Video: Robert Horton of Pilots For 911 Truth at the Boston Tea Party

Robert Horton a pilot and former air traffic controller speaks at the Boston Tea Party For Truth

Keep up the great work.

Keep up the great work. It's going to be critical.

Are there any recent developments? More information or more ATCs coming forward?

Low perps

Well, he's right, we all have different opinions as to the who the high perps are. But I know that one of the low perps, in terms of being a so-called left-wing gatekeeper, is Joe Cannon, who is doing everything he can to spread the pro-Bush story that this was just a bunch of Saudis and Egyptians. It seems he is experimenting with no longer censoring his posts whenever someone form the Truth Movement tries to inject some truth into his blog-o-lies:

That site has printed so many lies I can't keep them straight. It's obvious that he's being paid off by the high perps. Let's drive him out of business; it looks like he's ready to quit and I think a few more boot marks on his butt should do the job. Probably he'll get a job in the White House. Go there right now and ask some of the hard questions. It doesn't matter what the post is about, because he says he won't play censor anymore. Hit hard.

Interesting stuff.

Interesting stuff.

Mr. Horton is a dynamic

Mr. Horton is a dynamic speaker and has a lot of knowledge, through his experience as a pilot and controller, of the aviation aspects of the 9/11 attacks. I look forward to him being an emerging leader in the effort to find the truth.

That's an interesting concept, that the military people could be "sequestered," and thus controlled both during the attacks and in terms of what they can say about it afterward. The civilian air traffic controllers are another story. There are many controllers in Boston Center, Indianapolis Center, etc., who are sitting on key pieces of information regarding the attacks-- especially the crucial question of when exactly the planes were known to have been hijacked. Clearly most of the controllers have been intimidated into silence; but the truth has still leaked out all over the place. Controllers are not experienced liars, like Donald Rumsfeld; they are ordinary Joes.

It is clear to me from examining Paul Thompson's Terror Timeline that ATC knew the planes had been hijacked from the moment the transponders went off and he planes went NORDO. Thus the military had the information in plenty of time to scramble some planes, but they did not due to an obvious stand-down.

If we can figure out just exactly how this stand-down was orchestrated, we can zero in on who was involved. Then we can try to reach out to patriotic military personnel who were unwitting and/or unwilling participants in it. If we can get a few of these individuals to speak out, we will be that much closer to bringing down the whole treasonous network. I look forward to Robin Horton being a leader in just such an effort.