nations who may hear this statement. There may come a time when the American people need your help for a place to run to escaping complete tyranny. Families with children may be looking to flee America when things become to much to bare. I ask that you give refuge to these families and children in time of need, not turn them away. I ask that you remember a time when America was great and remember we are all people that have to live with each other on this Earth.

Thank you for listening and I wish you all good luck!

We need more DVD burners....

because the population sample we need to reach probably doesn't use GooTube

I'm still at it....

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"9/11 Truth" does not exist

outside of the internet. If you do not have internet access, especially high bandwidth access for viewing video, you have no chance of learning about 9/11 Truth, except for the people and groups that are out their daily putting the word out.

And the reality is that, not only do MANY people still not have internet access at home, or even at work, the majority of it is low bandwidth, and is often only used for email and the occasional web search. I meet far more people that fall into those categories than I do any others.

And this will be the way it is until the mainstream media finally starts reporting on 9/11 Truth issues, which will eventually occur as we approach 'critical mass' in the movement.

Ad hominem per factum, beyotch!
You are undeservedly egotistical.... often laughably so.
Pseudo-intellectuality does not behoove you.


Nothing new here. But love the passion!


Perhaps repost with just the highlights... it's kinda wordy.

You can't get back what you had pre-9/11.

No one can. We won't get back what we had because it was wrong to have it in the first place. To see my point just replace the word "nation" with the word "world" in the following quote.

No matter how big a nation is, it is no stronger than its weakest people, and as long as you keep a person down, some part of you has to be down there to hold him down, so it means you cannot soar as you might otherwise. - Marian Anderson

And always keep in mind Frank Loyd Wright's quote "the truth is more important than the facts."

And lastly remember this quote: Evil springs up, and flowers, and bears no seed, And feeds the green earth with its swift decay, Leaving it richer for the growth of truth. James Russell Lowell

guerilla marketing

guerilla marketing


guerilla marketing
Unconventional marketing intended to get maximum results from minimal resources.


Coined by Jay Conrad Levinson, guerilla marketing is more about matching wits than matching budgets. Guerilla marketing can be as different from traditional marketing as guerilla warfare is from traditional warfare. Rather than marching their marketing dollars forth like infantry divisions, guerilla marketers snipe away with their marketing resources for maximum impact.


(alternately spelled guerrilla marketing)

(often incorrectly spelled gorilla marketing)


This mode of thinking should be at the foundation of every truther out there determined to make a difference, no matter how small.  Spend some time to understand the concept and find ways you can implement it using your own expertise and your own resources to have the largest affect ON THE STREETS!!!

This battle will not be won on the internet, it will be won in your home town, in your dentists' office, at your supermarkets' community bulletin board... It will be won where ever you chose the battlefield...  


An excellent summary of

An excellent summary of disinfo methods, with a tinge of paranoia. Don't worry LUCUS, we know they are out there. You described that they sometimes work in teams and support each other. I've actually since this at this site on a few occasions.

The thing you have to remember is that this is the internet age buddy. They can certainly slow the movement down, but they can't stop the flow of information. In the 60s there was only a hierarchical structure in leftist groups. If they took control of the top, they controlled the movement. There is no such rigid hierarchy in this movement. All they can do is muddy the waters and try to make us vindictive and divided. This is working to some extent, but because of the internet, it won't work in the end.

I am still not 100% convinced that 9/11 was an inside job. At this point I am 50/50. The truth movement needs to educate and inform, but we also need to be investigating. We need to be discovering new facts and connections. For instance, Christopher Bollyn was doing an excellent job before he was intimidated and tasered in his front yard in front of his wife and daughter. We need to support him and ongoing investigations.

I don't think most of the disinfo agents believe 9/11 was an inside job. They are deceptive, but not pure evil. Their objective is to neutralize the 9/11 movement because it could disrupt the social fabric of the country. In all likelihood they believe the truth movement is an ill-founded leftist group which, if it spreads its (they believe) erroneous message, could lead to social instability. This is not what we are about. We are about intelligent dialogue, peaceful inquiry, and the search for truth.

