Comment Changes

I had to switch out the comment viewing this evening so now the comments are forced to be shown 30 per page. This was necessary due to some of the threads reaching 100+ comments, which when viewed would bog down the entire server. Now each page loaded will have at most 30 comments to load, and hopefully will keep the server from being totally unresponsive as it has been at times this week. I know this will be a pain as for being able to stay on top of a discussion, but it is necessary for now. Put simply, this site is not geared towards being a discussion forum, or having massive amounts of comments - discussion boards and forums are better suited for this type of thing (which is why discussion forums don't show all comments on one page).

I also worked on a glitch related to user sessions, so you will probably have to log back in on your first visit back to the site.

I would highly encourage users who have found a home here to likewise find a home at a discussion forum as well. Here are a few forums which I know off the top of my head, if you have a discussion forum which you would suggest please feel free to post them in the comments:

YBBS Forum
Loose Change Forum
British 9/11 Truth Campaign Forum
Randi Rhodes Show 9/11 Forum
Mike Malloy Truthseekers Forum

Also, I wanted to run a poll regarding whether or not we should disable anonymous commenting, so here it is:


As for the other site changes which I had announced two weeks ago, those have been put on indefinite hold until after the new year. In the mean time I have updated the notes on the blog submission page to try to give an idea as to why a blog entry might not be published. I hope to get back to work on other site changes soon, but I don't expect to have the time to until after the new year.

Thanks to everyone who visits and contributes to this site, best wishes.

The people have spoken...

ha, yeah.. 6 ppl have

ha, yeah.. 6 ppl have spoken.. ;)

I said...

"The people"... I didn't say how many. :)

The Time For Debate Is Over

Well, now there's 30, as of

Well, now there's 30, as of me and I was a "no". That's 30 total; there are 20 "no"s.

Bert, Ernie and Grover...
Your trolling days are almost over...

Are people afraid of debate?

Are people afraid of debate?

Yes, and they are

Yes, and they are represented by the Ad Hominem Attackers and "You Have No Proofers" who claim to support the Official Version of Events.

Don't you mean...

..."You Have No Pwoofers".....?


Indeed, Altruist. I stand

Indeed, Altruist. I stand corrected! Ain't it grand how flexible truth-seekers can be?

26 votes

Something else I've been thinking of

is that if we're only going to have 30 posts on a page, and subsequent pages can't be searched for new posts, then we REALLY don't want space taken up by "Pwoofers" (as in, "You have no pwoof! You have no Pwoof!")

Sadly, it also probably means the end of Jon Gold's habit of channelling Donald Rumsfeld, by having long conversations with himself in consecutive posts ;)

Some of...

The most intelligent things I've ever said have come from those rants you mention.

The Time For Debate Is Over


I wonder if taking away anonymous posting would allow for the old commenting system.


The Time For Debate Is Over

More Message Boards


Mike Malloy Truthseekers Forum



They all have different sets of rules, so check 'em before posting.


The LetsRoll forums are good;

Has this been highlighted

9/11 Lies story on Canadian News... I have not seen it

Yeah, we posted about that

Yeah, we posted about that when it first aired.. im guessing 3 months ago? i believe it features Bob McIlvaine, whose son died on 9/11.

9/11 Mysteries forum

The 9/11 Mysteries site has a forum now, that is very underutilized

Also, I assume this is just an unfixable side effect (and just a minor inconvenience): when you try to look at "new" comments, only the new comments on the first page have the "new" tag.

Not on all blogs, but, yes,

Not on all blogs, but, yes, I've noticed this, too. Oh, and I have NEVER been able to go directly to a new comment at 911Blogger.

I agree, minor issues, but if you ever have extra time--HA, HA!

I really wish they'd fix that...

....the inability to read "new comments" on the pages after the first one....

YES!!!!!!! i didnt wanna say

YES!!!!!!! i didnt wanna say anything because ive complained about it before, but that annoys the hell outta me as well. especially when it gets to be like 5 pages and you have to scan through all the comments. also, not to pile on(i love the site), but does anybody else here find that they have to exit out of the site and open it in a new page because it becomes really sluggish and sometimes freezes? or is that just me? i find myself having to do that a lot, i never really have that problem with any other site that i visit. my computer is kind of old though, so it might just be me.

Chris, the site has been


the site has been sluggish lately because we are being frequently attacked.. tonight i found some of our system files modified, with pr0n links included in our page loads.. it didnt actually do anything - other than flood out the site logs with errors - which in turn brought the site to its knees.

i had been trying to pretend like we werent being hacked, but now its pretty friggin obvious.. hopefully i've closed that door now, but it seems someone is adamant about attacking our servers.

Well, since it's all coming

Well, since it's all coming out, did that prat 911debunker, who I suspect is our "Ernie", actually email you with his IP like he claimed? If he did, does that/ can that even clairify anything?

Feel free to email me if you prefer.

Oh, and I was thinking--if annoying-mouses are banned, as well as unverified users, maybe that will fix most of the marathon comment pages. Especially the times a thread is started by a disrupter. Just a thought.

