The Watergate Conspiracy Theory

People who (still) think "9/11" is "just a conspiracy theory" should at least read this wiki page:

It is a good reminder for some, and new information for many. Those who were not alive in those times, or too young, do not understand the tremendous effect it had on Americans and our government. (regards '(semi-) blind trust' and the like) And, even though reading this clinical, informational article will not even come close to giving some a true understanding of this, perhaps they will be able to glean a small perception of some of those realities, if they try.

Many people tried to use the negative "Conspiracy Theory" label as a dismissal of the Watergate Scandal back when it was occurring, especially early on in its infancy, but the term was not as thoroughly entrenched in the American psyche as it is now. (which is probably due to years of disinformation and propaganda by certain people who want Americans to use it in cases like 9/11 — it is now one of their strongest and most powerful tools, and it did not occur by accident)

If Woodward and Bernstein, and others, had simply dismissed the Watergate Scandal as a "conspiracy theory" and never investigated it, as journalists working for the Fourth Estate, or Congressionally with a Special Prosecutor, Truth and Justice would have never been served.

Like we are seeing occur with 9/11 now.

Luckily, the 'powers that be' are fairly clueless when it comes to the "internets" (as some have humorously and cluelessly called the Internet), and did not sufficiently understand the power of this new medium. Or that it would have the effect of condensing the time period of, as well as increasing and magnifying, the information flow, of facts and evidence and ideas.

And Truth. Which has a life of its own.

Truth wants to be known. And Justice wants to prevail.

I firmly believe that, in the end, even if it loses a battle, or two, or many, one way or another, Good shall always prevail over Evil.

This is what we are seeing now in the 9/11 Truth and Justice Movement. Never before has a grassroots movement expanded so quickly and achieved so much in so little of a time span.

There is now a momentum that cannot be stopped. (easily, if at all)

Some have claimed that "the 9/11 Truth Movement is dead." (partly, imo, due to impatience and frustration) But I suggest it has really just begun. Or, perhaps better said, is now in the process of re-defining itself as the next step: The 9/11 Truth AND Justice Movement.

Although they are the inevitable conclusion of the events which have transpired to date, how long the goal of a new (real) investigation takes, and then what will transpire afterward (criminal indictments, impeachment, etc.) remains to be seen.

But, as Yoda would say, "Seen, it shall be."

Good Reminder of what ..

..good Senators could do when they had to.
How can we get them back?
We need them again.

Keep up hope,
as Yogi Berra once said "It ain't over til its over".

I really, really

liked your essay, Doughnut! Keep up the great work.

Corporate consolidation of news

I certainly endorse your sentiment. I must say, however, that in addition to the role the Internet has played in disseminating truth, on the other side of that equation is the unprecedented consolidation of corporate media ownership. Neither of these phenomena was a factor when Watergate happened. And while the former may be credited with the spread of 9/11 Truth, the latter seems to be responsible for the timidity of the press.

About six companies own 90% of the media Americans encounter. Reporters are not all shills; but most of them understand how their lives could be ruined by pursuing the wrong story. I think fewer reporters are willing to take the chance taken by Woodward and Bernstein, because of the corporate consolidation of the news.

Now, which force will win: the democratizing force of the Internet, or the fascistic force of corporate media consolidation? 9/11 is THE test case.