Why We Fight & Eisenhower's warning

The first link is a video. The second link is the text of the entire speech. It was Eisenhower's farewell
speech - Jan 17, 1961. In it, he speaks of the military industrial complex and how we must remain
vigilant against their influence. It is a remarkable warning from a man that clearly demonstrates
the character that I always expected of an American President. Sadly, his fears are being realized

For an excellent documentary on why we are fighting today and why we will continue to fight, watch the DVD "Why We Fight" directed by Eugene Jarecki.



Stay Free

The military/industrial complex & rampant capitalism = troubles!

There is far too much incentive for the m/i complex to foment fighting & wars! They don't want to go out of business! They want to make huge profits by selling vast amounts of weaponry! That's their business, their reason for existence, & it's out-of-control!!!

("Why We Fight" directed by Eugene Jarecki, is a great video!)