As to hacking, I just

As to hacking, I just remembered--

This thursday morning I was here briefly. When I left I was CERTAIN I had logged out. Now of course it's possible I forgot but logging out is something I'm anal retentive with reguarding 911 sites. But when I came back this evening--well-morning now--I was logged in.

Possible problem? Or just evidence of overworked artist selling during the holidays with little sleep?

Okay, now I KNOW it isn't

Okay, now I KNOW it isn't just me being tired.

I just logged out a couple of minutes ago. Then I searched for 911Blogger on Google, clicked it, and , as expected I was NOT logged in. I hit "home", checked my email, then, on a whim. searched for 911Blogger and here I am again, mysteriously logged in.

Is there a non-mysterious explaination for this?

Usually, not only do I have to log in, but it takes 2 to 3 times before it works--well lately. Now I go to log off--probably...

dz please check comments to

dz please check comments to the admins... not sure if my message has anything to do with the above problem (not a security expert by any means) but disabling file uploads of users (blogs) may solve the problem...

may want to email Dries (drupal developer) to see if that exploit has been patched. 

damn, that sucks. but look

damn, that sucks. but look at it this way, you must be doing something right if your being attacked like that. keep up the good work man.

dz - does drupal use caching

dz - does drupal use caching at all? If so you may want to see if you can utilize it to lessen the load on the database (which is probably the bottleneck)...



In other words, Joomla's cache system improves performance by 12%, while Drupal's cache system improves performance by 508%.

It is important to note that Drupal can only serve cached pages to anonymous visitors (users that have not logged on). Once users have logged on, caching is disabled for them since the pages are personalized in various ways. Hence, in practice, Drupal might not be 319% faster than Joomla; it depends on the ratio of anonymous visitors versus authenticated visitors, how often your site's page cache is flushed, and the hit-rate of your Drupal page cache.

Lastly, when serving gzip-compressed pages Drupal becomes slightly faster compared to having to serve non-compressed pages. Joomla, on the other hand, becomes a little bit slower. The reason is that Drupal's page cache stores its content directly in a compressed state; it has to uncompress the page when the client does not support gzip-compression, but can serve a page directly from the page cache when the client does support gzip-compression."

So I guess you turned on caching with gzip compression...  low hanging fruit... 


I've decided not to reply to ANY "Anonymous" posters....

....any many people on this site are hiding behind don't know who you are talking to, or what they stand for over time......

By this do you mean strictly "anonymous" posters

or do you include unverified posters who have chosen an alias (or a collection of obnoxious aliases)? I think if registered users presented a united front by only responding to other registered users, some people on the fence about registering would register. I agree, though, that at a minimum, only posters with some sort of consistent alias deserve a response.

I agree with altruist. As

I think altruist has the right idea--I'm going in that direction; depends on the situation. As for unverified, it depends. I'm pretty sure JJJames is cool. pockybot, on the other hand, I am convinced is a subtle troll--"I am your ally, now watch me contradict half of what I'm saying and play silly buggers with your head."

I NEVER vote pockybot up, nor do I vote up annoying-mouses--with the exception of voting them up to "0" if the post doesn't warrent negatives from anyone. I NEVER trust Concrete Man--and will rate him down on principle. He has one agenda--to confuse anti-Zionists with hardcore Holocaust deniers. Do not be fooled by his friendly/reasonable posts. I would consider responding to just reguistered users--some questions I only want ANSWERS from registered users. But this seems about to be made moot, hopfully before the holidays?

BTW: how long will the voting go on and how many registered users do we have, dz?

I think there are pros and

I think there are pros and cons, but the pros outweigh the cons. I was thinking that anonymous postings were good for more controversial posts, and it allows very new people to post right away. But the bane of trollers and calculated disinformation is too much.

forcing the disinfo bunch to

forcing the disinfo bunch to register gives you the ability to go to their user page and look at their posting track history and then you can judge the credibility of the post by what they have posted before... Allowing Anon's allows the assclowns to interject ANYTHING and not have any checks on it at all...

make them atleast work for their pay...

Only one suggestion to make it work better, turn off the feature that allows the users name to point to anything OTHER than their user page... 

"Only one suggestion to make

"Only one suggestion to make it work better, turn off the feature that allows the users name to point to anything OTHER than their user page... "


I have seen blogs that were

I have seen blogs that were set up to where everyone could read... but unregistered users only had access to post in one area. has a pretty good set-up that I found easy to use

how come you never log in

how come you never log in JJJ?


Because..... I tried to register.... but they never sent me confirmation

I used to post as JJames.... Been lazy and haven't re-registered?


I always post my name... unless I forget.

I know I should try it again.... for about an hour I thought that the site admin were shills and didn't wnt me to post all my knowledge.

I kid....I kid.... no really.... F'n shills! =P

That's good, JJJames.

There's a group of unverified posters including you, SeveB, and others I'm probably forgetting, whose posts I like. Vesa was one, too, and he registered. I hope you'll register, you lazyass effin' shill.

JJJames, I am usually really


I am usually really good about helping ppl out if they have issues with the site, please contact me and let me know what is going on.. like if you are getting error messages when logging in etc.