Every now and then we need turn our computers off, sit back, and think clearly and comprehensively. We should come to 911blogger to share information and discuss, but we also need to turn away from it at times in order to clear our thoughts. Each of us needs to continue to educate and inform others -- and continue to learn, research, and discover new facts and connections.

That sounds dandy if your

That sounds dandy if your sitting on the fence, but for those of us that are not 50/50, the time to sit and contemplate is over. I would bet that your average Truther knows more about 9/11 then they know about almost any topic, in both depth and scope.

The time to spread this information outside, away from the internet is now. The disinformation is trapped on the net, there are no shills that will show up 5 minutes after you drop a few xerox flyers at your doctor's office...

We Out Number Them 1000's to 1 (Atleast!)

We are not contained, we cannot be monitored out there...  They want us to STAY on the net were they can have a chance to counter. 



Agreed, 95% of 9/11 Truth activism needs to be done

offline in the "real" world. One on one, talking to people in the store and the post office. Creating more groups and linking those groups together for the coming spring offensive.

In taking back our country we are creating a whole new paradigm, one that at its core is local and grassroots, but is globally connected through the internet. Once we have achieved critical mass on 9/11 Truth and taken back our country this same local grassroots but globally connected paradigm will enable us to work on and solve all the other pressing issues we face.

Get out and talk to your neighbors.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

Be well.

Guerilla Marketing

What do people, esp males, surf in their recreation time? PORN. Esp that freaky niche porn which the internets deliver so efficiently.

So you join a porn messageboard, and post things of value to the community, and have a nice 911-Truth signature, IE

Nothing like an animated GIF of WTC7 to hook the noobs!

Remember you're not looking to hijack the thread with your OT agenda. When someone pipes up in protest to your spam/propaganda, you deal with their objection briefly and succinctly, then in the same post demonstrate your eagerness to "get back on topic" and post something else of value (IE a porn pic or clip), ending as always with your trusty 911-Truth signature of course.

The above thread at a porn messageboard has seen thousands of reads in just the past week...

Here's a good example of an

Here's a good example of an effective, funny reply, on the subject of treating shills as flakey CT nutjobs:

Taking it to the people

I have been targeting neighborhoods in the area.... each block has 20 to 25 houses..... I wrote a letter to the people expressing the need for answers as well as some quick facts and a few weblinks... I then took a google shot of their area and their town and I highlighted the houses that I had given the videos to...I put the DVD and letter in a manilla envelope and labeled it concerned citizen.... In the letter I asked them when they were done with the video to pass the letter and the video to the houses across the street.... or to a friend in the area.

This way you take the first step in spreading the word.... you limit the amount of work that they need to perform.... at the same time they know that others in the area have recieved the same info.... that they are not the only one. They have something to at least discuss with their neighbors... It's a great ice breaker.

The screenshot of the whole town can show them other areas which were targeted and the projected spread of info.

My hometown has 15,000 people..... I made 200 info packets.... and hit 9 designated areas.... making sure to hit every school disignate at least once.

I also hit two assisted living nursing homes..... 4 churches.... and a VFW

cost.... around $100 + time

I'm planning the next town for an info drop.... trying to hit one town in my area per week

Just one powerful note

Just one powerful note regarding dealing with "non-believers" and shrills.

Link them to the Bush-Lie Machine. The MSM has jumped on the fact that Bush is a chronic lier, from Iraq, to Rumsfeld's resignation, to the latest "I'll tell you before christmas what I plan to do in Iraq".

The much talked about book "The Greatest Story Ever Sold" details in the last 8 pages a timeline of the lies and distortions the administration told about pre-war intel for Iraq. This is a great steping stone to lead people to the 911 pre-attack timeline that details exactly the same pattern of lies.

It is imperative to link the Bush-Lie Machine realization to pre-911 intel AND the Zelickow-Bush Commission Report.

It may also be helpful to start refering to the 911 Report as the "Bush Commission Report on 911"

Great post! You are absolutely correct about too much info

Topics like Bohemia Grove and Illuminati are best left for intermediate or advanced truthers. To get newbies into the fold, it's best to stick with the basic facts, as you stated.

E-mail is a very effective way to spread truth!