Video: Steve from Burlington VT's impassioned speech at Boston Tea Party For 911 Truth

Steve said he was asked by some members of the 911 victim's families to forcefully represent their views, in their place.

Hey ...

This puter won't play you tube vids for some reason. can someone post the transcript?

Would you happen to know

if Steve lost his wife and son on 9/11?

Or is that sign part of the message he says he's conveying on behalf of others?

I asked him

He was taking poetic license. We all lost family on 9/11.

Is this working for everyone now?

I also have a short interview with him, I can put up later if any one is interested.
OT...John , I was hoping to meet to meet you there on Saturday, maybe next time. Radical Pragmatist

Poetic license

Thanks for the clarification.

RP - you said you sent me an email. I didn't get it and tried to message you but your contact form is turned off.

YT: sorry, for not following up

I was just asking for some suggestions on flyers for Boston. I like your posts so I was interested in flyers you thought were the best. .......I'll fix my contact with a new last email was over run with crap because I made it publically available on some contact lists.
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yeah turn on your contact form

I was wondering if either you or John happened to ask Steve about his Guest Blog.

No I didn't. I didn't

No I didn't. I didn't realize it was the same Steve........that definately concerns me. He's a pretty intense dude, to put it mildly. His sign at ground zero was terrible. When Kevin Barrett and myself arrived at Ground zero that morning, Kevin pointed to his sign and said, 'well the infiltrators are making their presence known, thats a horrible sign." I agreed.
Radical Pragmatist

Same Steve

I immediately thought it was the same "Steve." The two-sided sign in this video is right up there with the ground zero banner in terms of being over-the-top obnoxious. And "poetic license" doesn't come anywhere near cutting it as a justification. Can you imagine how that would go over to an onlooker not involved. "Oh yeah, the guy has a sign that says "Bush slit my wife's throat" on one side and says Bush killed his kid on the other, but that's, you know, kinda metaphorical." Moreover, both sides of that sign look like they came right off the cover of the National Enquirer -- they read like lurid headlines.