Yes, all can read--get the

Yes, all can read--get the truth out--but only the verified can post comments.

Oh, and a little blurb like this explaining why anonymous posts are no longer allowed:

"We're sorry, but we no longer allow anonymous posts. Actually we're not. Sorry, that is. We really don't allow anonymous posts anymore. And you little disinfo wankers have no one to blame but yourselves! Sign up or piss off, we don't want or need shilling cowards. 911Truth is going to succeed whether you like it or not, so lead, follow, or get the hell out of the bloody way, you little trolling bitch. Have a nice day."

Well, perhaps not a blurb EXACTLY like that...excuse; Jenny has a little frustration to blow off...

Interesting: yesterday 6

Interesting: yesterday 6 people were for anonymous posts, they've been joiined by 1 more today. The 4 undecided remain unchanged. But the "no" votes increased by 8.

So, could our fellow verified users who voted "yes" for the annoying-mouses please explain to the rest of us why you think this troll sensitive feature should remain?

I don't want to disagree

I don't want to disagree with a lot of guys here but I do want to stick up for "anonymous posters rights" LOL. There are a lot of good people who post anonymously and post informative great stuff. There are a few assholes, but to be honest there's a couple people just as bad who are registered. And if those unregistered assholes then register they'll be able to vote and unhide their abusive comments etc. They all get their posts minimised so fast anyway that I just don't see the problem as being that bad. And maybe stopping anonymous posting would be bad for the blogger in the long run, because it still needs to grow and attract people etc. It needs to be competing with sites the size of Daily Kos before it can do something like that. Or maybe I’m wrong, and maybe disallowing anonymous posting was key to Daily Kos’ success. I think it’s a difficult thing to make a judgment on, I definitely think though that it's best to keep this place as open to free speech as possible.

>>>There are a few assholes,

>>>There are a few assholes, but to be honest there's a couple people just as bad who are registered. And if those unregistered assholes then register they'll be able to vote and unhide their abusive comments etc.<<<

We already have registered trolls. The reason we can't just boot them is because they'll just come back as an annoying-mouse--dz has pointed this out before. And as for anon "rights" , being anonymous they have no "rights"; they have privlages--which have been too frequently abused. It is not 911Blogger's responsibily to assume anon's are mostly well meaning--it is the anon's responsibility to PROVE they can play nice. So far, as a group, they have failed to do so. So now it is 911Blogger's responsibility to do what ever is in their power to fix the problem.

It costs NOTHING to get a hotmail account as your verified email if you're worried about NSA gits. They don't even require another email adresss. So who out there would be inconvieneced, EXCEPT someone trying to cause trouble without being tracable? You may say " they'll get another hotmail account"; fine but THEY"LL be the ones inconvienced, not us.

And remember the psycology: most people want what they write to be recognized, even under a pseudonym. Also, most people DO NOT want to be confused/blamed for what someone else has said. The LEGION of "anonymous"s (especially carrying on conversations with each other? That doesn't look dodgy to you?) are evidence that, unverified use, as it stands is an open invitation to trolling.

We may have to respectfully disagree, but doing NOTHING is not an acceptable option.

Okay Col. Jenny . . .

You prompted me to vote, and thank you for pointing out the importance of this election. I'm sick of people throwing mud at our effort that won't even claim an identity, and this is a democratic way to deal with that issue.

"For my part, whatever anguish of spirit it might cost, I am willing to know the whole truth; to know it - now"
- Patrick Henry

>>Okay Col. Jenny . . . You

>>Okay Col. Jenny . . .

You prompted me to vote,<<

And we thank you!

49 votes so far, 75% against anon's

While I agree that we should always try to support free speech, the anonymous postings are increasingly becoming disruptive.

I think that this site is an invaluable resource/tool for the 9/11 Truth movement and we should do everything possible to make it user friendly and open to newcomers. I also think that if someone wants to be taken seriously they should be willing to register and stand by their body of comments. Well reasoned and civil debate should always be encouraged, contrary points of view force us to fully examine our facts and sharpen our arguments. This can only be good for our cause.

It is my hope that the new year will bring much greater numbers of people to 9/11 Truth and this site, so we need to put our best foot forward.

We are winning, brothers and sisters.

BTW - I voted no.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

Be well.

I voted no. Then I registered.

I've posted a few times with different names (not verified), but I can't take the trolls much longer.
I bet most of the yes votes came from them.

Thank you, both for voting

Thank you, both for voting and for registering. But now I have question: you voted BEFORE you registered?

Looks like you may be right, cass.

I'm honored.

Yeah, I was surprised it took my vote. But I intended to register anyway.
As silly as it sounds, registering gave me a new sense of community & empowerment. I urge everyone to do it. It doesn't reveal much about you (make up any name), but I think requiring someone to take that extra step might discourage the moral cowards and snipers out there. Why not try it out for awhile, and see if the trolls don't go away?

Again, I'm honored to join this community, and I thank all the regular posters & dedicated folks behind this site--regardless of your opinions. As long as we're all sincere and work toward the same goal.