Where is this world heading?

I probably dont need to go into much detail as to how and why i have ended up here. Im sure most of us went through the same process of become your own personal investigator on events and collected evidence and drew your own conclusions based on what we personally found.
Like everyone i did my research. I have also tried my best to present the evidence to those who were uninformed and or misinformed. At that point i ran into something interesting.
I started to ask myself what now? I started searching for answers, for something to guide me further. I searched looking for some solutions that we informed people may have presented. This act alone shows that we have lost or dont use our abilities to create solutions....think for ourselves. This act justifies the governments position to believe that most americans are unable to live in a free society. We the people have chosen not to be involved in the governments decisions. We the people have stopped demanding to make the government accountable. We the people have become so wrapped up in out own lives that we have lost what our forefathers created for us.

All that being said i will present a theory of mine that supports what may be the real reason why the shadow government acts as they do.
Ive done alot of research about humans and what causes them to make the decisions they do. I find it hard to believe that all the people involved and knew the plot that was going to take place on 911 would allow it unless there was some reason to jusify their involvement. I just dont see the goal of profit and power all that plausable. Honestly they already have all the wealth...they already have all the power.
So lets think about wha may actually be driving them to move in this direction of total control of the people. Most believe the theory of our involvement in Iraq was to get our hands on the oil. Now ask yourself why we would go to such an extent do this. If you did you research youd find that this worlds oil production has peaked. When i say that its peaked i mean that each source of oil wells will cost more every day they pump it. This means that this worlds fuel will increasingly cost more aswell as increasingly yield less fuel that can be consumed.
Fuel is the base of all economic growth in this world. Its the backbone that allows society and business function. If you can imagine what will happen when there just isnt enough fuel or the masses cant afford the fuel what will happen? Do the words panic, theft, looting, riots, famine ring a bell? Those will be the results of what WILL eventually happen. Thus you can see why those shadow governments are attempting to control the people. Its so that when tihs does happen that they will be able to manage the use of fuel, food and whatnot so that we can maintain humanity as a whole.
Maybe my theory is completely wrong. But i believe it has some valid points. Fuel isnt just the only problem but it is the most important. Population and fresh water are also concerns. Eventually we will strip this world all all of its resources that we need to survive. Countries are preparing for the war of oil. Its starting to take shape and you will see those trends if you look for them.
Are you prepared to become cattle in an attempt to save hunamity as a whole? What really is the right thing to do? We always say whats best for everyone as a whole? Whats best for our children. These shadow governments when talked about always involves the word intelligence. Is it possible that they have done everything to research what direction that could take in order to preserve the human race? Youd think that this was their only solution. That statement alone "whats best for humanity" allows them to knowingly play along with this plan and allows them to sleep at night without so much guilt.
We the people probably arent prepared to face the facts. We probably wouldnt resopnsibly handle the truth. You damn well know people would just loose their shit and start rioting, looting....anything they could to themselves survive. Thus everything i have stated here just makes alot of sense.

Your "Peak Oil" theory doesn't hold water

How about developing alternative energy if oil is on its way out?

I don't think 9/11 occurred because of the "Peak Oil" theory (although that could make a good pretext for some). I think it happened because of the insatiable greed of the NeoCons for more power & more wealth.


We could have found alternative energy, but that would have disrupted the power structure. We went through this same process when oil ended the coal and steam era of energy production around WWI.
The powers that be want to control everything, but you can't succeed when you try to control. The answer is to give absolute freedom to everyone because absolute freedom forces responsibility better than absolute tyranny. Many times the opposite of what we want is the best solution.

I don’t agree with “Peak

I don’t agree with “Peak Oil” either, it’s about creating the illusion of artificial scarcity. And also essentially it’s used as another opportunistic fraudulent Malthusian excuse for “population reduction”.


It's possible that "Peak Oil" and "Artificial Scarcity"....

...are both true....

Humanity may very well have already found most of the high-quality, easy-to-get oil and may be left with expensive exploration and refining of what remains.

But, it may also be true that the Iraq war was about "controlling" the oil by Big Oil and keeping supply artificially low to keep prices and the resulting profits up over a longer period of time.

I have no problem beiieving both there is validity to both realities. That said, I do also believe that it is entirely possible that "Peak Oil" is being exploited as a "just below the surface" justification for the Iraq Invasion. Bush's SOTU statement that "America is addicted to Oil" and Cheney's "The American way-of-life is not negotiable" both tell the American public: "Yeah, you secretly know that we told you a feel-good lie---'We're spreading democracy'---about this war of aggression, but, underneath, you're really glad we're getting the oil for you....."

Disgusting on many levels.

Here's great information on

Here's great information on "population reduction" and how to survive and be aware of such a f*cked up thing if it ever happens;

^ The guy jumped the gun a bit and predicted a bird flu pandemic, but given all the hype it's understandable and the rest of the essay is excellent.

And here's an essay by a Malthusian fruitcake getting on the "Peak Oil" bandwagon to jusfy population reduction and a future global fascism;


We are headed to a good place. I promise!

"Losing an illusion makes you wiser than finding a truth."
-- Ludwig Borne

We will be losing all of our illusions soon.

Here's a hint that will

Here's a hint that will point you in the right direction. A number of neo-cons are dual Israeli citizens.